Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes Review

Platforming and music in perfect harmony

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You know, strangely, the thing that stands out for me is the part where you called the shoulder button the 'Right Trigger'. C'mon, it doesn't even remotely resemble a 360 controller!

The number of levels the games offers is really disappointing. Hopefully they will add more content from more artists soon. The user created levels are (like always) hit or mis.

I really enjoy the game tho, and it's asking price is reasonable.

On the ps3 and vita we call those 'shoulder buttons' not trigger buttons. Looks interesting and kid friendly which seems to be really rare on some systems.

do the graphics and simplistic controls remind anyone else of loco roco?

Judging by the review this might actually profit quite nicely from touchscreen controls.

Offtopic: ... the hell? It's that I'm pretty sure I never got photographed holding a PSP, but that title image on the website really looks like me - down to the minimal goatee and all.


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