Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

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I'm always amused by things talking about the horrible state of EA these days. See, there was a Dr. Pepper thing awhile back where you got free stuff for your EA games from a cap code. So, I decided to see what stuff I could get... and I learned I own NOTHING made by EA in the last 10 years or so. In an attempt to appeal to 'broader markets', EA made their stuff so bland that not only was I never interested in buying any of it, I wasn't aware enough of their titles to realize that was the case. Smooth, EA- real smooth.

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I was going to make an articulate comment about EA, but all I can think about is Jim's tits.

I thank God for Jim's sexiness.

I actually liked EA too, when they were bold and launched new IP's like Mirror's Edge, good times.

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The sad part to me is two-fold. First, I really used to have hope for EA a few years back. The original Dead Space was one of my favorite games, as was Burnout: Paradise, and Dragon Age: Origins. With the EA Partners program ramping up, I started to have some faith that perhaps this company could shake off its past and turn a new leaf.

Secondly, I actually have friends that work for EA, and they're good people. Though the corporate umbrella they've found themselves under seems to enjoy blocking out the sunshine, it pains me a little to see them stuck with a reputation of "evil" through no real fault of their own.

I'm not naive enough to think that EA is going to immediately start to change its ways, (no matter how deftly Jim utilizes his superpowers), but since the "Worst Company Ever" image became official, I noticed how Mass Effect 3 DLC became mysteriously free, which again offered that glimmer of hope.

Of course, that was quickly followed by the current Dead Space 3 "five-million-copies-broader-audience" attitude, and so a bucket of water was quickly tossed on that flickering flame, but I'm still curious to find if there aren't at least a few glowing coals of intelligent response lurking somewhere in the EA shadows.

Maybe they can turn things around at some point. Or maybe I'm just being too optimistic and they're just going to railroad themselves into further villainy. I hope for the former, but expect the latter.

And, as an aside, Jim is an absolute sexy beast, and I'd love a Gravity Rush shirt. What can I say - It's a cool-looking shirt! <grin>

Actually, now you mention it, It really is tough to remember what it is about Activision we hated so much. Off the top of my head...they torture game franchises out of relevance. Compared to all the bullshit EA has done, Activision almost seem like the scrappy, humble underdog.
Dafuq happened?

And, if you're offering,
(I would like a Gravity Rush T-shirt, and Jim is sexy?)

BTW, if you've got a vita, Gravity Rush is pretty great.

I hate it because it has has been Electronic Arts in the best sense. A company, a group of people passionate about games to the point of regarding them as art just can't turn into this. Quality entertainment and culture is what they first delivered.

I mean, there are really bad studios and publishers out there, but EA has a special place, for it has dissapointed me. I used to look up to their job and see them as an standard of what's right in the industry.

Seriously, this.

How could it all go down from there?

I don't know, but also EA marketing makes me crazy, it makes gamers look moronic.
This video from Extra Credits explains it quite well.

(I would like the Gravity Rush shirt. No matter if it comes with Shirt Rights Management; I have a fetish for things Jim Sterling has touched.)

I hate ea so much but they publish some of my favorite games.

"also i would like a gravity Rush shirt please. ..Also Jim is sexy and thank god for him"

Ooo, Dexter111 honourable mention!

Aside from the problems with EA that are so painfully apparent, I don't understand how IGN can NOT see these apparent problems. And the fact they went to EA to ask about it is just mind blowingly stupid.

I swear all of IGN is run by shit flinging howler monkey's.

(I would like the Gravity rush shirt, but I'm Canadian and will hope anyway because Jim is awesome, sexy and I'm sure happy he's here instead of working with the retards at IGN.)

When you're compared to Activision and are still loosing, there's something wrong.

I don't need a shirt, but I would still like to say that Jim is sexy.

"Atleast we're not EA"

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EAs marketing is horrible too, "your mom will hate this game." It's like they were trying to market dead space to children. plus the fake dante's inferno protests.
[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please and also Jim is sexy.]

Jim, you make some valid points. It's really a shame that it's come to this, because like you, I too liked EA just a few years ago.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, please. Also, Jim is sexy.]

