Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 19

Media Sandwich Episode 19

TV Writing 101: On today's much-teased episode, Chris and Kyle are finally joined by writer extraordinaire Michael Cassutt, fresh off his second novel with David Goyer (Heaven's War).

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Still sayin, Two Best Friends would click so well....once you can do video game stuff again. Though it sounds like they like to nerd out about other things too.

Ooo, Vic McNogna. Or maybe other anime dub voice actors. Will make for an interesting impressions segment.

So... here's some food[1] for thought. If you say "Listen to me eat a sandwich" kinda fast and mumbly, it sounds like "Listen to Media Sandwich".

[1] >.>

Talk to the guys at Law and the Multiverse. They got a great idea going (and a book to mention, so another reason to give interviews).

Have you guys tried talking with Screwattack? I would love to hear them here.

Also, I really liked that one part where you were talking about TV shows that got cancelled before their time, mostly because lately I've been reminiscing about Genndy Tartakovsky's work ,namely Samurai Jack and Sym-Bionic Titan, in which the former never got the chance to finish its story and the latter was cancelled after only one season, which was a hell of a season, but still.

I've loved the Sandwich again this week.
Not much else to say just wanted to say this.

If you say "Listen to me eat a sandwich" kinda fast and mumbly, it sounds like "Listen to Media Sandwich".

Wonderful, just wonderful.
Love to hear Chris and Kyle say this in-sync.

If you do wind up doing some No Right Answers at PAX with other people from the escapist I have a suggestion. grab someone from LRR and do Mr. Rodgers Vs Mr Dress Up.

How about you guys reach into another county while you reach into another type of media you haven't talked about. Book was better rates movie novelizations against the movies they novelize. Sometimes the movie was terrible, sometimes the book, sometimes both. Anyhow these Kiwis are great. I'm allowed to call them Kiwis because they make fun of hotdogs.

Anyhow I do know them in that they respond to things I e-mail them.


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