Trailers: Nuclear Union - Debut Trailer

Nuclear Union - Debut Trailer

Looks like nuclear fallout doesn't stop the Russians.

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Hmmm, well my first thought is that it's hard to get excited over an RPG without any real information about it other than a cinematic and title.

My second thought is that it's kind of expected. Russian developers seem to be on an apocolypse kick (Stalker, Metro, and now this). Not to mention that foreign (non US) devs wanting to make post apocolypse games showing themselves as survivors is something I've seen coming for a while due to the complaints about how most such games are US-centric, and I admit it's kind of grim to see cold-blooded logic that way and the realization that your pretty much dead in an apocolypse while someone else who you might not even care for much at least has a chance of survival.

That said, I'll probably check it out when it's released, assuming the gameplay looks decent. I have mixed feelings about 1C's development and localization, but they do tend to produce things like nobody else.

Even Sweden is getting into the act nowadays, having seen a post-apocolypse game called "Krater", which I've played a bit. It's not bad for an indie game, but needs work.

1c may make some buggy games but they are unique and well worth trying out ive found

I knew it, those specific words were referring to time. Oh yeah, definitely looks interesting.

Not really unique but it certainly looks interesting.

if the dialogue is completely in russian, i'll buy it just for that. i don't hear enough vernacular russian. that's the main reason i bought Metro 2033.

i don't like how they changed the name from "New Union" (Novi Soyuz) to "Nuclear Union" for the english version, though.


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