Well, now that the main issues surrounding EA have been made clear (at least to me; I didn't care much about EA before), the questions I feel we should be asking are: What does EA need to do to improve? Does anyone need to be fired, and if so, who?

Granted, if noone was fired (seeing as we're in a down economy, and job loss only makes things worse) and EA actually listened to their fans about these issues and how to fix them, that might be the best case scenario. Of course, you know the old saying: Wish in one hand...

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is it wrong that i don't know whats wrong with activision? i never knew people hated activision as well (but then i am naive af so derp)

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I don't want the shirt, but I do want to see Jim wearing it, and see how awesome his man boobs are going to look :D

And yes, that sounded weird, but only if you are as wrong in the head as me.

That shirt is so ugly and I don't think anyone would want it...

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*worships Jim*
Once more you have hit the nail square on.
I can't help but feel amused at how EA fail to see why people hate them so much. And why people dislike they Origin since we Looooooveee Steam.. Well.. IT's Damn EASY!.. Steam don't treat they costumers like shit or simply ignore they problems with they service... IF you have a problem on steam costumer support is quick to help you.. ON Origin you in EU don't even have a freeking forum you can ask for help on.. Noooo you have to CALL them on the phone and sit waiting for nearly 20minutes until you get through then your told.. Sorry we can't help you...
And YEs Steam DO scan your pc but it only looks for GAMES.. it don't look for if they are legal of illegally gotten.. Origin Do... Steam don't scan your whole pc (including mobil devices) Origin DO... Origin will freeking scan your Smart phone if you have it hocked up to your pc.

I'm just now wondering how explicit are people going to go for a t-shirt haha! Good times.

I give EA some credit for being responsible for allowing Mirror's Edge and Dead Space to have a chance at life... But they seemingly realized their "mistake" and smothered Mirror's Edge in the dead of night and pushed Dead Space off onto Gears of War so hard, you can practically see Dom crying over his wife in the new Dead Space 3 trailer. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow shoehorned a reason for Isaac and his new companion to start taking steroids and run around with chainsaws...

It's a great day to be a survival horror fan...

Oh, and:

[I would greatly appreciate a Gravity Rush shirt and thank god for Jim being so damn sexy]

Another great Jimquisition!

(I'd like that snazzy Gravity Rush shirt! Oh, and... Jim is sexy.)

What I find interesting is back in my day, when a game company was shitty all you had to worry about was them producing shitty games (Best example is LGN). Now we have to deal with so much more then just the final product. Everything from DRM, pass systems and other stupid business decisions, a sad, growing trend
Also, I'm Canadian, but (I want the gravity rush Tshirt and Jim Sterling is sexy)

Whats loyalty got to do with anything? All Valve seems to do is not make games the people want. Half Life 3? Also cancelled HF2 part 3....because they got bored. EA takes a piss, they push things as far as they can, but if people didnt buy the DLC et etc then they would change. Im more insulted by gamers buying the same sports game year after year even though all that changes is cosmetic and change the year on the title.

So, in short, buy the games you want, the DLC you want. Ignore the rest. EA only pull these stunts because idiots fall for it. Like those that paid $15 for a map pack with COD.

Also, i dont want the shirt, Jim does nothing for me and i already have a tent. ;-)

Valves experimental they make new ip's (see portal and l4d) and they add new content to their games (tf2 is still being supported today, and l4d 1/2 were supported far longer than they needed to be).

Add that to constantly improving their client and their game engine and you have a system that respects the consumer.

So no not hl3 is not a reason. Stop being butthurt.

Jim. We love your indignat rage. Thank god for you and thank god for this POS gift of a target the churnalists over at IGN have given you. First time i saw the article i though "Wow Jim is going to love this".

You know i too hate the "It's a business" defence. Being a profit seeking organisation is not a blank check to be almost moustache-twirlingly evel. It just isn't. I don't see how we can't expect even the most basic of customer service from EA.

Fuck IGN, Fuck EA and praise be to almighty Jim

I couldn't have said it better myself. There's a reason IGN isn't taken very seriously in the gaming community, and things like this garbage are it.

