Unskippable: NeverDead

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From what little I've seen:
Doesn't matter, had Kenpachi :D

'Cause there's no one I trust more to fight the legions of Hell than a petulant hobo stuck on college frat-boy autopilot and his mincing 16-year-old boss.

Wouldn't mind playing as the foppish Shakespearean Southern Dandy frogman. He's less disturbing than Sonic at least.

Without looking it up, I'm going to guess that this is a Japanese game. Right?

That was some... pretty poor dialogue, shall we say.

So... no one's going to comment on her butterfly knife submachine gun?

Actually, that looks awfully like a FMG-9, from e.g. MW3 where it's used in dual-wielding style. Completely overpowered, so at least this woman does not have to fear being called "akimbo n00b" by angry players. ;-)

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating a prototype: FMG-9

Neverdead: A game so terrible, the music was composed by Megadeath.

I'm not sure if he or the developers were theo nes scraping the bottom of the barrell.

So he's dead? Why does need money? And was that Kog'maw?

I don't know, I would think being alive for all eternity would make me perma-grumpy.

Actually, yeah. At first I'd be all "Hell YEAH!" And then I'd realise I had to deal with people until they died out.

I'd either turn grumpy or genocidal.

Tipsy, huh?...

Meh, still not as cool a beer name as Piswasser.

No mention of swordpig? And after he stole spiderpig's job this game too...

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