Unskippable: Atelier Iris 3

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Atelier Iris 3

Graham and Paul are going back to the PS2 for the month of August. There's a lot of games they missed.

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That scene at the column of... uh dark would've been so much better with the Wilhelm Scream.

Incidentally this game does look kinda interesting, but the intro doesn't sell it all that well.
Also loved the Dragon Ball reference.

I thought we were watching this game, I guess they just look alike

Do Graham and Paul sound oddly stilted to anyone else through all of this?

Let me put it this way: Dafuq did I just watch?

Of all the weird intros this is probably Top Five material.


Remember to be careful when you're in the forest Iris. If you get surrounded by jellies, you'd be...

*puts on sunglasses*

...butter off bread

I thought we were watching this game, I guess they just look alike

same company makes the ar toneleco and atiler series.

gah, this was so slow it gave me Eternal Sonata flashbacks.

Atelier: prime fodder for low-budget graphics on any system, cheery ass music, and inappropriate dressed "teenage" alchemists.

And I like them...Meruru's finally coming in Gamefly today! Please be better than this. Oh, PLEASE do FFX-2. PLEASE! It needs Unskippable closure.


...Nothing happens.

"This guy..."

...Still nothing happens.

Yup. Back in my day, we had to put up with blank loading screens that seemed to last forever! (*HACK-HACK-COUGH-COUGH*) [/oldgeezer]

Actually, for the record, people kept making PS2 games until early 2011...o_O

By the way, now I want Jell-O too....

EDIT: Also, did that A8 discussion remind anyone else of this:

That or... Wait a second.... WAIT A SECOND....

So THIS is where that Aaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaa guy has been hiding all this time! We got him now, Jer!!!

Wow that is literally one of the worst, empty and most banal intros I've ever seen.

3:05 that is what we call "Capoeira"

God this intro sucked balls this worst than other games made by this company.

Jeez, that was only around 6 minutes? It felt like 30 minutes!!

God this intro sucked balls this worst than other games made by this company.

Know whats worse? XPlay gave this one a good score while saying 2(which is tons better) was horrible.

Into to this games is meant to be atmospheric I suppose but failed greatly. On the other hand game is quite god with great fighting system.

WTF happened in that intro? I'd like to know but.....I just saw a much of fly-by's of sprite characters and backgrounds, and some incoherent mess of dialogues. I think this is the worst one yet.

The previous Unskippables which had these Atelier games are among my favourites, but this one was just very lame, not because of Graham and Paul, this cutscene was basically empty and had no content to work with. Damn, 10 minutes ago, I was so happy to see, they finally did a new Unskippable with one of these games, I guess it's back to waiting for a better one :)

Ohhh... yeah doesn't take a genius to tell this isn't the best example of the JRPG subgenre...

Congratulations on finding so many jokes to make about an intro in which absolutely nothing happens.

Remarks about anime were awesome and I laughed at "This is beyond my power". They seem to know more about it then they usually let on.

Its becoming a regular habit of mine to have to look up the games you guys make fun of. This game looks quite... Awful? Yeah.

Funny vid, though.

As soon as I saw you were doing an Atelier game I was all

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I lost it at "a guy with no name said nothing". Also, Edge sounds like a fun party guy and totally not like a brooding oh who am I kidding. Male JRPG protagonists come in two flavors: Cloud and Sora. Even his name is "edgy" and dark and brooding.

Good gravy, a whole lot of nothing happened there! No wonder I don't play JRPG's. Is there some correlation between nonsensical game names and overly long opening cutscenes? Really guys, thank you for so many great jokes at this game's expense.

BTW: is there a badge for watching more than 52 episodes of UNskippable?

Oh man, I'm running late for work but Unskippable has another Gust RPG but I'm running late but...

It was worth it.

In medias res to the max.

Well, this is an anime, so I don't know how old you are, so ask your mother.

If I know my anime, and from what I saw of that girl, she's probably 14.

Atelier sounds like it's from the same people who brought you Chantelise and Recettear.

Alright! Another specialty month! This will be awesome!

Y'know, I wasn't thinking of Jell-o, but now I'm getting there, I could go for some.

was this an arcade game???

As much as I love the show I can't help but think it's being pushed to the side somewhat. It doesn't seem to get as much fan-fare as Jimquisition or indeed, any of the major Monday articles. Anyway, great show as always!

Those guys in the bear suits = Pedobear.

My name is Four Question Marks, you ellipsesed my father.
Prepare to die.

Sssssstygian Cyclone....Awesome.

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