81: Uwe Boll and the German Tax Code

"Second, perhaps more important, Boll is unrepentant. He cannily exploits, not to say 'revels in,' reviewers' aggrieved reactions. In September 2006, in a highly publicized stunt christened 'Raging Boll,' the director challenged four film critics to boxing matches in Vancouver. Having chosen his opponents for their lack of training, Boll (an experienced fighter) handily defeated them all. He plans to include footage from the bouts on the Postal DVD.

"Like that of his companion devils, Boll's work provokes heated condemnation in gaming forums, as well as on film hobbyist sites such as BollBashers. Noting his dismal and declining box-office grosses - BloodRayne grossed less than $3.6 million worldwide - bewildered viewers often ask, 'Why do people keep funding his movies?'

"Thus - uniquely in the history of film - consideration of Boll leads quickly and naturally to a discussion of the German tax code."

Uwe Boll and the German Tax Code

An amazing read. Highly disturbing, but still amazing. Great article, Allen.

While that may sound weird it's old news. Uwe Boll promotes this concept since day 1 and has never made it a secret.

I may not appreciate his films but I have to say that I like the guy in a "Ed Wood"-esque sense. I've seen several interviews with Uwe Boll and I think he loves films and does what he thinks "he does best".

Also financially his movies prove very successful when released on dvd/vhs.

I like the Uwe too, i don't think i have seen any of his movies on the account of the fact i didn't like any of the games he made movies out of,i mean come on bloodrayne? what did they expect?

i figure if he keeps making movies he will eventually make a good one....lol so long as he keeps pissing people off, i will be happy.

The fact that game company's continue to agree to let Boll make these movies must also demonstrate the huge amount of payoffs going on behind the scenes. Let's face it: if you're a small-time development studio struggling to make it, it's got to be pretty tempting to accept a large sum of money from Boll's company. Plus, it's publicity for the game, no matter how much the movie ends up sucking. I mean, does anyone actually think Postal will be anything but a trainwreck?

"i figure if he keeps making movies he will eventually make a good one"

I think this is the equivalent of the "thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters" argument. Maybe Shakespeare will result, but I won't keep my hopes up.


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