Space Janitors: Episode 7

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Episode 7

This is the episode you're looking for.

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Mind tricks on clones! I was giggling the whole way through. Denis looked so pleased with himself.

lol. that was a nice idea with the mind trick thing. the beginning was funny as well.

Wow, a lot of stuff happening in this episode, very interesting. Looking forward to what's next.

Interesting...seems like a plot might be creeping into this whole thing.

I did always wonder what the clones thought after they got mind-tricked. Thanks for answering this long-standing question. :P

I have to say too funny, this is SUCH a good show.

Plot twist! Not like Darby was going to have much luck with Imperial ladies anyway given that apparently everybody wants to get on the blasting end of the Dennis army's 'blasters'.

Here's hoping the chip isn't a hoax or a rebel trick for once. Darby being retarded is fun, but I'm really looking forward to him sucking as a rebel spy.

Wait why does mind trick doesn't work on Edith?
Is it because of gender differences?

was that a little Star Trek reference there at the end to Gul Dukat?

The Star Trek cards the clones were using at the beginning was a pretty funny sight gag for people who actually played the game.

The fact that only the clones were able to be mind twisted was kind of funny. I guess he didn't need to use them on Darby.

Wait why does mind trick doesn't work on Edith?
Is it because of gender differences?

I'm not exactly sure how it works in this parody universe, but I know in the basic Star Wars universe it takes an absolute minimum of will to be influenced by mind tricks. In the card game they denoted this using a force sensitivity value of 1. Most of the characters had a value of at least 2, with Jedi/Sith characters being at least a 3 or 4.

Wait why does mind trick doesn't work on Edith?
Is it because of gender differences?

Obi-wan told Luke early on that "The force can have a strong influence on the weak mind."

The mind trick worked on the dim-witted storm troopers, but it failed in RoTJ against Jabba.

I guess Edith is just smarter than Dennis.

Loved the opening mind trick sequence. I love the character Dennis4826, he cracks me up. The whole episode was another great one even it it was a sort of plot advancement episode rather than just all laughs.

The actress who plays Elle is just stunning. The whole cast is fantastic, you hit a home run casting these guys.

An interesting turn of events. I couldn't stop laughing at the droids and the guarding gags.

"I Might have to shoot this guy"

"You mean you might have to shoot AT him."

Haha, good stuff

"You've shot rebels?" "I've shot at rebels" I almost died with laughter.

I love all the little details in this episode. Now I must see Afro Darby!

Oh wow! Great cliffhanger! I totally did not expect that type of content in these series. Keep up the awesome job guys! Love the casting, along with Deck Crew.

Wait why does mind trick doesn't work on Edith?
Is it because of gender differences?

Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak of will.

It's a trap!

Best episode so far. This show is starting to grow on me and nice to see finally some plot development.

When this show started, I was kinda "meh" about it. The first few episodes have been kinda weak and I was starting to lose hope. However, it's been steadily improving and this is the best episode so far, to the point where it's genuinely good. Add to this that the Deck Crew is consistently awesome. Keep it up! :)

I have to confess: I could not shoot Edith either.

Some kind of mind... trick?

I love it :D

Good stuff guys.

I know this may have been said many times but when is someone going to show this to George Lucus?

Brilliant episode guys,very enjoyable.

Bet the actor who plays denis was delighted when he read that script!

I don't know how, but these episodes keep getting better each week!
Excellent, this was the episode I was looking for :D

"You've shot rebels?"
"I've shot at rebels."

Absolutely perfect description there. ^^
Another great episode, you really came a long way since the very first one.

This show keeps getting better and better. Well done.

Very good episode it just gets better. Funny and with some huge cliffhanger hints of a plot longer than just an episode, i.e. really nice.

This is probably the best episode so far to... witch is good since the first episode were great second meh but now really good.

Well scripted, acted and shot! Dammit, this is the best thing on the Escapist these days. Move over Feed Dump!

Edith Kingpin is now my favorite character on this show. Over the top paranoia looks good on her. Take a back seat, Chet!

What else? Three sentence paragraphs are now my favorite form of expression on The Escapist. Hit the bricks lengthy prose!

Wow. I think this might have been the best episode, yet. It was really funny. All of the jokes were spot on. And the sudden plot twist at the end was very well done. I didn't see that coming at all. All around great episode!
Keep them coming.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to guarding this exhaust port, before I get yelled at.

was that a little Star Trek reference there at the end to Gul Dukat?

He says Gul De Sac or something like that, which is a joke I think. But it's definitely a Star Trek reference :)

Plot eh? Nice. Wonder how he's going to screw it up.
Keep them coming :)

Great stuff. I especially like how he had to impersonate Alec Guinness to actually do the mind trick. Pretty hilarious.

I always wondered if the clones sat around discussing if those were or were not the droids they were looking for.

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