Fray Review

Fray Review

A case study in how not to launch a game.

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Oof a one star review, games like this are just sad, all the work they put into the game only to have it be released in an unplayable, unfinished state, likely dooming it forever

i cant but wonder if the boss of Brain Candy fires his employees using a the frey song....

♫ Step one he says 'we need to talk '♫
♪ He walks he say 'sit down it's just a talk'♪
♫ He smiles politely back at you♪
♫ You stare politely right on through♪
♫ Some sort of window to your right♪
♪ As he goes left and you stay right♪
♫ Between the lines of fear and blame♪
♪ You begin to wonder why you came.♫

♫ 'Where did this game go wrong, I lost a sale♪
♪ Somewhere along in the incomprehensiveness♪
♪ And I would have stayed up with you all night ♫
♫ but i told myself i have to♪
♫ fire that guy' *damm dammm*♫

I felt bad about throwing such a harsh rating at a struggling indie studio, especially when the underpinnings of a decent, albeit very niche, game are in place. But man, it just does not work. I've had to CAD out of the last two games I played. Whoever decided to release Fray in this state rather than holding it back for a few more months of honest beta testing really dropped the ball.

In six months this could very well be a game worth playing. Trouble is, the odds of it surviving six months don't strike me as particularly good.

I always wonder about games like this, did they honestly think it was good enough in this state or did they just not care and threw it our regardless? Or was their hand forced by another factor?

Similar situation with that Sword of the Stars 2, that was a complete mess as well

It's weird, I see this happening usually with games that were marketed to death and people have been eagerly waiting too long, so it goes out the door in whatever state it's in. But that's just not the case here. I can only imagine they ran out of money and decided to get some sale revenue to work on the patches, which is not doing right by new customers.

I always wanted to get into tactical games but they've evolved so much that I find them inaccessible, and I've been waiting for a more casual "toe-dip" to bring me up to pace, as I had a lot of fun with Jagged Alliance as a kid. Thanks for sharing that this is certainly not the game.

Hmm, the game looked nice, I'll tell you that. But seeing it fail on such a level is just incomprehensible. But like someone else in this thread said, some people just can't see what problems will come up in these titles.

Ah, the Paradox school of publishing. Get a great, niche game, and get it out the door with as little QA as possible. At least Paradox publishes working games occasionally, mind... my biggest issue is that Steam is apparently fine with it being released in a playable state. Fair enough you submit the game that way, but Valve's Steam QA would have picked up on even minor quibbles, right? What does Steam's QA checklist even consist of? The .exe opens without bluescreen?

I'm starting to think the only requirements for an indie title to be up and priced and out in the showcase on steam is a decent trailer and some screenshots.. it's been happening a lot lately, Dino Beatdown, Krater, Foreign Legion Multi Massacre.. just to name ones I've bought or read up on recently that have been rough around the edges and unfinished(Krater), gotten unfavorable letsplays (FL MM), or been more or less unmitigated disasters (Dino Beatdown)


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