Escapist Expo: Art of Game Mechanics

Art of Game Mechanics

Audio Only. In this panel, veteran game designer Bill Bridges, creator of White Wolf's Werewolf, and Dr. Chris Hazard, designer of the time-traveling RTS Achron, discuss the aesthetic elements of coming up with game mechanics, and how designing a game's rules can hurt or benefit its setting.

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Wait, the designer of Achron was at the Escapist Expo? Damn, I would have loved to meet that man. Despite hearing negative reviews of Achron, the whole time-traveling mechanic within an RTS simply blows my mind and still does to this day.

Captcha: "whole shebang"

Damn right, Captcha, damn right...

I'm actually looking to find "Aura: the Unseen". It may have been named differently, since I can't seem to get any decent results when I search for it.


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