No Right Answer: Best Animated Disney Movie Ever

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Lion king (Do I really need to explain why?) first pick
Mulan (amazing female character and story)
The third is hard. There's many, but I just don't remember a whole lot about them.

It's Mulan.
It has a higher body count than any other Disney movie ever.
It's the best.

It's Mulan. Why? Because it's the best one.

There is a distinct lack of Lion King in that choice.

How could you forget the Lion King?

It's like forgetting the ice-cream in an Ice Cream Sundae

And forgetting about Winnie The Pooh (THE OLD OR NEW ONE) is like forgetting the chocolate sauce.

I cried in the Lion King, but the sequels were bad.

I found the Road to El Dorado to be a fairly strong movie based on its musical numbers and a fun one to watch as well.

That was Dreamworks, not Disney.

@ Thread: My personal fave is Beauty and the Beast with Lion King as a close second. I'm surprised they didn't bring up that like in many other Disney movies, Aladdin and Jasmine get engaged about 3 days after they met (though to be fair, they get married significantly later), while Belle and Beast's relationship is allowed to grow over a much larger and more realistic span of time.

Think this is the first time I've agreed with the two options having a right to be there. I would say I think The Lion King should be in there...but honestly, I couldn't tell you which one I'd swap out for it.

As for the decision, I've gotta say I think A Whole New World was a better love song than Beauty and the Beast. And Aladdin wins not because it had Robin Williams, but because it had Gilbert Gottfried. :P

The answer is always Lion King.

It is probably my favorite movie.

Hmm, wow this is a tough one, based on the options, I'd go with the Beauty and the Beast, as I grew up in a "small provincial town." I could really empathize with Belle and her dream of escape. And then you throw in the main plot about finding yourself in spite of your appearance, the lessons about vanity, pride, and arrogance. (Remember it was the Beast's own vanity, turning away the beggar woman because of her looks, that caused his damnation.)

However, for technical achievement, I'm going to go with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, for being the first cel animated feature film in motion picture history. Simply put, it was the very first animated movie where every frame was hand drawn.

For story... from the entire list... I really don't think I can think of any Disney movies which stand out from the others as being the best. I can think of a few which are bland and uninspired, especially in recent years, But I don't know. Lion King, Robin Hood, Mulan, Aristocats, Aladdin, Black Cauldron, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Bambi... each of these and others I can't think of are truly timeless classics, movies that I will definitely be passing along to my children, should I have any.

Aladin wins this argument for the line

"He's got the monkeys, come see the monkeys!"

but for my money, it's a tie between Robin Hood (Nottingham, the riches plum of them all!)
and The Emperor's New Grove (My Shoulder Angel!)


It's fucking Fantasia! The most original, experimental, creative, inspirational work to come out of Disney. Think of all the different topics they covered and how much work went into so many of those scenes. The abstract Toccata & Fugue, The Rite Of Evolution, The Night On Bald Mountain being the darkest thing to come from Disney, connected to the Ava Maria end which is the most spiritual.

It actually deserves a high spot on the greatest films of all time, because I will tell you a fact, they can't make films like that any more.


Agree with the outcome of this debate, I prefer Aladdin if I had to chose between those 2.

Overall? Definitely Lion King. I loved that film as a child to the point whereby my VHS wouldn't work anymore.

There is a distinct lack of Lion King in that choice.

How could you forget the Lion King?

It's like forgetting the ice-cream in an Ice Cream Sundae

And forgetting about Winnie The Pooh (THE OLD OR NEW ONE) is like forgetting the chocolate sauce.

This was THE best 2D Disney

The Original Fantasia is the best Disney anything of all time, very closely followed by Snow White, Robin Hood and Dumbo.

Aside from being an absolute masterpiece on all facets it also has one of my favourite animated sequences of all time...

You missed one of the keys points about Beauty and the Beast, which was that it's a play on the old Disney standard of "a Princess looking for your Prince Charming" You had it in Snow white, sleeping Beauty, cinderella and the likes // Where with Beauty and the Beast the roles where reversed // Bella didn't want a princes and Gaston, who had the Princess Charming looking allbe a bit exaggerated, was too self involved to care what she wanted because who in their right mind would not want him


Aladdin wasn't represented well enough. They bring up stuff in Aladdin that would have banned kid's movies these days. I mean, look at the very first song. They not only bring up cutting off random body parts for facial dislike, but the dealer also tries to sell you a combo hooka. Have you seen a hooka in any recent films? No? Yeah, that's right.

