No Right Answer: Best Animated Disney Movie Ever

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Best Animated Disney Movie Ever

We've all grown up on classic, hand-drawn Disney classics, but will the next generation only know PIXAR as the purveyor of magic? The boys debate what one chunk of childhood Dan should pass on to his baby.

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There is a distinct lack of Lion King in that choice.

How could you forget the Lion King?

It's like forgetting the ice-cream in an Ice Cream Sundae

And forgetting about Winnie The Pooh (THE OLD OR NEW ONE) is like forgetting the chocolate sauce.

The Robin Hood one! Why didn't you pick that one? That was always my favorite.

There is a distinct lack of Lion King in that choice.

How could you forget the Lion King?

It's like forgetting the ice-cream in an Ice Cream Sundae

Obviously they couldn't pick the Lion King because that one would win by default

Interesting thing to note: The third movie in the Aladdin series actually went back to the source material. Aladdin itself was based off one of the characters from the Arabian Knights tales...and they went back to it for the third movie by using Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Now...I would have personally voted for the Black Cauldron myself for best animated Disney movie, but that's just me.

aladdin FTW.

honestly i don't see how it could be anything else.

Lion King is a very close second because i feel it has some pacing problems.

Beauty and the beast ranks in my top ten, but alot of disney movies are better than it. Heck i think The Little Mermaid is better than Beauty and the Beast.

For me it is always a contest between Aladdin and The Lion King and it always ends in a stalemate, because I love them both too much to choose. And they are both better than Beauty and the Beast that, while good, is my least favorite Disney movie. Then again I am English and disliking things associated with the French is a reflex.

Of course Lion King!

It's Hamlet... BUT WITH LIONS. That's like having MacBeth but with robots.



"You mean like a Pixar movie"

I guess Kyle didn't get the final word.

I accept your choice of Aladdin, yet feel odd that the Lion King was not even contesting it.

O, prince Ali, Mighty as he, Ali Ababwa.

I don't remember that much of Beauty and the Beast. Of course, it has been 15 years since I last saw it, and we didn't have a copy of it anywhere in the house...

Aladdin? I remember it. I mostly remember being absolutely terrified of it. Specifically the finale. You've got the carpet getting unraveled, Jasmine suffocating to death in a gigantic hourglass, Jafar transforming into this ENORMOUS COBRA, wrapping Aladdin in his tail... so I tried to avoid watching that movie if I could.

So what did I watch? Robin Hood. By god, I watched that film to death, and I still love it. I love the animation, I love the characters, I love the humor, I love the story, I love the songs... I! Love! Robin Hood!

Man, I need to watch that movie again...

no sword in the stone? and not even a nod to lion king or robin hood

...but I think we can all agree that The Little Mermaid is a terrible, terrible movie that completely destroys any semblance of its source material in order to become a safe, wishy-washy, unorginal movie.

*Hans Christian Anderson hipster*

"Beauty and the Beast was the first animated movie to have computer animation."

Really? Because I seem to remember The Great Mouse Detective having that honour.

Lion King all the way. End of Story.

Great debate!
Beauty did deserve the win, based on it.
Which was surprising, because I figured Chris+Aladdin = nuke your socks off, debatewise!

I don't really like the archetypal Disney movie, or a lot of the more recent things they've done either. Some stuff they have done isn't bad, but generally I really don't like them.

When the last point was being made the first thing on my mind was exactly what the last thing said was. Pixar. The Studio Ghibli films are also ones that fit the bill.

For me it's a tie between Mulan and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

Hunchback not only has a great story about frames a love triangle against the persecution of the Gypsies in Catholic France. It also has the single greatest villain of any Disney film ever. Seriously, Frollo beats the crap out of Jafar, Scar, and any other villain you want to throw his way. It's not that his actions are so despicable. It's not even that you can see how he justifies these actions to himself. It's that the justifications he uses are so dark and twisted for a Disney film that it beggars belief. This is a man who has given his life to the service of God, then finds himself lusting after a Gypsy woman. And instead of rationalising that, he becomes convinced that this woman has cast some sort of demonic spell on him, and if he cannot have her, then he will kill her and send her soul to hell, all the while railing against God for making him susceptible to the temptations of the flesh.

Also, he's voiced by the aural velvet that is Tony Jay.

Best. Villain. Song. EVER!

Mulan gets my other vote, simply because it's a Disney film about war, and as far as I'm aware, the only one that directly tackles the subject. And they do properly tackle it, without skimping on the nasty details. The scene where they come across a village burned to the ground by the Huns, only to rise a hill crest and see the scattered bodies of thousands of Imperial soldiers... it still gives me chills to this day. They even manage to work in the implications of the deaths of civilians and the murder of children into the film, which all in all is pretty heavy stuff for a Disney film.

