No Right Answer: Most Addictive Timesink Ever

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I can't decide if winning is losing for this or if the only way to win is not to play.

Chris Pranger:
I should clarify a bit there as I could have easily elaborated had I made that a full point rather than a final argument.

Regarding your final point. Minecraft IS portable and I personally would consider Minecraft to be the bigger time sink, not just because of the previous points regarding being a "True" sand box game, but because everything you need or could ever need is contained in the single game.

Each Pokemon game has it's limits, once you reach the limit, there's not much else you can do. Beat all the end leaders? Collected every Pokemon and developed a stellar team? Not much else you can do after than other than duel your friends.

Now I don't think it's a valid point to include every game in Pokemon because having to purchase additional games doesn't necessarily make it a bigger time sink. Minecraft is a single game that requires far more time than even the entire Pokemon series combined. The very fact you HAVE to get the other Pokemon games makes the amount of time you can put into the game limited by comparison.

I've played all the pokemons, except the recent ones and have put a lot of time into them myself, but compared to the infinite possibilities and content that Minecraft supplies? There's no comparison.

Bear in mind that I'm not big on Minecraft, I played it for a few days, built a house with a lava moat and quit. I'm not into those kinds of sand box games. I mention this because I want to make it clear that I'm not a Notch Fanboy and that I don't care for his game.

Believe it or not, I really do want to sink my time in Minecraft. I mean, sure you can just sit at the place you started at and build your home there, but the real fun is exploration, and the occasional adrenaline rush you get either at night time (where you're rushing to find a safe place to sleep), while facing off against a creeper (or several), or are about to accidentally do something painful, like falling into a lake of lava.

Sadly, since I don't have Minecraft, I'm stuck with Terraria. Even worse, I'm on my 4th character in that game and just like my previous 3, is close to completion.

Can you mod Pokemon? End of discussion :)

Besides everyone knows that TES2:Daggerfall is the biggest timesink in the world

Minecraft was good until they updated it and overcomplicated things with dragons, and endermen and crap. Yet, Pokemon will always be good. My older brothers and sisters played it, and now so do I. You can not walk away from it, most of the time, you'll take it with you! You'll take it to events dedicated purely to pokemon, that last for hours! I didn't really like Pokemon Black, I'll admit. However, I think the word "didn't" really takes it here, because now, I play it for hours on a daily basis with my friend(s) (Which makes it a multiple time sink.). Even when I'm alone, I'll still train, catch, battle, trade, explore, and generally play for hours on end, and to what goal? To be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause... and THAT people, is why Pokemon is the biggest time sink ever, and has been for generations.

Why is Notch going against his own game?!
Oh wait, you claim Chris is NOT Notch?
Look at the photo's again!!! :O

They are right. Pokemon is like Crack


I always find time to use my team at the battle subway.

I'm surprised they never mentioned getting perfect IVs and training EVs. Dear god. So much time.

My biggest timesink would have to be Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. My parks were epic, I never wanted to turn that game off. Civilization was pretty addictive too, but not as much as RCT2.

Pokemon vs Minecraft is a valid debate...if you're 12 years old.
For the grownups, it's Civ (aka "one more turn") vs WoW (aka "take my money")

They are right. Pokemon is like Crack


I always find time to use my team at the battle subway.

I haven't even gotten past the 4th Gym Leader yet in Pokemon Black...

I haven't even gotten past the Psychic/Ground Nations in Conquest yet...

However I have a total of 57 hours in both games (divided equally) between the two...


Webb Myers:
Pokemon vs Minecraft is a valid debate...if you're 12 years old.
For the grownups, it's Civ (aka "one more turn") vs WoW (aka "take my money")

...this comment has so much fail...

"Oh yes, Pokemon is for children. Same with Minecraft. Those who watch X or Play Y are babies."

That is what I am getting from this post.

Mr. Omega:
Once you get into the meta, yeah, Pokemon is a massive timesink. Getting the right natures, getting the good TMs (thank god for that change in gen 5), getting the EVs and then raising to level 100, breeding, and then there's planning the right moveset and strategies and then there's the online battles.

And if you REALLY want to be obsessive you get into IVs and Shinies.

What about getting the right IV's/EV's ON a Shiny? That would be nightmarish...

I'm with a few of you guys, how DID MMO's in general, WoW specifically, not get debated about? For that matter, why not TVTropes? I've lost HOURS per night over there taking WikiWalks (hey, that's a trope name!) !

I vote for Civilization. That game makes time its bitch.

You start playing, and then fifteen minutes later 12 hours have passed.

"One more turn..."

