Behind the Green Screen

Behind the Green Screen

Take a look at the technical marvel that is Loading Ready Run.

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Hooray for proper and advanced greenscreening!
I was almost part of the folks who thought you only made half a GearsGear logo, but having watched the vid of you guys making the ENN logo I figured it would've been easy for you guys to make two of each letter. Little did I know it was really CG... nice job there!

Ah, the Hitler-stach, the ultimate facial hair faux pas.

Starring.....the Mustache!

I'm noticing that in earlier videos when there was a green screen involved and someone was wearing glasses, the green screen would reflect in the glasses. Lately, I haven't noticed that at all in your videos. How did you fix that? Any super-cool tricks?

It really did look great Graham, I assumed you used some high-end CGI but it's really impressive to see how you did it.

In fact at the start of the scene I wondered where you were filming on location, only after I had a hard look did I notice the slight rendering on the wall. Top of the Class!

I like the gears gear virtual set and the wind tunnel virtual set. Looks good in the video too!

James didn't grow an actual Chaplin? Everything I know is a lie.

I figured out the background was CG pretty much instantly, good thing I didn't comment on that particular video and ruined everyone's fun.

nice to see so much effort put into these videos, LRR :) props

wind tunnel in heavy air quotes hehe
wow i really am easy to please sometimes.
oh and i didn't notice that the background was CG so great job.

I thought you guys just found a wind tunnel. Okay, now I'm impressed.

I feel ya, Graham; 3D motion tracking can be a real bitch. Thank god for Mocha. BTW, which 3D program did you use for this, 3DSMax?


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