LoadingReadyRun: Pocket Planes

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One of the best LRR ever! Great work!

A crate of saws for entertainment doesn't sound so bad.

Was that Gordon Freeman right before the airport got sold?

It came first to my mind as well :D

I want to play this game but all I have is a 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

this was awesome, greatly animated and voices

I love this one. I deal with travel and aviation on a daily basis, so I thoroughly enjoyed this.

My favorite video in a long, long time. Made me pour a couple extra hours into Pocket Planes too. I'm assuming I'm going to need London for an event in a couple weeks and I'm trying to re-organize my network to get as many routes to London as I can before then. Go Sky Chairs!

I don't know why but I love that Graham put on a subtle voice for his character.

Captcha: high-flyer, how apt.

very monty Pythonisqe

God, this is hilarious if you're a Pocket Planes player. And I was *this* close to touching the monitor when I saw the coins flying by at the end.

Now, It's very funny and all. But I can't be the only person who's never played the game and has no idea what it's about...

I have a much better idea now but most of the references were still lost on me.

Pocket Planes

The ups and downs of the world's least consistent airline.

Watch Video

Checked Pocket Planes out because of this, and now I am addicted, thank you very much

Alex's "SPRING BREAK!" line came out of nowhere, and almost had me guffawing at the office. I dunno why, it was just really, really funny to me. Also, subtly suave Graham is best Graham.

I feel like I'm going to regret actually looking into Pocket Planes as a result of this video, though. I just don't have time to be completely unproductive for long stretches right now :/

Funny but this is incredibly random and I don't get half of it.

EDIT: Apparently its an iPhone game, cool I guess, I don't have an iPhone. Could have used some context for the video :/

I love this episode of LRR!! Started playing Pocket Planes last weekend after hearing about it on LRR's "TGWP" podcast (I thought, "huh, that sounds fun"), and I am so hooked. Go Sky Chairs!
This episode was hilarious. "How about a flight to Jakarta?" "Close enough!" Hehe...

Maybe it's because I've never taken an airplane, or maybe because I don't know what pocket planes is a reference to, but I just didn't like this one.

That was fantastic. I hope you guys make more like this. I'd love a Tiny Tower episode too.
Very clever LRR!

I liked the bit in the credits, when people were "appearing"... ;)

and thanks to you I now have a new time waster.
I got my dad to play this game as well on his phone (it's funny since he works for westjet)

Ok I know it's way late, but I feel like it needs to be said, because it bugs me whenever I watch this HILAAAARIOUS video (not sarcastic)

it's pronounced "Gwang-joe" not "Gang zoo" I know it's odd, but that's Mandarin for you. "Zh" together makes a "j" sound.

Sorry for being "that guy" Love this LRR

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