Unskippable: White Knight Chronicles II, Part 2

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Color me entertained, this and Part 1 got me chuckling as back in the good ol' days of Unskippable. Guess you guys got out of your melancholy. Keep it up!

I think every horse should have a dramatic entrance in their contract.

..and then get shot in the ass.

ICUC: Inter Continental Upvote Canon :D
I call Reddit reference :P

White Knight Chronicles 3: Helping out Wimmins on teh Internetz!

"Are you guys gonna keep eye-humping or are you gonna get a room and do something about it?" = best line. Leonard and the Princess' (or Queen's) lingering gaze there *was* rather noticeable, possibly because it contained more sexual tension than about 90% of all other JRPGs (from what I know of them).

Am I the only one who thought that the bird-ship rising out of the canyon was a lost opportunity to say:

"Every man there go back inside, or we will blow a new crater in this little moon."

That was my first thought as well. And I'm certain this was intentional on the part of the devs.

I both have no urge to play this game and love the Marx Bros reference....which almost nobody will notice.

You can come along to our weekly Marx Brothers Appreciation Meetings. The password is "Swordfish".

So my character is random dude on the left? Damn, that's like playing as a random Stormtrooper in Star Wars.

Yes, the player character is a random dude who never says anything or does anything to advance the plot. He/she just stands in the background, staring creepily past the camera and sometimes making a face to show reaction.

Then again, the characters in the game are generally poorly defined from a gameplay perspective. They have access to the same skills/abilities, they often don't even have any starting ones to define their initial specialty, and they can all wear the same armour (and you usually buy the best available at each town, so they DO wear the same). So the way the game feels is like controlling a team of interchangeable robots ferrying some heads around so they can engage in infodumpy dialogue at predetermined places.

(that's based on the first game, as I haven't played the sequel)

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