Captcha: done that (never more appropriate)

I'm with a few of you guys, how DID MMO's in general, WoW specifically, not get debated about? For that matter, why not TVTropes? I've lost HOURS per night over there taking WikiWalks (hey, that's a trope name!) !

Because the person that was going to debate the case of TV Tropes has yet to resurface.

HARVEST MOON at least for me, its like I start playing and the whole day goes bye...

Minecraft has about a thousand different mods for it, to tell stories, create mechanical wonders, or just make the game look so damn pretty.

Pokemon is the same game released every so often, with only the occasional spinoff title to be interesting.

I vote for Victoria 2, similar situation as Civ only you don't know how fast time is going.One minute you could be building your own small army to deciding what country to conquest next, try it with a friend and you have legal crack cocaine.Has a learning curve of a brick wall so take that as you wish.

TVTropes is a possibility too, its a game about trying to close the web page, next thing you know your browser is filled with TVTropes tabs, endlessly creating even more tabs, until your browser crashes from the tab number.

Out of those, Pokemon is much more of a timesink then Minecraft, for me that is.

Minecraft alone is terribly boring, Pokemon is not. ;)

I have to go with Pokemon on this one. Minecraft has only really been around for a few years (Really only got really popular a year or 2 ago and only officially released last year) so it's still fresh on everyone's minds. In Minecraft, you have the option to give yourself anything in the game with what you're given. Once you do that, you take away about 2/3 of the game. Making whatever you want is cool, but the novelty of it wears off and it becomes boring and playing survival mode isn't really all that addictive once you've tried creative mode. Multiplayer usually means finding a server which in my experience would have rules which made trying to make things with friends boring as you had to earn money to buy stuff to make things. Then there's the alternative of using Hamachi or another program like that, but that becomes boring as well when you only have 4 or 5 friends trying to make a bunch of big stuff and realize that you guys are most likely going to be the only ones who are going to see all the stuff you worked on. Mods breathe new life into the game for a while, but most aren't anything major. Most of what I've seen is stuff like added climbing controls, slide controls, fixed animations, etc. and the ones that are close *coughcoughPOKEMONMODcoughcough* aren't finished/multiplayer as far as I know.

Pokemon, on the other hand, has been around for almost 15 years now. Sure it's not as big of a deal as it used to be with the theatrical releases, religious protesters, etc. but it's card game and anime are still around so somebody has to be buying/watching it. The games are where it's at though. The games are still the reason a lot of people even buy Nintendo's handhelds. What makes Pokemon so addicting though is it's competitive aspect. The more friends you have that play Pokemon, the more competitive you get, and the more competitive you get the further in the hole you find yourself. It starts out casually enough, playing with the team you've made through the single player game and battling together, then training them to level 100, then making a better team using all the Pokemon at the game's disposal until one day you find yourself riding a bike back and forth in front of the daycare trying to hatch a Pokemon with the right nature and IVs so you can go out and EV train them so that he'll be just that 1 stat better than your buddy's. Even if you go out and buy a cheat device, it doesn't take away the competitive aspect of the games, just makes it easier and cuts down a substantial amount of the work. Even then, you can find yourself addicted to just making different teams to switch out and play with (I got to the point where I made a Sandstorm Team, a Hail Team, a Trick Room Team, and some others back when I was really into it). Minecraft doesn't really have that. Sure you can "compete" to make the coolest building or whatever but that's not really a win/lose scenario as it's more about opinions than anything else.

Of course, both of these aren't nearly as addictive as WoW (As much as I hate it), but this is what the debate was.

Edit: Just to add some information, I spent over 300 hours on Pokemon Diamond alone. I don't even think I spent 30 hours in Minecraft. Having endless possibilities doesn't always make a game more addicting than a game with a somewhat conceivable end point. Throwing someone into a game with no goal really and saying "Have fun" can be fun for a while, but eventually I find myself saying "There's really no point in this, if there's no end that means there's really no true progression so I've seen all there is to see" and put it down. Pokemon has goals that once you've completed you can go to the next one. Beat the elite 4, complete the Pokedex, get master ribbons, beat the battle towers, fight the online battle towers, make the best team you can think of, make the best team you can think of with a theme, and so on. That may not sound like anything on paper, but in practice it can take hundreds of hours. And that's just with one game. The great thing about Pokemon is it has so many games. It's feasible to buy Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby, do all of this in that game, trade them to the next game, repeat the process adding the Pokemon from that game to your party and repeating this until you get to the latest game, Have Pokemon with ribbons from all the games up until that point and perfect stats. Sure this may take you an ungodly amount of time, but I'm sure there's people that have done it over the course of the past 10 years since Ruby/Sapphire came out.

