Escapist News Wrap: New Minecraft Boss And League of Legends

New Minecraft Boss And League of Legends

This week, we find out about new DLC for Skyrim and the continued lack of Skyrim DLC for the PS3. LucasFilms snatches up the rights for Star Wars: First Assault and some awesome Team Fortress 2 fan-art.

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Gotta commend you guys for doing these vids but you guys often miss some crucial articles such as the lead developer for team ICO leaving sony this week. That was the most striking bit of info to hit me this week.


Much better this week. It is amazing how much better slightly turning your head makes the news cast.

Also, this video just won me an argument over what a blue moon is and I just guessed! Wooooooo!

Far more entertaining that TV news.

I still feel that you look a bit tense while doing this. A smile here or there would probably help... (unless it's a forced smile then maybe not...)
I feel you guys could have a lot more fun with your news wraps. I sadly have no suggestions at this time... maybe someone else does.

Despite my complaints, awesome job guys. Greg's got a good speaking voice too!

Great job on totally misinforming people about the MLG issue.
The teams were NOT DQ-ed because of playing the game in an ARAM format, the teams decided vefore the game, that no matter the resolution, they would split the prize money and one of them would throw the match.
THAT got the DQ-ed, not for playing a different playstyle.

How come The Escapist only mentions League of Legends? The International is underway and there hasn't been a single article.

Ah, I can't blame you for that crush on Kaylee from Firefly, Greg!


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