Living in Web Video

Living in Web Video

Online video series may become the best place for filmmakers to experiment.

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Only makes sense for companies to love video game commentaries n such. Free marketing for their products and hundreds of thousands of people watch the videos every day.

No mention of The Creatures though, son I am disappoint.

.-. i really enjoyed reading this article :D nice to come home from a long day and have something to read.

God, yes, embrace Internet video. Love RvB, love Freddiew, love Channel Awesome, Epic Meal Time, MysteryGuitarMan, all those guys. I hope to join their ranks someday, help me out, shameless self-promotion, please don't ban me, please and thank you.

So in the movie industry there are large, monolithical companies who still think they're the hottest thing in town, but are too risk-adverse and focused on traditional, obsolete marketing demographics too realize a new paradigm is arriving, one in which only independent creators have the agility, clear vision and innovative ideas to succeed.

Weird, that sounds strangely familiar.

i think the thumb nail for the video broke the escapist.

This article is an example of why so many fallow the sirens call to this entertainment medium. It is still a frontier that is open and up for grabs, a world within our own that has yet to be claimed by limitations.


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