Trailers: Awesomenauts - PC Trailer

Awesomenauts - PC Trailer

Awesomenauts get even awesomer on the PC.

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Sooo....DOTA for kids?

Very fun game on Ps3.

Although, I felt brutally outmatched when playing as anyone BUT the cowboy dude.

still i think winner of best theme song ever

One of the very best games to come out this year. Think Team Fortress meets Super Smash Bros. Excellent balance, great variety, great level design, fantastic soundtrack, excessively fun. The post-steam summer sale release date is unfortunate, but I really hope this does well; it deserves all succes it gets.

Cannot wait to be able to play this game.

And with it on PC, the odds of it becoming a viable esport are much higher.

All we need is another patch or two to tweak balance a bit more and a spectator mode.


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