Zero Punctuation: Steam Roundup

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Steam Roundup

Fall releases are right around the corner, so Zero Punctuation takes this last chance to look at a few recent indie titles released on Steam.

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Yaay! Sleeping dogs next week? Love that game.

I quite agree on the Orcs Must Die point, it is rather insulting eventually that the mobs just pass you.. >: /

"Have at ye! Beast!"
"Move it! I am late for my barber appointment!"

Good Review, but I hope you do Dust: An elysian tale because it is easily one of the best games of the XBL summer of arcade.

That ending. Poor abandoned hooker Steam. How will she feed her headcrabs now?

Question to those who have played that Unwritten Tales game: it looks to me like Deathspank. Am I right in drawing that comparison?


I smell bot.

Good Review, but I hope you do Dust: An elysian tale because it is easily one of the best games of the XBL summer of arcade.

He wrote about it in Extra Punctuation

Nice to see the difficulty curve in Orcs Must Die 2 is still steep as all hell. Should be an interesting, if frustrating, game.

I get that Yahtzee hates multiplayer, but why talk about Orcs Must Die over Dungeon Defenders? I tried both at the same time, but the difference is I still played Dungeon Defenders and their constant expansions keep making the game even deeper and more fun. Then again I guess the traps aren't as visceral as the ones in Orcs Must Die, also there hasn't been a formal sequel as they keep just keep releasing new DLC every few weeks for around $3.

LOL at the end of the review

Good Review, but I hope you do Dust: An elysian tale because it is easily one of the best games of the XBL summer of arcade.

He already talked about it in his column. Said it was the best out of all of the XBLA releases, but not great. Take that for what it is.

Anyways, it's great to see that Yahtzee is giving a little extra attention to indie games around this time where AAA games are just beginning to pour out.

Ha, great ending, though I am really curious if he will enjoy Sleeping Dogs (I still prefer Yakuza 4 and I'm excited as hell for the 5th one).

Little disappointed that he didn't mention Dungeons of Dredmor though.

A zero punctuation about a game in whitch you play a asian guy who sings karaoke and dresses up like an idiot cant be unhilarious .

The most entertaining ZP I've seen in the past few weeks!

Also, hope it's Sleeping Dogs next week.

*looks at Binding of Isaac reference*

He did call it great? Now I can feel smug and hipster: I LIEKED BOI BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

The ending of this video made me chuckle.

Looking forward to your Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2 "reviews" Yahtzee.

You really could've done so many more games... I mean, I've been playing alot of Symphony and Awesomenauts. (Although I could understand why Yahtzee wouldn't bother with the latter.)

A steam hooker is something I'd expect from Irrational Games more than Valve.

*looks at Binding of Isaac reference*

He did call it great? Now I can feel smug and hipster: I LIEKED BOI BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

I kinda want to see a ZP review of TBoI now..

Also this episode has got to have the 2nd best ending of all the episodes.

Wait, isn't Sleeping Dogs on Steam?

Yatzee is unusually excited about Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2. It disturbs me, even though I am interested in them relatively much more than usual. I'm considering buying them on the basis of elaborately beating up goons in exotic environments.

*looks at Binding of Isaac reference*

He did call it great? Now I can feel smug and hipster: I LIEKED BOI BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

He already reviewed BoI months ago in an Extra Punctuation. I think it was the Diablo III one to go along with random dungeons, or one about some uninteresting FPS.

Sleeping Dogs just came out...

...and it's on Steam too!!!

Now I can wait a year to get it 50% off!

*gets about a minute in*


Boy, did he pick crappy games to review. It seems he has played quite a few good ones on the other hand, and it seems he just went with the one he didn't play until this week. A "steam recommendation" episode would have been nicer... but considering how yahtsee recommends things it would have been something like "if you are fond of poop, hate religion and are self abusing: go play binding of isaac" and stuff like that, which leaves you wondering if you should even try the game out.

