Feed Dump: The Leaning Henge of Rome

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The Leaning Henge of Rome

I would have guessed that the Rock Circle would have been worth more.

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"Romehenge" would be an awesome artifact.

Also, it's easy to forget things on the spot. I do it all the...What was I saying?

I think there are strippers that have that hat... are they better sources for news?

Very eloquent pitch, Graham.

Don't be mad Graham, Feed Dump already is my only source for news. It makes for a lot better smalltalk than those jerks that bring up all kinds of sad news in conversation.

Also. Hats.

Graham raided Bret Michaels closet to bring you this week's hat.

What about Athens' Roof 'n Columns? Or does that not count because it's in hock?

Well, Feed Dump IS my only source of news, so there.

And don't worry, Kate. Everyone on the internet thinks anyone but them is stupid ;)

I have to admit, Paul's impressions really, really made this one.

I feel like Graham channeled a little Jonny towards the end there.

What about Athens' Roof 'n Columns? Or does that not count because it's in hock?

It's in the slow process of being repo'ed by Germany, so technically it only counts as individual collumns until the set it up in Stuttgart

So Kate, what kind of grade did you get in Geography the last time you took that class?

I have a feeling this is going to create a whole new spin-off miniseries
'Paul's french connection dump' or.... something?

with segments such as:
'Paul's short ooohh's' ( news )
and Paul and Paul figure out what Paúl is talking about

that would be kind-of amazing though.

Love the hat. It's not so much that it's insane this week, but more that it represents the fashion choices of various social groups that I rarely see combined together in one garment. Specifically: lesbians, hipsters and divorcees.

Which reminds me: where are all the hipster divorcees? They have to exist, right? Leopard print skinny jeans must be a thing somewhere.

Laughed at the "THEY TOOK OUR JERBS!", even if I should've seen it coming.

Paul, Chien is dog- not even a female dog. The word you are looking for is Salope.

That's exactly how I imagine Gustave Eiffel would sound like. That part made me lol.

Wow, I lost it at Paul's French impression!

Also: London Clock is now my new favourite landmark.

YAY, Warriors of Darkness reference! We need more of them, dang it!

Sleep baking would be the worse.

You'd wake up to the smell of muffins and cakes and pies, then take a bite and learned you used Gold Bond instead of flour. Or arsenic.

Never trust a sleep baker.

Coming up. Graham Stark starring in a made for Escapist movie, "OHHHHH YEEEEAH!", the Randy Savage story. Or at least that's what I took away from the hat this week.

And just for the record, the Paris Tower is my personal favorite landmark.

It's ok, Kate- I figured everyone would be absolutely shattered after PAX (or before it, depending on when you guys filmed this?)
I thought it was funny, and that's all that matters, right?

The Rome Arena... Built by the Ancient Italians, I understand...

Ah damn, thought I could rage about not involving dogs and now ... first news! You were afraid weren't you?

Aside from this great geography skills and quite a nice hat!

I will go to sleep now and dream of little puppies jumping over little piglets!

Warriors of Darkness needs to happen again! I clearly see that Paul wants it to come back...or maybe I look into references too much.

Yeah, sorry Starks, Paul stole the show on this one, lebitches!

Paul, Chien is dog- not even a female dog. The word you are looking for is Salope.

We looked it up on the interwebs, and used "chiennes".

Would be so much better if they ran up an elevated plank and into the water.

Yay! Rapidfire reference!

And a South Park reference!

This has been reference week on Feed Dump.

The dogs and plank thing better be pirate themed. Else, what is the point?

I'm a bit gutted that Big Ben isn't worth more. I mean it's a giant gold(ish) clock. Stone Henge isn't even a real henge!

The dogs and plank thing better be pirate themed. Else, what is the point?

Also, this ^

A circle of big rocks is worth $10B? Once I learn how to cryogenically freeze myself I'm so going to make one.

'Paris tower' must be worth more seeing as how they were going to demolish it at some point
Also it's valuable nature must be in how it's so recognizable which is strange because there are 13 of them or something

"Paris Tower" ahahaha, classic Kate // Also, not segway there into the out-throw there Graham // Next time just stick to the script


I think you need to consider cultural sensitivities when tranlating 'bitches' to French. They might say something more classical. What's French for 'harlots'? Or, uh, 'Americans tourists'?

I'm pretty sure Jason Jones for the Daily Show has that hat... He was in Tampa last week...


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