Unskippable: Death by Degrees

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I like how you were pondering on the game's title during the gratuitous bikini scene, and when it started didn't even stutter. That's dedication to the craft, right there.

"Women in bikinis? Pfft, this is the internet - that kind of shit's everywhere. Now, baseless speculation on what a game's title actually should mean.... well actually that's kind of everywhere as well, but we take pride on our own."

Just to put this in perspective, I'm a fair-skinned redheaded irishman, and let me tell you when I achieve a "tan" after about 2 weeks of layering sunburns of about 10 mins/day, it's the equivalent hue of an Italian during the winter. It's really too much work to achieve so little.

So, uh... What is this game? A Fighting game? A brawler? Stealth action?
And what is it about? What's up with the Bermuda Triangle? Is it 1945 or the present?

I'm confuzzled.

A fishing game :P Punches are how you fish

The Devil's frozen methane deposit.

Now THAT has a nice ring to it.

Good to see that the inverse law of kicking-ass ability is still in effect: the less armor you wear, the harder it is for "them" to beat you.

Mind you.. usually only applies to agents/soldiers of the female variety and midriffs should be visible at all times.

"a pair of shoes and a broom!?" that line floored me lol keep up the awesome job dudes

O maestre:
"a pair of shoes and a broom!?" that line floored me lol keep up the awesome job dudes

I was partial to the UFC X-Ray joke myself, because I thought about it for a second, and then realized it was technically correct, then best kind of correct.

I'm glad someone remembered that Nina is supposed to be Irish, because Namco sure don't. Great episode today, anytime someone makes fun of Death by Degrees is good, it's a game that had potential (Tekken spinoff with one of the more popular characters fronting it) but they blew it completely with a retarded control scheme and a bad story. Nina deserves better. :(

Sooo... let me see if I've got this plot figured out...

Something ancient and evil awakens in the Bermuda Triangle and does something to a ship, and on a completely different ship some woman is participating in an illegal fighting tournament while Sam Fisher and his buddies are sneaking around killing people for some reason?

And no sense whatsoever was made in this cutscene.

Before I watch this: death by degrees is the one on the boat with the loading screens right?

If they re-release this game without the agonizing loading times I'd love to play it. Stupid long loading screens would have been fine in a linear game, but there's so much that's exploration in this game. Basically the mechanics didn't match the technology.

With so many thousands of fighting game characters each with their own plot it is a shame that there aren't good spinoff games with some of them.

the Bermuda Triangle was also used in Dark Void I believe...has any game utilized that idea well or is it just overdone already? lol

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