Zero Punctuation: Wreckateer and Deadlight

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Wreckateer and Deadlight

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews two offerings from this year's XBLA Summer of Aracade.

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Yeah, now I'm definitely not gonna pick up these. Well, Deadlight, that is; I don't have a kinect. But it looked kinda interesting, but now I'd rather not.

well I have t agree, those games do sound disappointing. Also i've never seen momento, so did i just have that spoiled for me?

Great video, Yahtzee. Worthy of several "Gfaw's."

From what I've heard, Hybrid and expecially Dust; the Complicated Word Tale are the Summer of Arcade heavy hitters this year. I wouldn't count on Yahtzee doing the former, but the latter may acquire his favor.

Whelp, thanks for letting me know that I don't have to spend some money Yahtzee! I think I'll go keep getting geared up for Mann vs Machine.

Here I was thinking you'd not do an XBLA game this year since you did Fez and I am Alive. I'm quite glad I was wrong about that. I also have to say that this might be the weakest year for the XBLA Summer of Arcade. The only one that looked interesting was the vaguely hack'n'slash one and even then I've played plenty of those types on XBLA that I'll probably no pick it up for awhile.

Atleast Sleeping dogs and Darksiders came out just now . Next week the review will be more interesting , because you can say lots of more funny things about a chinamen wearing yellow and lighting up candles to raise his healthbar than a zomby apocalypse .

I'm just super disappointed Yahtzee didn't try to do an actual J. Jonah Jameson impersonation. That would have been a good laugh.

I do have one nitpick, and it has nothing to do with your reviews. Those were spot on...and gives me good reason to avoid those like the plague. My nitpick is...

"Summer of Aracade" on your main screen. A minor spelling gooflump...but one you might want to correct lest the fanboys you mocked start laughing at you and sadly neither you nor I have access to the appropriate heavy ordinance to deal with them.

What do Randy's family and my interest in Deadlight have in common? They both died long before I watched this review.

"I need RIP-OFFS!" Rip-offs of ANGRY BIRDS!"

If you want your artsy indie platforming XBLA game for the summer Yahtzee you should have waited for Dust. I hear it's pretty good.

Was that.......a picture of Alan Davies?

Was that.......a picture of Alan Davies?

He plays Jonathan Creek.

Dust seems like the artsy platforming adventure on the XBLA that's worthy of your time. Has some good voice actors in it too, well known web ones as well. It also turned Jim Sterling into a furry.

As for these games, yes, they aren't great, which is a shame, as I thought Deadlight would be, but now everyone is calling it out on being a dumb affair in mediocrity dressed in pretentiousness, I'm left disappointed. Maybe Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs, big budget AAA titles will tide you over from this processed, checklisted indie title and this inferior copycat indie game.

Usually the other way around, huh?

Calumon: Wait, aren't those two games you mentioned also copycats?

Sutter Cane:
well I have t agree, those games do sound disappointing. Also i've never seen momento, so did i just have that spoiled for me?

Not really, go see Momento!


Was that.......a picture of Alan Davies?

He plays Jonathan Creek.

Awww, and here was me thinking Yahtzee watched QI :(

Tell you what, a platformer where the protagonist is a shambled, snarky complainer like Jonathan Creek would be a good bit o' fun. Especially if he was constantly freaked out by how nimble he was whenever you directly controlled him effortlessly over platforms.

Just came in to say "It's about an apocalypse, ...with jam in it." Also, I want to see how Yahtzee feels about the first RPG he plays after he gets all Shootered out this season. You know, with shooters being 75% or so of the big names now.

Actually, a dog suffering from mange is quite unlikely to have ticks as well. It's not impossible, just I expect ticks would prefer healthy skin, not ones riddled with mites. Just sayin'

Yahtzee knows about Jonathan Creek? My life is one step closer to being complete!

Yeah, I was hoping Deadlight would be at least a little entertaining... but it only took one element from many good games, not realizing what made those games good. Limbo was interesting because of the unspoken story unfolding and the moody alien atmosphere, while Deadlight was pretty much as cookie cutter as you can be for a game this gen. It displayed it's layout like Shadow Complex, but didn't realize what made shadow complex good was that it had a world to explore, while Deadlight was just a straight line from point A to B. Also, the zombies.... I don't mind things being used over and over again when they are entertaining from the start, like how Dinosaurs were a huge reoccurring enemy in video games after Jurassic park aired. But I never found Zombies particularly interesting or fun, so as you can imagine I am pretty fu***** sick of these things by this point. I can tell a lot of work went into Deadlight, but I still can't find any redeeming value to it.

Thank god Dust came out today, otherwise this XBLA summer would have been the biggest dud since they started this tradition.


Awww, and here was me thinking Yahtzee watched QI :(

He's from the UK, of course he watches QI.

Deadlight looked like it might have been good but so far I've heard universally negative feedback about it, gonna have to give it a miss.

So who's been counting all the times Yahtzee has mentioned his sex life? I'm actually not that surprised he likes Angry Birds though. It's a good time waster.

Yet to do a Kinect game though. Not a fan of motion controls

Apologies if this has already been said, but...
Angry Bird isn't the first throw something at a castle.
And they were hardly original about it. Basically, it was a reskinned crush the castle.
And I believe there were games of the same concept even before that one.

Yahtzee! You seem to be neglecting the PSN (and maybe Nintendo's eShop)! I don't keep track of what's on there, but there are some good and bad games on there that you could check out.

Loved the video as usual. I really wish Yahtzee would publish his books in an e-book format. I've gotten really used to reading books that way and going back to traditional books is annoying now.

I like Wreckateer. It's got the same addictive "Oh, lemme try that again but get my shot to land there quality Angry Birds has.

It's unfortunate the only Summer of Arcade game available right now with any sort of innovation and creativity is multiplayer only.

Would you people stop buying zombie games? I don't think I've ever played one that's actually good, and maybe if developers didn't find them so lucrative ($) then they would concentrate on game topics and ideas that are actually, you know... good.

I could give less of a shit about Deadlight, but Yahtzee kind of just spoiled Silent Hill for me...

Spoiling the game, fine. But did you have to spoil Momneto?

I'm not sure what to say if you haven't seen a movie that's been out for 10 years.

Anyhow,regarding the vid I had a couple of laughs in the second part of it,can't say I cared about Kinect games or ever will.

That orgasm picture made me chuckle.

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