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Great acting, as ever, by Alex. It can't be easy to pretend to be dead drunk in an alley next to a trash dumpster.

TG: man i aint gonna question your natural distrust of stairs
TG: i mean come on those things are dangerous as shit
TG: i can only assume someone warned you at some point
TG: you know like
TG: theyre all being a bro right and warning you about stairs
TG: someone got to tell you dog
TG: am i right or am i right
TG: spoilers the answer to that question was am i right
TG: keep it fresh with your bad self j-money
TG: we cool

Yeah ordinarily I'm not a fan of the Jonny videos but it's clear he's got this whole kinda story arc going that's about to come to a head. Can't believe there's not even what's Double J anymore, like how can he up and do her if they're not both the J with the J and fresher than just, like, J and also another J, all by itself?

Great acting, as ever, by Alex. It can't be easy to pretend to be dead drunk in an alley next to a trash dumpster.

yeah, I get the feeling Alex lost a game of rock paper scissors or something to get landed with that job.

Okay, I was never the biggest fan of these, but it's starting to grow on me. And then we had the saddest ending that I never expected. Poor J Money.

Seriously, it must be hard as Hell to remember all those lines.

Whoo, I've got to find out if things work out. This was like, amusing and meaningful at the same time, like that half expired sandwich I ate last night, it tasted funny, but I was hungry.
Now I'm talking like him. It's contagiolicous!

That just means you're drunk.

Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd. Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd! *squee* It's a new J-money-mo-money-mo-man! XD And yes Alex is awesome too.

Not a bad piece of acting at all, nice one Graham.

I feel like an anthropologist.

It's a coke and rum number from "the library" cause their too cool for capital letters.

Stay strong, J-Hammer; if it, like, be meant to be with you and the other J that makes the J-man into a double-J, then it will be. Y'know?

Not cool, Deezy. Taking advantage of your boy J-mo-money-fresh like that, when he and Jenny aren't doing so well? There's laws against that kind of thing.

Formica Archonis:

Jonny Four

In his penultimate video, J-man takes a step backwards.

First person on the final Jonny video comment thread to make a Short Circuit joke gets hit with a rock.

We're going to need a lot of rocks.

This depressed the living shit out of me. Alcoholic attempting to reform only to slip back into his old ways and royally fuck his life up. I liked J-Fresh more when he was a joke, not when he was reminding me of my own failures :-(

Wow. Depressing

Literally the only reaction that came to me at the end was ":(". 'Cause seriously, :(.

Oh god... You could just see the introspection in poor J-Mo-Money-Fresh's eyes at the end. Horrible horrible introspection.

Damn, brah...

I was slightly surprised that at no point did anyone consume a laundry product that turned out to be, y'know, a laundry product.

Also, this was the first LRR video I remember seeing that had me feeling a sense of dread for what the end "stinger" might reveal. Just an outtake. Whew.

Very cool, and very funny, but yeah- kind of a sudden drop-off of an ending. Not saying that's a bad thing at all, just a bit of a shock.

This was the most surprising LRR video I've ever seen. I don't recall you guys ever doing something similiar, but that downer ending was pulled of so well. I am realy realy impressed.

i would actually believe if this was filmed drunk

You guys are making these videos everyweek like a machine! wow! *dodges rocks*
This installment made me sad

DAMMIT! I came here for comedy (which I did admittedly receive) but goddamn guys! Objectively, good video, really well done. Now I'm sadder than when I first showed up.

Ok, that is a really dark ending! Funny Through out the who video but then the ending hits and Jonny is just staring at the camera and with the fact that there is no stinger it makes it all the more real

I do love the naming of the bars and drinks in the video // Bleach sounds tasty


I "can't wait" for Jonny Five.

That's right I'm bringing inappropriate quotations back. Deal "with" it.


In his penultimate video, J-man takes a step backwards.

I too have a natural distrust of stairs. Are we ever going to see your boy Jeny (I think that's how she would spell her name)these vids?

J-mo-money-fresh needs a happy ending.
He needs to meet a nice Girl-mo-fresh-fresh who accepts his new J-mo-money-fresh ways.

Dang I think I missed one, must dive back into the unwatched LRRs.

Wow. That was heavy, man. Should I- Should i call the police?

Little Duck:
This is almost as sad as the mostly harmless ending from hitchhikers.

Oh god don't remind me. Most of that book made me really sad, when he limps after his daughter :' (

i feel so bad for him, now! i just wanna give j-mo-money-fresh a big mo-money-fresh hug! :'(

*blinkblink* I'm....I'm sad now....

Oh guys, you can't leave it on a note like that :( You better push out the next one soon

...this has made me sad. It's not a bad thing that it has, I like the plot development, but still...

The apex of this series for me was in Johnny 2 when he said "And I just stared at them. Because it was really loud and I could not hear what they just said."

So does Alex's character have a name or is he just a Jonny groupie who is ALWAYS there?

Penultimate? Barack o'Drama!

Man, Im on the edge of my tender hooks!

But I thought Jenny was the J-man's boy. Who is a girl, yeah, but she was the J-man's boy because- Ok I'm going to stop now and hope that the question got through, my head is hurting trying to emulate your scripts, Graham. Nice job, btw!

My reaction to this was a like riding a ski lift because of the genuine LOL-worthy jokes and word play and fun then... BAM! got off of the lift and it was all downhill, on one ski, arms flailing until the bottom of the hill.

Poor Jonny. :(

Graham, always pauses to fix the grahamer mistakes. wink wink nudge nudge

"Penultimate" episode? He's coming back one more time as a drunken frat boy/sassy robot?

I see what you did there...

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