GinxTV: Max Payne vs Nathan Drake

Max Payne vs Nathan Drake

A grizzled ex-cop and a dashing rogue adventurer. If only they teamed up to fight crime.

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I for one think would have to go with Drake here. Having played neither game, and going just off what is presented here. Drake looks like more of the complete package.

After watching this video, I have an urge to get PS3 and play the Uncharted series. It just seems a lot more fun that shooting people mid air for a few a hours.

Max Payne 1-2 = Troubled, but total badass that fought crime, stopped a secret government agency from manufacturing a new super-addictive drug, and ended a power shift in the Illuminati resulting in the deaths of countless of Illuminati goons. So Max Payne all the way there.

Max Payne 3 = Fat, witless, bald dude with depression, PTSD, an addiction to pills and barely managed to assist vigilante justice in a corrupt South American slum between benders while taking "GRR VOICE" lessons from Christian Bale. They made Max too pathetic here so it basically is between Rush Limbaugh and Drake, with Drake being the best choice.

Well there's always shitty fan fiction. if there's any other kind.

Max payne wins because you do the cinema , not the script .

The mind boggles at how many virtual deaths I've caused with these men. I recall at least 83 thugs in trenchcoats I mowed down in one chapter of MP

I would say Max is the winner though, simply because he survived being a DEA agent in New York.


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