I just HAVE to say it: BEAST WARS FTW!!!

And I liked Aladdin better. Can't help but think that started as a Prince of Persia adaptation.

The best Animated Disney classic is, without a doubt, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
The "Hellfire" Sequence alone makes it the best ever.

I second this. Frollo's villany never gets old.

Also, The B&B won the "Best Picture" FOR animated category only. So people will stop bitching about why animated movies are never considered for Oscars.

Snow White won an Oscar for best picture.. Even got a special made price because of it

The answer is The Lion King. It's always The Lion King. Why? Largely due to Hans Zimmer.


Call Me Jose:
Lion King all the way. End of Story.

lion king ?

sry but Beauty and the Beast blows that out the water.

the opening number alone is better than almost everything in the lion king.

Bitch please!

Best Disney opening EVER!

It's Mulan.
It has a higher body count than any other Disney movie ever.
It's the best.

But does it have this beast in it?

No? Then it isn't better.

Mulan! No, Hercules!

Wait--Hunchback! Hellfire is possibly my favorite Disney animated movie song.

But Mulan totally beat every other Disney Princess' booty!!!

No!!! It's The Jungle Book! "Look for the--BEAR NECESSITIES"

Or maybe--ARRRRGH!!! There are so many to choose from! And I like each of them in different ways--kinda the way you like different models and Playboy bunnies alike but diffently. Though for the record I--ahem--only get the magazine for the news articles, the pictures are merely pluses...yeah...

But there is ONE thing that Beauty and the Beast has snaps over all the movies that came after it including The Lion King, which I could barely choke through one sitting years ago, and here's why:

B and the B's song and footage "Be Our Guest" was so popular that ever since that movie Disney has included at least one specific "Made for a music video" song and animation scene. I don't even vaguely remember the name of the song where they had all the jungle animals doing a massive song and dance routine--I think it was to celebrate the baby lion's birth, I don't even remember his name, even if he is the movie's main character--but it was soooo played and soooo blatantly intended to follow B and the B's "Be our guest" example I cringed.

Another thing I didn't like about that movie, and practically the only other thing I remember about it--I won't lie--is the bad guy's song "Be prepaaaaaared". As far as choice lyrics go it was lame.

OT: Mulan. Definitely Mulan. Like Hunchback I bought the soundtrack and listened to it forever.

Mulan RULES!!!!

EDIT: Did I bring up Playboy bunnies in a thread talking about Disney animated movies?

I DID!!!

Um, I'll show myself out the door...

Two words:

This debate was great!

I also recommend the earlier mentioned "Best Fictional Music Group" or "Best Music Group from a Film" as a future topic. That just sounds awesome.

Please, do one on the weirdest 80's fantasy movie between Legend (the one with Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry) and The Labyrinth (David Bowie. Enough said.)?

Actually I'm surprised the first support point of Aladdin because frankly Robin Williams as the Genie is what made that movie fall apart for me, the one marring spot on an otherwise great movie. His shtick full of culture references dated the film for the era it was released, aka it stopped the movie from being a timeless Disney classic. I still like it but it wouldn't even make my top 5.

Easily the Lion King for me. Aladdin would probably be second but Lion King was along with Toy Story my absolute favourite movie as a kid. Be Prepared still sends shivers down my spine.

Thank you for that pointless presentation. The lion king is obviously the superior film.

Also Aladin is one of few movies where I prefer the Dutch version above the English one. The Dutch Genie is just way better.

I clicked on this because I saw Dinobot from Beast Wars.

Also, Aladdin (spelling? who cares) kicks the crap out of the Beast. Just saying.

What I love about this one is that both Chris and Kyle ended up spending most of the time agreeing with each other :D True disney animated canon is just too good, they all should have won!

LION KING! Just saying. Aladdin is probably my second favourite though.

Lion King is my favorite

I remember it being one of the first Disney movies that I watched and cried at the death of Mufasa.

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