Civilization is the right answer; or maybe Everquest I.

One could also argue Disgaea is far more grind and level intensive than pokemon.

I like the zen garden analogy for Minecraft.
I think there should've been something a little more patriotic in honor of the holiday weekend.

No love for Civ? Much like MineCraft, the possibilities with that game are endless. Which civilization do you choose, which map type, what are your long-term goals? IT NEVER ENDS!

It also makes you actually think and form strategies. I have literally been up all night playing Civ before, and didn't even finish the game I started!

I've never played Pokemon. I do love RPGs, but I have never been much for Pokemon. I know, I'm a blasphemer or something. I'm sorry. And honestly, Chris's description makes me happy I never did get into the games.

Probably a bad time to mention that I haven't tried Minecraft, either. I should point out that it interests me, I just haven't gotten around to it.

I think I'll just leave, now...

My timesink is Animal Crossing. I can't get enough Animal Crossing.

Sorry chris but kyle won by default - WHY? minecraft....(drumroll) POKEMON MOD!!!!! if ONE timesink ABSORBS the other one it has to be superior! (I made that argument for big ladies once and get into trouble so its not always true but in this case it is)
But i have to give chris pts for the *shakepeerian rpg* (pretty sure thats not how u spell it but i just woke up and i feel like i should be back in bed.

P.S. u sure u dont drink chris?! i mean....REALLY?

I feel that alot of what kyle is saying how you cant awlk away from minecraft if false. I mean, I get into it, but I never really get into it. I've literally lost hours of time where the clock magically jump 15 hours ahead without realize playing pokemon, but with minecraft ive never been that immersed. Plus minecraft only goes as far as your creativity, which is both a good and bad thing.

... and pokemon never required you to eat in game or youd die, so I dont have to go do the tedious task of going to find a damn chicken, cow, or pig and killing it.

Minecraft is also portable now (although its quality is debatable), so that argument doesn't really work. I'd say Minecraft is more addictive, although only because I despise newer Pokémon games.

The problem with Minecraft is, yes, you can make whatever your imagination and patience will allow, but if you aren't creative enough or have the stick-to-it-iveness, it's just running around not having fun. And getting killed by creepers.

As for Pokemon, at least it has a plot; a driving force that makes you want to keep going. The Pokemon are more of a post-"game" collect-a-thon. And even devices such as Action Replay, "catchin' 'em all" still takes a loooooooong ass time.

ok, how about this... instead of the "best pokemon", you can debate which is the "most 'Pokemon (tm)' pokemon": the one that best embodies or represents. Pikachu is excluded, of course, because f*** that little yellow rat it's too obvious and pretty much chosen as the company mascot (although pikachu vs mudkipz might be an interesting exploration of corporate marketing vs word-of-mouth memetics).

There several others who could make the cut...
Mudkip of course (I herd u liek them),
Jigglypuff (smash brothers, anyone?),
Mew (representing the futile struggle of catching them all, overcome only by cheating... which in itself is an interesting conundrum: a game that literally must be cheated at to win.)

...or you could do videogames' douchiest rival, for which the clear must be Blue (Gary) from Pokemon vs Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon... with the possible option of Siefer from Final Fantasy 8.

Forza Motorsport. By the time you finish all the races in one... BAM next game! Start all over!

No WoW or League of Legends?

Both of those have taken more of my time and money than Pokemon or Minecraft.

In fact, I've never played Pokemon or Minecraft.

It depends on how your brain is wired. I was bored with minecraft, yet pokemon can and has sucked me in to a few hundred hours per generation.

Then again, on that front it fails next to Disgaea if for no other reason of the random elements (natures, IVs, Shineys) maing a master file next to impossible, and nintendo's limiting of various pokemon making even a complete pokedex something most of us never see without a cheat device.

Disgaea has characters that level to 9999 plus reincarnations, and all the weapons do the same, and then there's specialist gathering. it took 200 hours to gets even one character in Disgaea 3 to where I wanted him.

Immediately after I was introduced to the Minecraft Alpha, I played for 9 hours straight.

P.S. u sure u dont drink chris?! i mean....REALLY?

Pretty sure, unless I'm sleep drinking or something. I'm actually pretty White Bread if you get to know me. :)

Pity only two games were discussed. Neither of these even compare to WoW in terms of addictiveness, a game which is literally designed to be an addictive time sink. Especially if you're a raider.

If I had to chose out of these two, I'd say Pokemon, I spent way more hours on that. Minecraft is god awful and gets me bored fast.

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