Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Drinks

Deck Crew: Drinks

It's Friday, grab a drink with the deck crew.

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I absolutely love this series, but this one fell short of expectations.

I guess that's what you get for making such great videos, people start expecting them all to be gems.

Looking forward to episode 8.

I have a feeling there's references I'm missing here.

Meh, they can't all be A+ episodes. I'm sad they didn't mention the big bang burger place, or the resturant at the end of the universe.

I dunno - was that, like, all references? Or just random words? Or was there some humour there that missed me?

Oh well - the others have been pretty damn good.

Ok episode but nothing special. Some random odd names of possible space bars... Just the words "space bars" sounds ehm interesting... :-)

I wanna go to the Butt Bar.

Dolore might be my favorite Deck Crew member.

Oh-h-h! They're going to go to Sugar Ray's instead of those other places because...I don't get it at all.

The Butt Bar was kinda funny.

Adlibbed performance? I felt like I was watching a comedy troupe adlib their way through a "come up with a bunch of space bar names" sketch. If it was that, then it was good. If it was actually written, then it was okay.

Somebody else make up a space bar name!

    Quantum Shifty's
    The Tachi Eun-clave
    C-Thru-PO's (topless bar)
    The Berrilium Sphere
    The Mai-Tai Fighter
    Alco Holodeck

Ok, this just went over my head. Maybe I'm not in the in-crowd, but if those were references I did not follow. Eh, I'll wait for the next one

After watching a second time, I find it somewhat amusing that there are a shockingly large number of drinking establishments that the deck crew can simply go to for a post shift drink.

Oddly enough, I've had these conversations with a few of my friends on where to go for drinks and food.

Highly amusing to see this IN SPACE.

What, no Quark's Bar?

Arghh! Too many space themed bar names!

I hear the Black Hole is pretty cool.


Daystar Clarion:
Arghh! Too many space themed bar names!

I hear the Black Hole is pretty cool.

But the Black Hole is always so cramped inside. What about the Redshift Bar or Alcho Centauri?

Why did they shoot down all of my favorite bars? I guess I'll just have to go without the Deck Crew... Too bad.

I'm sorry to say I didn't get the jokes in this one. At all.
Oh well, there's always the next one.

Weren't they already sitting on kegs?

I guess they were all references, or at least some of them were. I know some of those names are the names of video games.

I'm suprised they didn't mention "Space Fuddruckers"

I don't get it. :( I guess either it's a bunch of references or an American thing.

What about the restaurant at the end of the universe?

I have a feeling there's references I'm missing here.


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