The Big Picture: Depth of a Salesman

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Depth of a Salesman

MovieBob says goodbye to Nintendo Power.

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Depth of a Salesman

I see what you did there Bob.
The ending was nice to.

very touching tribute it will be somewhat missed

Oh the memories when the long moment of pictures from children TV shows rolled on my computer screen...

I'm assuming half of you actually didn't watch the video.

I ended my subscription to Nintendo Power a long while ago... Now I feel bad for doing so. :(

I also like the in-depth look at marketing and entertainment, nicely put.

Well done Bob. Certainly one of your better "Big Pictures" and the end was a nice little touch.

Rocking the Centurions again! Gotta do a show on them soon!

Does it really matter that a show was created just to sell toys if the characters and narrative are compelling? I don't think so.

Bob's right. It's good to see that consumer culture hasn't become a horrific, bloated mass; a foul god the Western world venerate alternative to or sometimes comorbid with organised religion. It's also nice to see people mourn for such a magazine. The gravity and solemnity was not bordering on the obscene. I do hope Nintendo don't go under as a consequence, being a charitable venture for the good of children everywhere and all. But seriously, this is grotesque.

I remember Nintendo Power. It's crazy to think it's coming to an end, especially since it and I came into this world around the same time.

I mean I was never an avid reader of it or anything, but it's a change.

I still remember when my favorite gaming magazine (Play) stopped being published. I was heartbroken.

Wow, I'm not from the States, so I didn't know the magazine lasted this much. I thought it died long ago.

In my house, we got Gamepro and Nintendo Power. My younger brother always dug into NP first.

I always preferred Gamepro because I wanted news for more than just one platform, but NP was just as much a necessary fixture to me as a kid. Now both are gone.

P.S. - Fuck GameInformer.

About same here, Nintendo Power web site was also one of the first web site I ever visited, back in the PLAY IT LOUD days.

i live in the uk, so i feel a bit out of place here.

As someone who wasn't raised on Nntendo, I'm surprised a whole episode got devoted to this. It doesn't seem like THAT big a deal. Sad yes, but some people around the net are acting like the industry's heart just got freaking eaten by Hannibal Lecter.

Liked the part about media regulations though.

I was never into Nintendo Power, but nice reflection on fiction sometimes managing to be more than its commodity origins.

I'm actually still subscribed to Nintendo POwer. RIP, childhood.

i live in the uk, so i feel a bit out of place here.

You're not the only one.

Oracles of the playground sounds about right, One other and I were the only ones to beat final fantasy for the nes and we were the only two with copies of this. We met from that and we still know and keep in touch with each other to this day 22 years later. Time to dig out it and my copy of final fantasy from storage and do a victory lap.

Nintendo Power was the first on I'm pretty sure only magazine I ever subscribed to. I should still have about 8 years worth in a box somewhere in my garage.

From the UK, we got rid of our version, NOM (Nintendo Official Magazine) years ago and replaced it the very next month with ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine), you get over it pretty quickly.

Yeah Bob, I gotta say I feel the same way. Nintendo Power was the first gaming magazine I ever read, actually it was the first magazine period, that I ever read, let alone subscribed to. Good bye Nintendo Power, we shall miss you.

so, Bob that "Alleged" kid; was that you?

the passing of a media revolutionary. I could see how some Nintendo Loyalists could easily compare this to the passing of Steve Jobs for the Apple Loyalists. (yes they have more in common with each other then you think considering a direct focus on marketing, and they were product placement)

I guess I was one of the few gamers growing up in the mid-80s who didn't read Nintendo Power. My gaming periodical of choice was Video Games & Computer Entertainment, which also featured tips, tricks & walkthroughs (would never have beat Mega Man II without them), not just for NES but for Sega and PC as well. And it occasionally had actual journalism--for most of the late 80s and early 90s, VGCE seemed to be on a crusade against Nintendo's tyrannical and monopolistic business practices, which continues to colour my opinion of the Big N today.

But I can completely empathize with the passing of something from your youth. I still miss arcade culture.

The Simpsons episode The Book Job pretty much expresses my views on the "exploitation" of children by commercialized media.

Depth of a Salesman

MovieBob says goodbye to Nintendo Power.

Watch Video

you forget bob, Prime's death didn't just effect transformers, but GI Joe as well, i heard they where planning on killing off duke in the movie as well, but the back lash from Prime's death forced them to back out of that.

case any ones wondering, it was in the 20th anniversary DVD release of the Transformers movie, in the special features some where.

anyway, it is sad to hear the NP is stopping production, it was a great help when i was little, maps, being the greatest help.

While they might have been commercials, crap is crap and cool is cool. If the product isn't any good it isn't going to sell no matter how much commercialization they throw at it (see EA in another year or two).

But it is something to be aware of as adults

Besides Transformers and GI Joe kicked butt back in the day. =)

Interesting story about the FCC. I keep hearing (on forums where My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is discussed) that in the Liberal Paradise Known as Europe, it's illegal to have any advertising in kids' shows at all, or something. Which doesn't explain how networks that revolve around kids' programming stay in business, or what shows imported from the United States do with the extra eight to nine minutes per half hour, or for that matter why merchandise-driven shows like My Little Pony that apparently wouldn't have been legal in the US before Reagan are OK over there now. Perhaps some of our European viewers can enlighten me.

I got a lot of my player's guides from renewing my subscription to Nintendo Power. It's really sad that it's gone.

I will miss it too Bob, but if a NP App appears I won't be remotely surprised.

My friend and I were subscribed to Nintendo Power for years. I remember my subscription ending on the cliffhanger issue of The Legend of Zelda comic (back then NP had two continuing comics in their magazine, one based on Super Mario World and one based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) when Zelda gets zapped by Agahnim, and for the longest time I thought she was actually dead. That's one hell of a bombshell to drop on a kid, it affected me more than the death of Superman (seriously, who cared about Superman in the early 90's). It wasn't until later when I actually played the game and read my buddy's copy of the following issue that I learned all was well.

Of course I never renewed my subscription because a few years later the Sony Playstation came out frankly I was tired of paying hard-earned money on three pages of gaming info wrapped in a $10 magazine. Though I did pick up one or two issues of that old PSM or Playstation Magazine. The guys running that one were pretty funny, but by then it was just for the laughs, never for any real gaming lore. As Bob said, the internet happened, and magazines have swiftly fallen out of fashion.

I'd never even heard of Nintendo Power before the news about it going out of print. Mustn't have been as big a thing in the UK. Or maybe just not for my generation.

Also I remember my friend actually crying over Primes death in the film. I never really watched all that much classic Transformers though, so it didn't really get me.

Ya know what happened about 2 or 3 weeks before the Nintendo Power announcement was made? I subscribed. I never had a subscription when I was a kid and was only vaguely aware of the magazine's existence when I was younger. I may have had a subscription for a year but Gamepro was the one my parents ended up signing me up for since it had wider console coverage.

Great episode Bob, kinda reminded me of the 'Why we love Gaming' Overthinker episode in a way.

Damnit, Bob... quit making me care... ;_;

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