The Obscure Games Quiz!


How many of these obscure titles do you know?

Greetings, game fans! It's no secret that we here at The Escapist love to play videogames. But we don't always focus on the latest big releases, especially when there are many games that get overlooked but are still worth playing. So for this week's quiz, we've put together a trivia quiz of some of our favorite (and lesser known) games from our own libraries to see just how many classic and obscure games you can identify!

Take the quiz and find out!

Take the quiz!

wow forgot about a few of those

I got 13 out of 15 and I guessed way way too many times to figure out the ones I got wrong.

Easily the most humbling quiz on Escapist.

Hey, wait, who's that in the first place spot, Susan Arendt?

I call shenanigans!

Aced it first try! Woot. Some of those are really obscure, others I recognized immediately. :D

You have no idea how big the smile on my face was when I saw the screenshot from Mister Mosquito. That was one of my favorite games as a kid. I wonder if it holds up...

Krikedoolie! I can't believe I got them all right, and came 3rd out of like 1700 people.

Normally I suck at these kind of quizes, yet this one I knew all of them.
(I guess I do get around, eh? XD)

EDIT: Worse part is, I was doing it slowly as well! XD

(I was making sure I picked the right names, and my mouse wasn't clicking off them (as this kind of webcode tends to do))

Bleargh, so many console titles, so many guesses. The only console titles I didn't have to guess were Pandemonium and the XBLA game by Yak. Oh Jeff Minter, you are nothing if not predictable. Easiest question in the quiz that one for an old time PC gamer.

Oh and does Cryostasis even have another screenshot? I swear that is the only one I ever see.

Wow, someone else played Mister Moskeeto (Yes, it's spelled like that). Did they ever get past the fourth level?

Yikes, 60%. I got clobbered. No fair setting so much of the quiz in the period after my parents stopped buying me games and before I could afford to buy my own.

And that Jeff Minter question really needed another ungulate among the red herrings. That one was a gimme, and I've never even played one of his games.

Grats to Susan Arendt on first! I call hax :O

I got a measly 46%.. most of which was random guessing xD

No mention of Glover made me sad. First try was 60%, but I'm going back for round 2!

I didn't do so hot. I knew three of the games, and guessed right on three more.

Seeing general chaos brought back memories thats for sure too bad it help me get better that a 60%

Devil Dice was awesome. Played the crap out of the demo and got the full version years later (PS2 era) as a Christmas present; played the crap out of that too.

I have a friend who absolutely hates Herdy Gerdy; never experienced it myself.

I got some of those but I think I had more guesses than not : /

Really fun quiz, and very hard. I was only sure of one of them, but managed to guess my way to 11/15 first time. I finally got it on the third turn.

That was great. Also I got 3rd which is pretty sweet.

10/15 and I guessed on every single one.

Apparently obscure = PLAYSTATION GAMES FROM THE 90'S.

I didn't own a PlayStation.

There's only 2 in that quiz which I would even remotely consider obscure but still not a bad quiz.

Seeing general chaos brought back memories thats for sure too

I completely agree. That was a favorite game back then for my brother and me. I have been following The Escapist Magazine for over two years now, waiting for an opportunity to bring up that game with someone else who has heard of it. I saw the picture and finally signed up as a member to take the quiz.

I was watching the SyFy channel and they advertise a G.I. Joe game on their website that for as far as I can tell looks like it is similar to General Chaos. I can not play it because I am not registered to Facebook (nice try getting me to sign up Facebook). If someone familiar with the both of those games would tell me if they similar, I would appreciate it.

I got 40%.
I guessed on every single question. You guys really meant it when you said "obscure".

What, no Rock Raiders? No Adventures of Bayou Billy? No takeshi's castle? No Tail's Air Patrol?

When I finished it, it showed me the top 25 scorers and that was it. Didn't tell me how I did. :( At least I know I got a few of my 25 guesses right from the comments above! Ah well...


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