Zero Punctuation: Inversion

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It's gotta be Russel Davis. And maybe it's actually about the writer/producer of Torchwood and the whole game is what goes on inside his head.

The twist ending is this.

It's sort of like

but with the gripping plot and amazing visuals and proper use of super powers.

So, boring.

Aww... I liked Dark City :(
Anything with Jennifer Connelly, Kiefer Sutherland and vampire aliens can't be all bad.

Anywho, Good review, Yahtzee! Keep up the good snark :)

Hutzpah Chicken:
Once again, ideas from Half Life 2 are used horribly wrong.



That's a bit like Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom then, but in that game you can start figuring out the twist by the end of the first "generation".

It's remarkably similar to Phantasy Star III. But yes, in PSIII there was some foreshadowing before the big reveal at the end. Wasn't there a village in the second generation where elders told the whole story? I'm not quite sure. I'm surprised anyone remembers PSIII.

Time to pull out the Genesis and dust off those cartridges.

Actually you might not need to I'm pretty sure they included the original Phantasy Star games on that Sega greatest hits thing.

There's the Yathzee we love so much.

in other news, yes fresh prince is timeless. now im totally down with fresh prince reboot with will smith as the judge and will smith's kid as the fresh prince. comedy gold right there.

I know you have this song stuck in your head after the video so...


Speaking of supposedly innovative gameplay mechnics nicked shamelessly from better games, that floaty gravity field power that pulls enemies out of cover sounds a heck of a lot like the singularity ability from the Mass Effect games.

I know you have this song stuck in your head after the video so...


it wasn't.

..but now it is.

in a way, thanks, it knocked off the previous one stuck in there.

I see your end rhyme Yahtzee and raise you one limmerick.

There was a crap game called Inversion,
Which really was full of perversion.
Not nipples and boobs,
but muscle-bound dudes,
with gameplay that breaks all immersion.

It's so disappointing when a story takes a good concept and doesn't take it to ALL its logical conclusions. Why does every story with telekinesis just have people lifting heavy things or people? Why not use it to pinch a person's nerves, thereby paralyzing them with pain? The best works are those that explore their gimick, not just retred old ground.

A non-video game example: the manga Embalming: The Another Tale of Frankenstein (and no, that's not a typo, it's just that engrish a title). Instead of just having dudes fight a bunch of monsters cobbled together by Doctor Victor Frankenstein, they had him be decades dead but his research available to the black market. Consequently, you have monster makers all over the world and using the research as a jumping off point for all sorts of insane, awesome frankenstein creatures.

It's a great series because it not only uses the idea of stitching body parts together to create the random monsters to fight, but it sets the world up so that the forms they take are limited only to the imagination. There's even a frankenstein made with an entire village's worth of bodies strung together into one. Why? Because the creator was a crappy monster maker, something which could never be the case if there was only one guy making the monsters because by necessity that one guy couldn't be so incompetant and yet also make so many dangerous frankensteins well.

It's tragic when you can literally judge a game/movie/book by its cover and then predict things with scary accuracy. Like if you know enough about tropes and have seen it before, that you can predict every slightest detail about the Eragon books.

In recent year there was several games based on 'gravity mechanics'.
Gravity Rush is latest example of 'gravity' manipulation as 'new innovative feature'.
It will be nice to hear Yahtzee opinion of some Playstation Vita games, or just playstation vita as a handheld.

So, the game that seemed like it would turn out a bland Gears of War clone that ineffectually borrows mechanics from other (superior) games ended up being just that?

Good to know.

I guess I'll just go play Gears of War again instead. Say about that game what you like, at the very least it does its own shtick well.


It's gotta be Russel Davis. And maybe it's actually about the writer/producer of Torchwood and the whole game is what goes on inside his head.

The twist ending is this.

Oh please don't go there. MovieBob already gave me a headache with that this week.

10PM Pointless Opinion: I don't give a damn I want Planetside?

This has been an excellent evening, I for one love telling people my opinions and find it amusing when people complain that I do; I've been vomiting forth useless text for an hour or so and feel refreshed.

