No Right Answer: Most Addictive Timesink Ever

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Most Overhyped MMO Ever

Guild Wars 2.

Chris Pranger:

P.S. u sure u dont drink chris?! i mean....REALLY?

Pretty sure, unless I'm sleep drinking or something. I'm actually pretty White Bread if you get to know me. :)

put white bread in a fermenter with water and bakin yeast - makes beer - horrible beer BUT beer :D

I would agree that Pokemon is a timesink, because of all the time I've spent level-grinding a specific Pokemon required to beat certain gym leaders. With Minecraft, I can just sit back, relax and dig away... Wow; that drug analogy is spot on.

*rages like it's 1999...

Epic fucking Failure.

Shame on you all.

Your ignorance for Disgaea is troubling.

Seriously troubling.

Get 'learnt' soon. It's really disgusting that you have no fucking idea.

: P

Actually, you might be better off never knowing the pain of the ultimate grind fest.

Rubbish. I love Pokemon, but Minecraft is the better time sink. Pokemon may take forever, but Minecraft is endless. Every other point is redundant. And Pokemon isn't even that long anyway. Who really wants to collect every single Pokemon in every single game and train them all up to level 100? No-one really does that. Most people just beat the story. And the last points about Pokemon were completely irrelevant too. Minecraft is also portable, and music and cartoons have nothing to do with how good the game is. Also I'm pretty sure there's a lot of Minecraft music floating around anyway.

Both games are potential time sinks, but in reality you get bored after a while. There are lots of games that can potentially ruin your sleep hours. For me, the champion in this is Silent Hunter 3 which I played for 37 hours straight. What I saw the sunrise creep through the window and looked at the clock, it took me a few minutes to figure out what PM meant (it was actually the sunset, on the following day... yeap).

But over time you get bored with almost every game. Except one. One that is the most addictive game ever made. One that will rob even a casual gamer hundreds upon hundreds of hours per year. Year after year. World of Warcraft will never, ever be beat. Since there are millions of players in this world, at an average of 2 hours of play per day per player (which is a huge underestimation), this game eats up the total life span of about 28 lives of an average of 81 years EVERY DAY.

I wasted 3 years of my life with it and I can't believe just how dumb I've been. Most of my friends still play it, day by day, 7 years and going strong.

Minecraft for me, I've poured days and days of time into that game, and I still play it - not many games can still be fun after so long.

My biggest time sink of all time though is Captive on the Atari ST, I must have played that longer than any other game.

Well I never got into pokemon and played Minecraft for a while but after I stopped I was never bothered to return.

I would add Mount & Blade. You're dropped into an fictional anachronistic Early Middle-Ages and can do whatever you want. It's as sandbox and time-sinky as you can get.

Also Paradox games for those who can get into them, finishing the game as one nation takes ages and there are always more.

TV Tropes outside from gaming.

My biggest timesink has to be Super Smash Brothers Melee, as old as it is I can still have fun playing competitively with friends, pokemon has never really gotten my attention after the first few games even though I know a lot has changed. Minecraft, I'm scared I might enjoy too much so I haven't tried it out yet, maybe one day when I'm ready to face my fears I'll go ahead and give it a go.

Civilization wins the time stealer award.

One more turn my ass.

Civilization and SPAZ for me.
but mostly Civilization

For me, it's definitely Pokémon. I've played it a lot more than Minecraft.

However, I have spent countless, countless hours watching Minecraft videos. Perhaps not enough to top the 40-60 hours I've spent on average for each Pokémon game I've played. But it'll probably get there.

Minecraft. Hands down. Pokemon is to repetitive. Minecraft pulls you in because, like LEGOs, you can do almost anything with it. Engineers love their LEGOs.

Minecraft has two problems that keep it for being the ultimate timesink for me. The first is that how much you can do is tied into how much you want to do, somebody without a project is going to quit relatively quickly. The other is how little Minecraft has to offer. Yes it may be randomly generated and seemingly endless but the problem is the lack of variety. You may get a different forest every time but they're all interchangeable.