(I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, also Jim is sexy)

Eric the Orange:
Activision: "We're Not EA"


I'll give you anything you want as long as you don't make me go back to EA!

OT: There is one bit of good news though (at least it's good for me): Hopefully 38 studios, the makers of Kingdoms of Amalur, will be taken under the wing of a someone NOT under EA. (I know that's a gross over-simplification but that's not the point) I really liked that game and was pretty sad to hear it's developer went under. I hope we get a sequel sometime in the future!

New IP's like that are a breath of fresh air these days...

Oh, and HAIL JIM!!

This is why I dislike so many of the triple A titles out there. Seeing clips from Dead Space 3, I thought I was seeing clips from Mass Effect 3. And even now, I can hardly tell the difference.

[I would like the shirt... And something about Jim being sexy]

Thank you for bringing up everything wrong EA is doing, it really disappoints me how EA continues making stupid decisions. I really hope they start to fall and lose more money, some form of reality check for them would be amazing.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt from the unbelievably sexy Jim Sterling]

Yeah, IGN can be pretty stupid with its articles.

And Dead Space 3 has to tell 5 million copies? So EA is saying that Dead Space 3 has to sell more than Dead Space and Dead Space 2 COMBINED to break even? There is no defending a company that arrogant.

(I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also Jim is sexy)

There's also the fact that they made buying DLC for Dragon Age/Mass Effect downright agonizing.

Sign into social site to go to another site to buy bioware points to get the DLC then download and insall yourself.

There's no damn reason why it should still operate like that. EA, you have your own freaking service, put your DLC on that for fuck's sake.

[I would like the shirt and Jim is very sexy]

Apathy on my part. I have not bought an EA title in 2 maybe 3 years. The last one I had any real interest in was Dante's Inferno. Everything else, I could just give a flip too.

Although what pissed me off was they did a promotion with Del Taco. They were giving away free games and free DLC for BattleField 2 I think. I was gung ho for it, then I found out that this free stuff were only for the 360 iterations of the games. I was justifiably pissed, as all of the games they were giving away as well as the DLC were also on PS3 and PC. Well, the contest organizer at EA could not give me a valid explanation as to why I was not allowed to swap out a 360 copy of Saboteur for a PS3 one. No, me having a 360 at the time was not really the point.

Lately, all of my money is going towards Square Enix. Their brand of evil is not nearly as menacing.

All I can think to say is holy crap, Jim's right. Though I also found the fact that Dead Space 3 would need to sell 5 million copies to just break even was really quite interesting.

[Everyday, I thank God that he put a sexy man like Jim Sterling on this planet. I would love a Gravity Rush t-shirt.]

I do not hate EA. Yes, I think they do represent the bloat of AAA games and game companies, but I do not think they are so bad. I do not seem to have a reason not to hate them, but I guess it has to do with my applying for a job at their Vancouver campus. They are a good corporate citizen, a good company to work for and they are well involved in the local community. I guess that carries some weight with me... then again

PS No I did not get that job :-)

Valve isn't a corporation, it's a private company
This means Valve doesn't answer to a board of directors that don't know dick about games.

Not defending EA, possibly just pointing out that their failure as a corporation may be because they're a corporation.

Jim just keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work!

OT: Nice to see EA getting the kicking that they deserve, but people do keep buying their products, so nothing will really change.

I have to say, EA puts out some of my favorite games, and I much prefer them to Activision. That said, everything you just said is absolutely true about them, they need to change and until it becomes less apparent that their high level corporate management is an evil cabal of exceptionally incompetent Illuminati types, they won't. Which is a shame, as you said, they really could just embrace being the 'good' guy in the Activision vs EA fight with gusto and gain a license to print money and good PR out of the same machine.

{ I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, you magnificently sexy bastard. You black knight, fighting for the honor of gamers everywhere against the sterile white corporate mediocrity of today's AAA industry.}

And it barely even touched upon Origin, its DRM, its privacy invasions, EAs removal of games from steam, strong-arming gamers to use the new service. And then EA have the gall to go and attack Valve for steam's service to fans. I refuse to get Origin even if it does mean I miss out on games like BF3 and ME3.

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