Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

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Spec Ops: The Line

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Spec Ops: The Line.

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Well, that was kinda grim. Is it bad that I laughed more than usual?

Another brilliant review by Yahtzee. Been looking forward to this review for almost a month.

Wow, that was probably one of my favorite reviews you've done, Yahtzee. It's awesome to see the insight your columns bring make it's way into the review itself. Well done

New book?

I shall purchase this new publication, and I shall read it!

The moment Yahtzee first wheeled out the farting noises gag, I paused the video and said "This episode shall end with deep, serious analysis, and then another fart noise"

And lo was it so.

Jesus Fuck! Someone in Australia better get out and check on Yahtzee
I think Spec Ops might have...

*puts on sunglasses*


Also JAM!

I actually played the demo for this and found the gameplay quite lacking if being utterly annoying. The chemistry of the characters was lacking (maybe it's because it's the demo) and frankly I couldn't feel invested in it. But that being said, I did enjoy this review since it has something Yahtzee is very good at and that is the juxtaposition of being funny. Grim games can work, but really, if it's not fun to play (and I would even go sofar as to say if a horror game isn't fun) then really what is the point? Immersion? Not on my count. It's impossible to get immersed in a game you're hating. The shooting is bland, the contextual flashbang is mind-boggling and I hadn't the feeling the plot was up to much.

I love it when he has these running-gags in his reviews, like the wolfenstein limerick and the Brink drinking game.

I found the part about shooting the airport full of civilians replaced with bambi's mom to be funny. And the end, that was good too.

I agree here The mission with the white phosphorus really made me feel like a total cunt

So, it's like an FPS game version of the movie Eyes Wide Shut?

Hmmm, lots of potential, there; both good and bad.


I'm supposed to be avoiding game purchases at least until the end of the year. But when you say 'good story' it makes it all more harder for a lover of storytelling to keep the wallet closed.

I'll avoid this by picking up a good book.

I like the idea of the story with it being Heart of Darkness and all, though I don't know if the gameplay would justify spending £29.99 on it. I guess I'll try out the demo.

In retrospect yeah, I do kinda wish they could've done a bit more on the gameplay front. It's not bad, it's just pretty much what you'd expect.

That really does work well with the overall point of the story so...yep. Not gonna say much more than that on that part...well other than...

*whips out Imp with an arse instead of his gonads*


Particularly good one this week. Because as much as I love Yahtzee's humour, I like it just as much when he gets a bit intellectual now and then. *fart*

Wow. Never thought I'd see Yahtzee being so taken aback at a game. Since he gave the go-ahead to check it out, I'm now genuinely interested.

Wonder if this game will make his Top 5 of 2012 (assuming he'll do the same thing again this year).

Didn't expect Yahtzee to like this at all.

It sounds like exactly the kind of game the modern shooter genre needs right now. So many of them are about nothing but fetishising guns and violence purely for the sake of it. We need a bit of a reality check.

So, it's like an FPS game version of the movie Eyes Wide Shut?

That's... a pretty abstract comparison. I mean, Eyes Wide Shut was about a wealthy married couple having strange sexual adventures in New York.

Man, never thought I'd see a game get to Yahtzee this much. Brilliant review, I'll need to look out for it.

Pardon my choice of words, but 'bout time a story line actually draws you in. On my way to picking it up, surprised my cell could even load up the site.

Oh so it's another dull grey brown... wait you kill Americans in this one? SOLD!!
I'm kidding, don't hurt me.

Great as always. I haven't fancied this game at all.

My opinion has not changed.

the jam-pocalypse is what happens after you let our mothers in your house or??

( the end title quip, read it! )

*Ed, left out the jam.. silly me.

Hurry up, you stupid calendar!!!

Yahtzee, you productive bugger :D

Been tempted to pick Spec Ops: The Line up. Great review, gives me something to ponder.

When I saw the trailers for this I brushed it off as another dull, brown, middle eastern setting FPS. Now that I hear it has a decently compelling story, I may consider picking it up from the bargain bin or something one day in the far flung future.

I was expecting that last fart, but it still cracked me up.
The Line Up sounds like an awesome game, that i shall never play (i be broke), although the name makes me think of a police procedural more than a wargame.

So it's a First person Heavy Rain with the part you kill the drug dealer over and over again?

Yeah, it's great when a game can make you sit back and think, but it can get in the way of the "fun" sometimes. I suppose you just have to decide if what the game is trying to tell you is worth not having too much fun.

I hear a lot of people often say they want their actions to matter more in games. I myself want that too, but it's not always fun to actually care about what you do in a game. Not that I don't want to see more games trying that. I just understand that it probably won't be "fun" all the time.

Also, congratulations on getting another book out there Yahtzee!
Ha. Jam. I think I see what ya did there.

Oh so it's another dull grey brown... wait you kill Americans in this one? SOLD!!
I'm kidding, don't hurt me.

HA! I knew you damn maple leafs had it in for us!
It's time we settled this once and for all!

Well that was depressing.

Cut ALL the wrists!

That was a good review!

Yes! I was hoping he'd like it (or atleast not hate it :P), got it last week and enjoyed it ALOT. The story is really good with good characters, and the game often tries to provoke you in various ways, here's hoping we'll get more games like this instead of the "Mericuh Fukk Yeh!!" shooters developers normally make (EA and Activision being the biggest producers).

Also, Nolan North is doing a good job :)

I had a feeling he would like this, glad to see I was right. I've been looking forward to it for a while now and the demo pretty much convinced me. The actual gameplay is pretty unspectacular but it works, and as a means to convey the story it works even better.

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