I think the marijuana/crack comparison is apt. With Minecraft I start playing and I just switch off only to realise I've spent the past five hours sitting in the same chair and man I'd kill for some nachos right now. Whereas with pokemon it is a matter of needing to go on just a little bit longer.

I don't have goals as such with minecraft, I may have an overall aim that will be reached over multiple playthorughs but pokemon is the ultimate skinner box. Got to get the next badge, beat the elite four, catch 'em all, train 'em up and then they'll release another game and I'll have to do it all over again.

Just let me have me hope...

POKEMON MMO is coming

Disgaea could easily win this I feel.

It's designed to make you grind levels just to reincarnate your characters back down to level 1.
And the level cap is 9999 so you NEVER feel like you're getting anything done.

Never mind the arguments.

Chris wins this one on the sole fact that throughout the entire thing he was spazzing out like a true abstinential addict, whereas Kyle was much too collected and rational to have any junkie-credz whatsoever. :9

Most gripping episode of no right answer I've seen yet :O

Awesome arguing guys!

I really don't get the appeal of Minecraft, maybe its not for me, and have sank faaaarrrrr too many hours into Pokemon so yeah that would have been my choice too.

Also, yes, Chris does look a little like Notch..

I don't know. Pokemon lost me when they started releasing new Pokemon every year or so and they obviously started running out of names for them. When it was 150 pokemon, it seemed like a reasonable goal. yeah, it was gonna take me a while but I DID want to catch and train them all. Then 250 pokemon; alright, I said. I suppose I'll have to invest more time. Then 300-ish. Okay, I said to myself. You're pushing it but I'll bite.
After that, I just gave up. I'm basically buying the same game over and over again whereas with Minecraft you buy it once and you're good to go. You can buy extra stuff but that's optional. So yeah, not only is Pokemon a timesinker but also a moneysinker. Minecraft just wants to take your time.

As far as playing with others, again, Minecraft is the better choice. With Pokemon, you're stressing out about what pokemon to get and you need to find a friend who actually has a version that has the pokemon you want and hope that he/she already captured it AND is willing to trade it in. But of course you gotta give something just as cool in return.
With Minecraft, you just gotta sit down, build stuff and relax. Your friends can jump in and out at any given time and nothing changes. It's all about just having a good time. Stop playing the game for a good while and it will still be there waiting for you. You'll be just as familiar with the game as when you first played it.

Yes, Pokemon has tons and tons of merchandise out there besides the games (Cards, movies, toys, etc.) but again, it's mostly meant to be a moneysinker. Watching the anime doesn't really help you beat the game because, well, we have the internet for that (And seriously, the anime is still the same basic concept as when it first aired so...I haven't watched it in 5 years but I'm guessing I'm not missing on much, except on maybe Ash looking younger and suddenly getting big, bright, brown eyes.

That's why I personally prefer Minecraft over Pokemon; Minecraft is addicting but it allows you to quit at any time and come back later (Much later if you want) and everything will still be the same. Miss a single generation of Pokemon and you're screwed.

Hmm... Minecraft or Pokemon?

I'd say Pokemon... I played Minecraft for a bit, got really addicted but then got burned out since there's only so much you can do (Explore a few caves and build some stuff... Then explore more caves and build more stuff... Then explore more caves and build more stuff etc..)

Pokemon I have phases of addiction, I'll play a pokemon game non-stop for a couple of weeks, get burned out then stop for a few months, then get the urge again play for a couple of weeks get burned out and then stop in a never ending cycle.

For ultimate timesink though?

Skyrim? I don't remember much of the first 3 months after that got released only Nords, lots and lots of Nords. I played it heavily, then I started modding it, thus increasing the amount of time I spent playing it... I eventually completed every quest in the game on 28 different characters after using many mods and such...

Xen Garden ah hahahhahah!

I love you guys so much. xD

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