Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

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Why Do People Hate EA?

Recently, IGN asked EA why people hate EA in an article that seemed designed to dismiss any actual reasons for people hating EA. Hardly surprising, since EA was the one being interviewed about the hate for EA. Looking to set things right and restore balance to the world, Jim Sterling asks Jim Sterling why people hate EA.
The only difficult part in answering the question, "Why do people hate EA?" is deciding where to bloody begin!

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Jim. We love your indignat rage. Thank god for you and thank god for this POS gift of a target the churnalists over at IGN have given you. First time i saw the article i though "Wow Jim is going to love this".

You know i too hate the "It's a business" defence. Being a profit seeking organisation is not a blank check to be almost moustache-twirlingly evel. It just isn't. I don't see how we can't expect even the most basic of customer service from EA.

Fuck IGN, Fuck EA and praise be to almighty Jim

Wow, that felt like an audio google bomb for "people hate Electronic Arts"

Also, i would like the gravity rush shirt. And Jim is sexy... I think

Investigating journalism at it's sexiest. Then it comes to EA it's pretty much Bio be ware.
Fucking Checkpoint takes it's job more seriously than IGN
(and yes I would like a shirt)

I want that shirt and I'm not getting it because I'm not from the US.
Jim is as bad as EA if I'm not getting the shirt. Only greedy corporate internet video racist nazi communists would not send a shirt outside the US because of money.


ALSO EA can go screw themselves.

U.S. residents only? You cheap-ass, sexy fuck.

Anyway, nice video as usual. Really is just stating the obvious at this point, but for the few people who don't understand this stuff, I guess it takes shows like this to rub their faces in it before it'll actually click. So, um, good job.

(Jim Sterling is a cheap-ass fuck and I want a shirt but he won't give it to me cos he's too sexy for his shirt)

Everything wrong with EA can be summarised by playing Bad Company 2 for a few hours.
Then play Battlefield 3.

See the difference?
I thought so.

EA has the people who buy their products be consumers.
Valve takes the time to create customers.

Activision looks less evil because EA decided to make themselves more evil.

Well, I think we can pretty much say goodbye to the Dead Space franchise.

I would kind of like the shirt, but it's going to be way too small on me, so I'm going to sit this one out.

Jim pretty much hit the nail on the head. EA is ridiculous, but are thankfully digging their own grave. It's ust a shame to see so many devs go with it.

Also, it really bugged me that IGN article spelled "Cujo" with a 'K.'

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please!! Jim is totally sexy!]

Anyone else get "The Secret World" (published by EA) ads for this video?

I don't know a lot about irony, but I think I know it when I see it.

EA can change everything. If they actually try and change and stop being hypocritical bastards. The biggest problem with IGN's article is as pointed out is that they asked EA and not someone else that isn't in EA's pocket and risking their job for saying bad stuff about EA.

(Also I would like the shirt)

Thank you for calling out "They are business, they just want to make money!" defence out for the utter bullshit it is. It's not just EA, it's every criticism levelled at the industry ever - you always get a few people justifying everything with that shit...

Well said! A brilliant summary of all the shit EA has done as of late. I too liked EA when they seemed to be changing, but now they are impossible to defend. Activision's bad press as of late is nowhere near as bad as EA's bad press, even when Activision's "Operation Icebreaker", a move by the heads of Activision which proved they planned meticulously to get rid of Infinity Ward's heads in one of the most evil moves I've seen a publisher do, even that couldn't redirect the hate from EA, because they were too busy criticising Steam sales, being a god damn hypocrite now that they're actually doing a Steam-like sale now (I can get Dead Space 2 for £5! That's so much like a steam sale it hurts!), endorsing DRM at the beginning of their damn conference for E3 and say what you will, the memory of some of these fallen studios that have been rushed to death, like Westwood and Pandemic is a sore memory indeed.

I would like this oppurtunity to raise two of my fingers to you EA.

