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Man, I really want to go to the Escapist Expo, but I have school. Even if I bother to leave school, a round-trip plane ticket (about $200 or so, NOT CHEAP), AND a place to sleep in NC, I can't get into any afterparties and such. Despite all Zero Punctuations for months have reminded about it, I will not go.

maybe next year when I'm drinking age...

I'm (assuming I'm) going to the expo so I look forward to some [appropriate interaction] with Chris.

Regarding Batman: I don't find much if any fault with any of your points and yet I don't agree with (all of) them and I'm not in any way angry about it. I'm just not very good at this internet sometimes.

Every time I hear that intro I imagine Chris doing a fantastic dance with lots of jazz hands. On behalf of the soggy mitten I apologize for the poll pranksters. Some people from Michigan still love you. I keep getting someone from Washington advertising cruise tickets.

It's interesting to see so many people catch onto the same points and flaws in DKR. Also the same good stuff. Definitely the tell not show thing was hurting a bit and some of the tells untangle and form into sensible leaps of logic while still enjoying the movie. Not the mysterious Edward Nigma way, the I'm sorry were those words you just used way? I'm pretty sure they were, but not in the order you put them in. Not having read the comics (I know I'm a crime against nature), the whole Bane/Talia relationship thing was hard to puzzle out. The twist did not help at all. For me it was, okay I think I got it figured out though it's still hazy and unsatisfactory. Then, nope, tear up your notes, you're completely wrong, this, this, and this. Even though I have established no motivation for "this, this, and this." Because I'm Talia and I'm crazy! Ugh. Even just now you described for me the Talia thing better than Nolan. By virtue of consistent logic alone, I'm gonna have to give my 2nd fave batman movie to Batman Begins. I wanna love this movie but they made it terrible for understanding backstories and motivations. The performances of Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt made it more than enjoyable though. Tom Hardy even made what Nolan gave us of Bane decent.

Agree wholeheartedly about Family Guy. I think the joke with Meg is that she is just an average teenage girl, but everyone treats her the way an insecure teenage girl thinks they would. Like, instead of her just thinking "I'm so ugly people must hate me", people actually react to her like that, and it's sort of a comment on how little some normal girls seem to think of themselves. Or am I making the joke better than the writers intended?

"Some days you can't just get rid of a bomb!" No really though, good notice. The way I saw it, the timer was "we're going to set the bomb off now", not "the core will blow itself up now".

Thing is though, what other villains could they conceivably use to up the stakes past where the Joker put them in TDK? The Riddler would just have been The Joker with a dash of the Jigsaw killer, the Penguin is just a weird looking mob boss with a thing for birds, and after that you start getting into the world-breakers that would ruin the whole 'realism' of Nolan's Batman.

At the end of the day, I'm ready and willing to call this my favourite trilogy of movies.

I did not mind the Batman voice when no-one around / people who know moments. He's simply method acting! When in Batman mode, speak as Batman. Keep it up, even when you don't have do, to be able to keep in that mind set so not to slip when it matters... Meh, it's what you do.


Re the timer: as time went by, they were able to get better timing details, until they could entirely time it to the second.

Media Sandwich Episode 18

Spoiling the Batman.

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Hey its me the not murderer in Centralia. When are you guys going to stop by for a sandwich so I can not murder you? Also are you looking for more people to make content for Chain Gang Media, I have a winning idea maybe?

Anyhow I want to talk about batman but I'll go in order of things said on the podcast.

Southpark, Simpsons, and Family guy seem to all have the same problem to me, Simpsons surprisingly the least in this problem. I think these shows have enough good content for about half a season or less then they run out of good writing and get terrible. Its like watching something someone had to write because they had a deadline. Maybe they should have off seasons or mini seasons. For example I watched an episode of Southpark that had this whole long joke set up by Butters an the premise that he was so wrong he was right. It was so unexpected that that was going to be the ending. The whole story line was a great 15 minutes that was super funny and worth the payoff a thousand fold. Unfortunately they kept cutting to barley related Cartman being Cartman and getting the dirty for the sake of dirty jokes in. That was terrible. As a short with Cartman cut out it would have been so much better but 15 minutes too short for the time slot and it wouldn't push the envelope enough for them.

I think its funny that a long time ago there was a Southpark episode where one of the characers said, "when a show gets too old it gets preachy and up its own ass." Which is exactly what Kyle said about Southpark.

Anyway about batman a few things, I really liked it so please read. I listened to you so you can read this maybe?

EDIt: Fixed some mistakes. Ok a lot of mistakes.

Im reading my post and it is very full of typos sorry I did it when was tired.

The Nuclear Scientist dood, was brought in by bain and adjusted the core to turn it into a bomb @ last question in cast but I gotta say this movie made me sad, all the stuff you said individually negatively I experienced combined as an individual. And obviously the rope is gonna stop you jumping the gap, it's gotta weigh another 201bs at that height, it looked like it could anchor the freakin Titanic. On the plus side he kicked some ass and I like his recovery/rise stuff and will definitely be purchasing for my collection. I also noticed I spelt Bane wrong but shall not correct it as I don't read the comics and could care less about his character.


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