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Giving It

A video of four-letter words, and words of other lengths too.

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Nope, couldn't give a shit...

Nice vid, and it's good to see Morgan in a sketch again.

WoD cameo!! No dialogue from them though... Beardless Paul just not Ulrick enough?

I personally think Morgan's thesis is FULL of shit!

The Gentleman:

Nope, couldn't give a shit...

I can't decide weather the video was just plain mediocre, or intentionally so, in an effort to entice us viewers not to give a shit and thereby making some meta statement through the comments...

Fuck yeah Morgan!
Fuck yeah Warriors of Darkness!
Fuck yeah not giving a shit!

Oh hey Morgan's back......

.....and he hasn't changed a bit.

Wasn't sure if I gave a shit of the video until the Warriors of Darkness stinger, then I was all shits and giggles.

Were those the Warriors of Darkness? Man, I've missed them! I really do give a shit about them. I suppose without his beard, Ulrick can't exist. But I really would watch that "special episode" of WoD that was mentioned in the first season of Commodore Hustle.

The amount of self references in this video is damn high :D

was i the only one that knew when graham said "four of you" there was going to be the warriors of darkness in the stinger

Great work around for Paul SansBeard. Great video overall, I gave a shit.

When the WoD were going to reappear, kinda was expecting more than a cameo :(

Best. Stinger. Ever.

I'm not sure if this just wasn't a good episode, or the thesis was true.

Sweet Morgan and the WoD cameo, could a video get any better?

Next thesis: Spider-man and the evolution from 'Not giving a shit':

Yay Morgan!
Also, yay Warriors!

Question, since the rent is Monday, but the Warriors of Darkness are known to kill, could they just provide random people on Monday and kill them afterwards?

This sounds highly scientific and is very convincing.
Unfortunately, I'm out of shits.

It took me a while to realize that this wasn't a Commodore Hustle ep cuz I thought Graham and Morgan were just being themselves =P
Hooray for shit-science! It's a vastly relevant field to me. I personally find, though, that the long-held theory of an absolute shit-giving limit is just full of shit, so no props to Morgan's character there.

Mm, that actually seems like a valid theory...

Out of context quote of the day: "I'm feeling some weird shit."

... Half the time I understood "feces" instead of "thesis" ... Intended?

I could really go for a peanut butter and ham sandwich right now but I don't have any bread.

I personally think Morgan's thesis is FULL of shit!

Graham had the funniest lines today, & I'd say stuff like that if I had a roomate like the bearded guy.
And how do we get rid of the goddamn Dishonored banner ads at the bottom of the screen?

I wonder if the number of shits I give about LRR is inversely proportional to the shits I give about a lot of other things. Maybe LRR is sapping all my shit, like some kind of shit sapping blue agent of espionage.

Great episode by the way, I really enjoyed the wordplay and premise.

Warriors of Darkness AND Morgan? Best vid ever!

I totally gave a shit about this one.

Heh, I figured it was gonna be the Warriors of Darkness after he mentioned that there's four of 'em.

MORGAN!!!!! Oh I've missed you! You should come back more, not just for Desert Bus. There is something about your delivery that just makes every word you speak hilarious. Missed you!

Morgan, your thesis is sooooo wrong.
Let me explain you
SHIT is being extracted from earth depths (like any other natural resource)
(actually it is called shit, because of S.H.I.T.- Secret Humanity Integration Technique)
Then it is being secretly added to foods and drinks (including tap water)
So whenever you're feeling like you can't give a shit, just eat or drink something to restore your level of shit
Then you will be able to give shit again
So remember kids our food and drinks are full of shit :D

captcha: no-brainer
See? Even captcha gets it :)

YAY!!!!! Warriors of Darkness!!!!

I wonder if Beardless Paul could pull it off?

YAY Morgan gave enough of a shit to be in a video, and he didnt explode while doing it either

Anyone got a count for the shits in that video?

Funny video. When I really want to express how little I care about something I will say, "I couldn't give two shits about it".

Good time.

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