(Also I would like a shirt and Jim is a sexy ma-)

US residents only.

It sucks to be British today.

Calumon: At least the weather's... ummm... never mind.

I love you Jim. THANK you for saying that the bloated costs of development by EA is *EA's* fault. Valve has an even more lenient set of release standards (Valve time anyone? almost 300 patches since release anyone?) and no way did Portal 2 cost what Dead Space 2 cost to make. You really should do one for Activison next. I will say this, I don't approve of Activison's treatment of it's employee's, but, as a customer, I've never felt outright screwed by Activison. Maybe it's just been my luck but I've always had good luck when a problem arose with Activison. Even going so far as I've gotten free replacement games (COD4 Disk when I rolled over it in my chair) more than once without question from them.

(Also, Jim's a sexy bitch. I don't care about the shirt but it needed to be said)

Entirely right there, they just do so many inexcusable things. Why is there an online pass in my "Kingdom's of Amalur" case? Why is "Sims 3" not a penny cheaper than Steam on Origin?!


(Also I would like the shirt)

Forgot to add "Jim is sexy" hehe.
I'm also anticipating that whoever gets the shirt will find a small dog turd wrapped inside.

I like how Jim pointed out that while EA is not the worst, it certainly captures everything that is wrong with the videogame industry.

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Well, true story, i suppose.
Also, the final part about why he doesn`t want the shirt... oh god. Hilarious.
Too bad he doesn`t want to mail it outside of US. Otherwise I´d totally make a comment about wanting that shirt. Or something like that.


I thought this was hilarious after watching the video. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I don't pay enough attention to corporations to know why EA or Activision are bad... but I'm getting to the point where every game purchase is becoming a headache. I'm going to stick to Chess from now on.

[I would like the Gravity Fall t-shirt, and Jim is sexy.]

And yet I think that asking EA why people hate EA isn't exactly a bad thing. Why? It all depends on what you're set out to point out or describe with your article. I think asking EA why people hate EA gives us a pretty good understanding of how they think, how in touch they are with their audience and how it influences them. Of course we all know the answer to those questions now.

Punch You:
Anyone else get "The Secret World" (published by EA) ads for this video?

I don't know a lot about irony, but I think I know it when I see it.

I've gotten those ads on a bunch of videos today. Yeah, irony is beautiful. ^_^

Yeah, sounds to me that IGN was asking all the wrong questions. Instead of asking "why do people not like you," why not ask "how will EA address some of these claims and concerns?" Yeah I doubt people would accept EA's answer, but still, it would (or at least should) have yielded a completely different response.

I was hoping to see someone with some visibility retort IGN's post. It infuriated me when I saw it. Honestly IGN seems to have picked up a torch to defend the big guys lately, even to go as far as defending their own content in a show where they control which comments to answer. Basically asking IGN why did people hate your article, IGN? A bit insane....


[I would like a Gravity Rush t-shirt, and Jim Sterling is DEAD SEXY]

Wait, I know EA is evil, but what does activision do, besides the whole CoD schmuck?

Oh yeah Jim, it's not like you have to offer us a t-shirt for us to call you sexy. We only stop doing it to give you some peace and quiet.

I was right with him when he said the he used to like EA. There was a time when they could have been right up there with Valve in terms of being the coolest publisher, but they're not. EA has done more to make me groan in the past few years than any other of the major publishers. That doesn't make them the worst, that just means I deal with EA more.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also, Jim is sexy.]

Because EA covers so many of the games I actually want to play (Bioware games, mainly), I don't pretend to boycott. I do, however, keep myself from buying any of their games for more than forty bucks in the hope that if enough people do the same, maybe they'll keep track of the money flow and wise up.

And in regards to competing with WoW, I blame EA's attitude for the fact that TOR may become free-to-play soon. Personally, I'd rather it didn't. TOR's always had appeal to me because it's designed to appeal to the people who are more interesting in Roleplaying rather than the grind or PvP. That appeal is very much a niche, though, so there's no way it could compete with WoW. I'm pretty sure Bioware and Lucasarts knew this, and during development they stated that as long as they could make a profit off of subscriptions, they'd keep it going. But then EA stepped in and suddenly expected to overthrow WoW.