Edit: I don't give a damn about this GAME BTW; I've made a point of avoiding most FPS' that I haven't studied until I know the story, trivia, backstory, serial number and how many different things I can shoot in it. A lesson I learn after playing the painfully average Sniper: Ghost Warrior

I would contend that this gravity-sodomizing cover-based shooter would be vastly improved had it contained the entire cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As it does not, I will not even be giving it a rent.

Are there any Russians? If not INOVATION!! It is a shame I am right though, what is wrong with using the imagination?

OMG I laughed hard at that Fresh Prince reference, it is still one of the best sitcoms ever !

Quiet here today. Everyone off to see the Batman or something?

"The world's being invaded, you can always stay home and make another one." you know, I'm getting really sick of Yahtzee's anti-kids jokes. I mean, when the kids are actually annoying in the game or interfere with the experience, I can understand, but basically, he's criticizing a father for being worried about his daughter, and saying "why can't he just make another" is dehumanizing to the point of being beyond unfunny. So, yeah, go ahead, try and poke holes in my logic just because I pointed out something I didn't like about this video.

So, yeah, go ahead, try and poke holes in my logic just because I pointed out something I didn't like about this video.

Well, it's not being anti-kids or dehumanizing to point out how foolish it is to go out and face near certain death to massive invading hordes of murder machines and armed forces for the sole reason of saving any child, even your own, that you don't even know is still alive. Self-preservation is kinda vital for your continued existence. It's why if a plane is going down, you put your own oxygen-mask on first before assisting children. In good writing, this would most likely be the protagonist's tragic flaw, leading to a downfall far greater than had they not pursued the actions dictated by that flaw.

You know I don't play a lot of shooters, so that's probably why I don't share all the hate for them. I'm not even against cover based mechanics. I must be sheltered.

Oh, Fresh Prince reference! That actually made me burst out laughing. Good show!

I'm suddenly wondering if there's a place where I can watch those old episodes.

For some reason this game really reminds me of Quantum Theory and that is not a good thing.

I really want to see Yahtzee spend an episode reviewing some indie horror like Slender or Cry of Fear.

I kept thinking of Russell T. Davies, writer/producer Torchwood and the Doctor Who revival.
I haven't played Inversion, but I remember thinking the concept sounded fun. Now I know that it's not. Thanks again, Yahtzee, as you have saved me money and disappointment.
Also, I think we need a "Shit's Fucked" t-shirt of Yahtzee being chased by the Nazi velociraptors.


Zachary Amaranth:
Fresh Prince is timeless!

Hmmm..Prince of Bel-Air: Sands of Time.

Sorry, trying to think of something better than a boilerplate shooter.

Are you talking about this?

Yeah, I liked the dated reference too.

OT: The only thing I used to find interesting about this game was the box art. After this review that is still the only thing I find interesting about this game...


Are you talking about this?

I googled that. Man, I had some great results....


The only thing I'd ever seen about this game was the cover art. I guess it was one of those games that the publisher was embarrassed by. Who was the publisher anyway? And no, I'm not going to Google it, because I don't really care.

Gotta say, I've seen NO press for this game AT ALL, that's gotta be suicide for a physical release.

That sunglasses twat has had his vision augmented.
What a shame.
What a rotten way to go.

(You never asked for this.)

Really funny episode. The first couple of minutes had me in tears.

I still think that he chose that game only to make a "Fresh Prince..." reference.

It's gotta be Russel Davis. And maybe it's actually about the writer/producer of Torchwood and the whole game is what goes on inside his head.

I'm glad there's somebody else on the Escapist site who went straight to the Russell Davies reference, as well. My first thought after hearing the guy's name was literally, "Wait, how did the writer for 'Doctor Who' get namedropped in all of this?"

I clapped at that ending. IRL. It was that good.

Good golly never in my life would I have suspected that reference at the end there come out of Yahtzee. This game seems to embody all that is fail about modern mainstream games lol.

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