If you ask me, indi games on steam are a buyers market for price and quality. I would like to recommend:

Vessel, The Binding of Isaac, Defense Grid, Torchlight (better than Diablo 3, BELIEVE), Shank, Trine 1 & 2, Machinarium (if you like pointy clicky stuff done right)and Spacechem (if you like games that make you feel smart).

Stay away from: Dinner Date and Trauma (those are not games) and of insanely twisted shadow planet (because it forces you, FORCES, to make a MS Live account to play the game and I call bs on that, I only made the account because I had already payed for the game, never buying another M$ game again).

And, of course: Bastion, Braid and Limbo if, for some reason, you haven't played them yet.

Still haven't tried Orcs Must Die 2, but I did buy the first during the steam sale, and what can I say, I liked it. Even if 2 rows of tar pits on the ground and clockwork maces above tends to kill 99% of the standard enemies, making it a bit too effective.

For some reason I really burst out laughing at the "Oh, Sleeping Dogs it out? Well, fuck this noise." gag. Dunno why.

I hope Yathzee will have time to give Guild Wars 2 a review. Playing an Asura seems well fitted. A race of small and humorously arrogant critters who feels everyone but them is a moron? It's like Yathzee and his imps got drunk one night and spawned a whole race with his attitude and their physique.

The usual excellence.

I quite appreciate the humour in the reviews, they serve to brighten my wednesdays considerably!

So, uh, thanks?

Is it just me or did Yahtzee sound a little slow this week? Ah whatever, haven't played Sleeping Dogs but from what I've heard about it it's a little GTA/Saint's Row 2ey, so it should be fun to hear Yahtzee talk about it.

Thank you, Commodore Power, for teaching this ignorant Canadian who Brian Clough is so I can get Yahtzee's jokes.

Oh man I'm really looking forward to my graphics card fixed so I can actually play Orcs Must Die 2. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait.

Whats this a reference to age of empires!

My heart skips a beat, any chance you can fit in an empire earth reference as well?

But still does anyone get the feeling that Yahtzee at least respects Steam for it willingness to stock any game. Even if it does mean we get £15 DLC for train simulators clogging up our suggestion boxes.

Why the hell is MovieBob in my Zero!!...

Oh, nevermind it's an add.
Whew, that almost ruined the day.

Cane toads still a problem in Queensland, eh?

Everything I know about cane toads I learned 20 years ago, through this improbable post on rec.humor.funny.

I kind of like the first Darksiders (still haven't played the new one), but I remember that his review of the first one was so hilarious and full of hatred that I can't wait for the review of the second one!

I've gotta say, I've never understood the undying passion some people around these parts have for Indie gaming. I have yet to play an Indie game which I thought was good.

No, wait, scratch that, does Torchlight count? Ok, Torchlight is the only Indie game I have ever enjoyed. The rest are generally low quality and very very boring.

Hehe good vid, Yahtzee was on fire this ep

Although as someone with some niche tastes I think steam is great, and the indies are getting better in quailty as they fill more niches that AAAs are increasingly abandoning or using insane DRM or farmville monetisation.

Hell even Japanese games are finally making their 1st tentative steps on the service, with doujins, psp ports and Dark Souls.

This review (or rather the bit at the end) just reminded me that I forgot to pick up jam at the store yesterday...damnit...
Also: I've heard positively STUNNING things about Dust. Things like "Only XBLA Summer game worth picking up...BUT AMAZING!"

Well, Unmechanical sounds like a novel idea that just gets old really really fast. Orcs Must Die sounds fun, although I'm not a fan of tower defense type games. Still, I should probably check both of them out sometime. Lastly, the book of unwritten tales. Well, let's just say that if there's one thing that I've learned from watching Zero Punctuation, it's that the adventure genre as we knew it died out for a reason, which is sad considering that it used to be my favorite genre next to first person shooters.

I've always wanted him to review an very fun game called Magicka, except with the absolute landslide of DLC for it :/, but other than that it was really damn fun especially with friends.

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