*shakes head in disappointment* Honestly, why can't they grasp that they're more likely to make a good profit if they make a bunch of games intended for niches rather than making them look the same?

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, please. Um, also, Jim is sexy.]

While I completely agree with this rant, I have to ask. What's with the shrimp? It showed up to illustrate the words "fucked up".

[I don't want a shirt, but Jim is sexy.]


I thought this was hilarious after watching the video. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Wow. Didn't think an example would pop up right as a video about it was posted.

[I would like the Gravity Rush T-shirt, and Lord Jimster makes me coo in bed]

One Reason I hate ea: I found my pc version of mass effect with case and Manuel and even the receipt of purchase inside. Everything but the cd key. I contacted support sent them a picture of all my stuff. There response was to that I have to rebuy the game. They then went on to call me a pirate even though I had proof that I bought the games.

Another reason was dirt 3. I got it as present. The person who bought it didn't know about the online pass thing and bought it used. The online pass blocked out about a tenth of the single player and several cars not just the online.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please Jim is the ultimate sexy]

Jim's too sexy for an L shirt

Investigating journalism at it's sexiest. Then it comes to EA it's pretty much Bio be ware.
Fucking Checkpoint takes it's job more seriously than IGN
(and yes I would like a shirt)

Speaking of Checkpoint, I find it funny watching them mock the UFC 3 deal on the same day Jim's talking about Dead Space needing 5 million. Dead Space needs to pull, in effect, an Arkham City or so just to stay alive. Neither of these are particularly new for today, but the UFC thing on Checkpoint certainly helps put things in perspective.

Essentially, for the franchise to be worth continuing, it needs to be the equivalent of a top ten game in 2011. How effing insane is that?

Maybe that's why it's called Dead Space.

(I would like a T-Shirt and Jim is a sexy sexy man)

Whats loyalty got to do with anything? All Valve seems to do is not make games the people want. Half Life 3? Also cancelled HF2 part 3....because they got bored. EA takes a piss, they push things as far as they can, but if people didnt buy the DLC et etc then they would change. Im more insulted by gamers buying the same sports game year after year even though all that changes is cosmetic and change the year on the title.

So, in short, buy the games you want, the DLC you want. Ignore the rest. EA only pull these stunts because idiots fall for it. Like those that paid $15 for a map pack with COD.

Also, i dont want the shirt, Jim does nothing for me and i already have a tent. ;-)

James you also should have mentioned the whole Madden thing. Another reason why EA is just plain bad.

[I would like a Gravity Rush T-Shirt for one of my minions. Also Jim you are quite the handsome and beautiful hunk of man.]

After Mirrors edge and the other experimental IP's it launched that year I thought EA was starting to improve. then it dropped most of those IP's turned the rest into bland soylent gaming and got even worse at treating its consumers with dignity.

so fuck you EA you got my hopes up then set them on fire...

(also: I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please and Jim is sexy)

well my post is going to make me seem much more cynical than I probably intend too but oh well. This is not new EA in particular has been part of the Evil empire for well over 12 years. This might be to old for some of you but there is a reason why EA is the only publisher allowed to use NFL, NBA, or NHL logos and teams, they couldn't beat their competitors in a fair competition so they just payed for exclusive rights to the franchise logo and teams for video games. EA has been buying and killing off its developers since forever. Activision and Ubisoft only ever take their cue from EA. All of us mid 20's to early 30's gamers for the most part have stopped caring or never started because are you ready for it, you cant change the system when there are so many people who dont give a crap. The only reason why this hatred for EA has rebounded is because we have a new wave of gamers the 18-25 year old crowd that is now seeing the BS that the gaming industry has always pulled and will always pull.

Activision: "We're Not EA"

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