Trailers: Okami HD - Gamescom Trailer

Okami HD - Gamescom Trailer

Be careful, that wolf looks like it could cause quite a bit of damage.

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Inb4 daystar having an orgasm.
Ot: looks nice might pick it up.

It.....looks the exact same. I'm not surprised though. It's impossible to make Okami look prettier than it already is.

inb4daystar foaming at the mouth.

Anyway apart from some altered SFX, i cant tell anything actually different.

It's impossible to make Okami look prettier than it already is.

Yes, exactly.

Huh? How can the HD game be available on PS2 or Wii, neither of which have HD? If you're going to give it a new title, don't use the info from the old title.

Anyways, anyone else hope this also gets ported to the WiiU? Would it not be the perfect fit? Imagine, the DS level of stylus control on the original game.

Or, even better yet, a(nother) sequel!

And of course you can't see the difference, guys--the video isn't in HD unless you are in the Publisher's club. (At least, I hope High Quality == HD, or this trailer is entire pointless.)

Guys, your links are wrong... XD
You don't have to list retailers when it's a downloadable title.

just got Okami Den to get ready for when this comes out.


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