Behind the Design of WoW: Mists of Pandaria

Behind the Design of WoW: Mists of Pandaria

Everything you wanted to know about designing the Pandaren, the Monk class, the talent changes and everything in between.

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Sounds comepletly devoid of fun, just like a normal ActiBlizz game, hey-oh!

Even though this looks interesting, I can't help but feel that playing as a kung-fu Panda is going to lose a bit of charm with WoW's combat controls.

The irony of seeing a Guild Wars 2 ad plastered on the bottom and the side of my screen was delicious.


This just about sums up WoW nowadays.

Well now, WOW is just starting too get pathetic.

How Sad.

Still I might try it for a month. I never played cataclysm, I wonder if that affects pandas.

It is Pan-dar-ee-uh, not Pan-dare-e-uh. Just like it is Pan-dar-en, not pan-dare-en.

This pronunciation lesson brought to you by me.

I for one am looking forward to what this expansion has to offer. At first I was scratching my head at the idea of pandas like everyone else but after actually playing through some of the beta and seeing what it has to offer has completely changed my mind.

The Jade Forest alone sold me on what they were trying to do, the art direction and atmosphere of that zone is pretty mind blowing. I wasn't that excited for the last expansion when it came out but this has me almost counting the days.

Mega Messiah:
The irony of seeing a Guild Wars 2 ad plastered on the bottom and the side of my screen was delicious.


This just about sums up WoW nowadays.

Made me lol and sums up my feelings for it.

Mega Messiah:
The irony of seeing a Guild Wars 2 ad plastered on the bottom and the side of my screen was delicious.


This just about sums up WoW nowadays.

absolutely brilliant! Nice use of an Escapist inside joke. :D

I'm actually really looking forward to this expansion.

Honestly, there's a lot of stuff for all kinds of players to do. Plus, those zones are simply beautiful.

Haters can keep on hatin' ;)

Drops: Hardened Shell
What it does: Knocks an enemy player off of their mount.

I see what you did there...

Im kinda excited, but then realize Im never going to play WoW again

I honestly forgot this was coming out this month :/. This actually makes me sad, I've played since day one and I forgot this expansion was coming out lol. Guess i'm finally letting go for good.

Either way, it looks pretty neat. Hope it brings fun to WoW players for longer than Cata did >_>

I would never play WOW, it is digital crack.

Lots of hatred in here. Cataclysm was trying too hard to please everyone that it pleased no one.

This looks like it knows a little bit more what it wants to be, so hopefully we'll see some positives come from it.

' Blizzard only has a couple thousand employees' =D

I really found the GW2 ad on the bottom hilarious.

Honestly, this just looks old. Like, this looks like a game expansion I would have been excited for oh... four or five years ago. The art style is almost drifting into generic fantasy mmo territory. A little odd to me, especially since I thought WOTLK had some great art style going on.

Ah well... back to my gw 2 necro...

Meanwhile at Blizzard:

Greg Street: We need to find a way to reward exploration and actually make it fun!
Tom Chilton: You mean like Guild Wars 2?
Greg Street: LIGHT BULB
Tom Chilton: ...minus the eye popping next-gen visuals, jumping puzzles, skill challenges and dynamic events?
Greg Street: Oh shut up, we're not going to steal more than one idea at a time!

Guild Wars 2 has received very positive reviews, so if I'm going to drop $60.00 it will be for that. WoW, tried the free trial wasn't impressed never understood the attraction.

how did the kung fu panda end up in WOW?

I can't possibly be the only one who is predicting that MoP is going to be SPAMMED with Kung Fu Panda fantards invariably naming their Pandaren Monks "Po", "Mastertigress" etc.

Fucking cancel this MMO already or make it F2P. I can't believe I wasted 6 years of my life playing it.

Mega Messiah:


I'm loling so hard! Such adorable panda ecce homo. The idea of kung fu pandas actually likes me, but i wanna give a try to the game before commenting something else.

The Escapist: To me, the Roll ability, just being able to instantly roll forward is the thing that really set apart the Monk. That made the class feel really different.

Ladies and gentlemen, the finest quote from baby's first interview. Man, oh man.

I actually got my hands on a beta code for MoP some time ago, played it, had some warm nostalgic feelings for about 4 hours and then realised that I was bored out of my mind. The most fun I had with WoW was during the Burning Crusade, when raids mattered and you actually had some real talenttrees to mess around with. Sadly, those days are gone.

Oh come on guys, they added Pokemon and we all know you are going to end up playing it for that.

YAWN. WoW is dead, and I can't wait to see it finally go.


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