Aside from the theme of war, Mulan is also probably the strongest female protagonist in any Disney film. She's not a princess in love or a damsel in distress. She's a young girl who decides to take her father's place in the Imperial Army in order to save his life, and manages to become more badass than the rest of the army combined. Not only that, but while she has to disguise herself as a man in order to join the army, the finale of the plot is dependant on the main characters disguising themselves as women. Score one for feminism. It's a great way to flip the role-reversal that makes up most of the film, and to avoid having the entire story about a woman trying to succeed as a man.

Also, this is the best song that Disney have ever had in one of their films:

A song so manly, even women can join in...

I'll still take Aladdin. BatB is a good movie, don't get me wrong, but it kinda feels like a bit of a bad message. I know the intended message was "physical appearance isn't all there is to a person and even if people put on a façade of being mean they're nice underneath" but that could very easily be viewed as "He's not abusive! He's just unable to express his feelings!"

Aladdin's at least a bit better there what with his deception at least not coming at the expense of somebody else. Though I do wonder how those people Genie made for the "Prince Ali" song work. Are they homunculi or did he just hire them?

Overthinking the movies. I'm gonna go watch them for some nostalgia.

I could make an essay on how Aladdin is the best Disney movie,but I'll let Troy speak for me instead.

I get the feeling they like pixar.

Man it has been a while since I've seen alot of these things to really decide on anything.

From small child perspective......probably Lion King because animals. Cause animals are awesome.

Now though.......likely Mulan I would say. Similar scene stealer to the Genie in Mushu, but the rest of the movie is rather nice. Still remember the scene near the end when she draws that sword on a rooftop, was pretty rad.

Lion King should've been there...and winning just cause of this. :3

Beauty and The Beast on a good second though. ;)

Off-Topic: Wish I could meet you guys at PAX, better have fun there. =)

Kyle your T-Shirt gave me a great idea for a No Right Answer.

Best Fictional Music Group or Best Music Group from a Movie.

Perhaps you can have The Blues Brothers vs. Tenacious D.

well its obvious isn't it... rescuers 2: down under (or just rescuers down under, titles are different in different places)

Robin Hood thirded. It may not have the pageantry of Beauty and the Kidnapper Who She Grows Attached to Thanks to Stockholm Syndrome; but it's got a lot of heart, a great story and really compelling characters. That would have made an interesting contrast with the Busby Berkeley extravaganza that is Aladdin.

Whaaaat? Beauty and the Beast? Your opinions are wrong!

Personally, I think Beauty and the Beast was one of the weaker movies. Still good, and Lumiere was a stand-out character. And the music was incredible. Uh, point being that overall, it was just a little on the shallow side and felt a little flat. To me, at least.

Aladdin was great though. No complaints here.

I'd call Hercules the best one, though. Mulan and Aladdin up in the top three. Although with that said, I haven't seen the Lion King in a while. I've rewatched all the others mentioned not too long ago.

Mulan is probably my favorite, but they are all good. "Best Pixar movie" next? I'm guessing "Wall-E vs Toy story 3".

Meh, I'll stick with Basil The Great Mouse Detective. But then I might be biased by the fact that a) I watched it a million times when I was a kid and b) I'm a massive Vincent Price fanboy.

Their both wrong... The Black Cauldron is the best AND it was the FIRST Disney movie to incorporate CGI.

I still remember the game


Everyone knows all the best Disney movies are those that feature an exclusively animal cast. I am honestly surprised Lion King was not in the debate. I'd also vote for Lilo and Stitch, that's one of my favourites!

Robin Hood is a personal favourite of mine but I'm not so jaded that I'll blindly believe it's good enough to be considered one of the best. It's got a very odd structure and, probably due to its age, still adheres to stereotypical gender roles; Maid Marion has zero part in the final rebellion and acts purely as a love interest.

The best Animated Disney classic is, without a doubt, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
The "Hellfire" Sequence alone makes it the best ever.

Aladdin doesn't stand a chance against an epic gem like Beauty and the beast. Sure it was a great fun movie but that's what it was: fun. It was a funny fun fun movie fun.
Beauty and the beast however, has the fun but also the darkness, the music, the magic, the love, the goddamn beast! And yes, the first animated movie nominated for best picture award.
The debate would have made more sense if it was Lion King vs Beauty and the beast...though Beauty and the beast would still win in my opinion.

Call Me Jose:
Lion King all the way. End of Story.

lion king ?

sry but Beauty and the Beast blows that out the water.

the opening number alone is better than almost everything in the lion king.

although tbth i may be heavily biased as i like musicals and Beauty and the Beast pretty much has the classic structure of a musical...

...also i'm not gay mmmkay -.-
jus' puttin that out there...

My favorite kiddie movies are Mary Poppins but it isn't animated and An American Tail but it isn't Disney's.

Nah, it's Aladdin. I mean, Beauty and Beast and Lion King are certainly good (and Lion King probably has the most epic intro scene of all time) but seriously...It's Aladdin. It has a GIANT SNAKE IN IT. Come on.

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