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Pocket Planes

The ups and downs of the world's least consistent airline.

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A crate of saws for entertainment doesn't sound so bad.

Was that Gordon Freeman right before the airport got sold?

That reminds me. I need to add Pocket Planes to my iPod since I haven't update it in weeks.

WAIT! I've used Nairobi's Airport many times and it's nothing like that!
There are more Africans around, and its not that cubey. It's at least 57% less cubey.

+ it takes much more time to get through -_-

Flight: P00P... Wait a minute...

I have no idea what this is referring to, but I expect more of it...

Hearing Graham say "What about my Vase?" as that sprite was stupidly hilarious for me. I don't know why, but I needed to pause the video to stop laughing about the concept of a man with a fine moustache having no idea where his expensive vase was.

I'm not crazy.

Calumon: He's right.

This is why I take the train.
Or the boat.

And when did Jeff Foxworthy join LLR?

I have never heard of Pocket Planes before, so I probably missed some jokes. But still, not bad.

That was awesome. You guys should make a spin-off show similar to this!

That was good. Clever. Well done. In other words, an average LRR video.

Zachary Amaranth:
I have never heard of Pocket Planes before, so I probably missed some jokes. But still, not bad.

It seems like a reallly fun game, I proberbly won't play it.

I didn't really get it, but I just assumed that it was a facebook game, and that the jokes were about the games problems. Under those assumptions I enjoyed the video

James and Graham... you really sounded a lot alike a few times.
Maybe it's just me, though... ?

Good sketch, loved the artwork :D

This weeks Loading Time shall (had damn well better) be: Graham talking about how he did the animation. Beautiful work, sir!

Those Games we Played set this up nicely didn't it.

Epic Win.

Love the times you animate things.

Ironically enough, the last animation you did was also about an airport...

I LOVED THIS. Damn you Kathleen for getting me hooked on this game from the last Commodore Hustle episode!

In all seriousness, you guys could put this on reddit and youtube and people would go nuts. It was really awesome!

Shirtless Santa Clause at the beginning made me laugh. Also whats with all the whites at and working at, an airport in Nairobi. I'll never understand the 8-bit world.

That. Was amazingly funny.

Having been briefly, ever so briefly, seriously addicted to Pocket Planes, THANKS TO KATHLEEN, this is exactly what I was thinking the whole time. I was seriously hoping you'd do something like this, and this turned out sheer awesome.

Hahaha...Man those games are addictive. Surprisingly funny short, guys, well done. Expected the writing to go well, but was a bit skeptical of the result. Way to blow expectations out of the water!

I love this, hilarious!

Really awesome work on this one guys, it must have been an intense creative endevour. My only complaint is why the hell cant we get these awesome IOS games on PC T.T

Really funny, and it looks so damn cute. I'm going to try out Pocket Planes now. Kathleen got me hooked on "Fairway Solitaire" which is an awesome game so I hope this is just as fun.

I can't wait for the Loading Time and Podcast about this episode. Though the latter will probably be in about a month judging on how often they come out.

That was completely over my head. Is pocket planes a game or something?

That was completely over my head. Is pocket planes a game or something?

It's an iPod app. I highly recommend Tiny Towers. I haven't played Pocket Planes yet, but I've played TT long enough. Both apps are free though.

Cannot wait to see the Loading Time for this.

This was hilarious! I can't tell who had the best lines, but more of these animations please!
"Paris smells like poo!" Indeed.

That did not make as much sense as I am used to things making.

I have a friend who is absolutely addicted to Pocket Planes (it helps that she works for an airline). I have just now linked this video to her. I expect lolz to be had.

This Episode was an experiment - and it succeeded. I've been chuckling even though I don't know **** about the game the episode is refering to.

Also, I really like the voice acting of James, hope to hear him more often.

I didnt spot a spot but I did spot a ditto does that count?

This might be funny.... if I even knew what this was based off of.... makes no sense though. So not funny.

Was that the 4th doctor at the end? and what is he doing at an airport?

Was that the 4th doctor at the end? and what is he doing at an airport?

That's actually the writer of the sketch AlexanderDitto.

Well thats 4:30 I'll never get back

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