Escapist Expo: Games in Non-Gaming Jobs

Games in Non-Gaming Jobs

Audio Only. The line between business software and games is starting to blur. If you play a game that teaches you how to be a doctor managing many critical patients, the connection with reality is obvious. However, if you play a modern action RPG you may not realize you're using a type of programming called "business rules" that is used to drive many major corporations. Approximately one out of five Global Fortune 500 companies currently use gaming internally for learning in some capacity. Now some companies are looking toward gaming for other purposes, such as evaluating competition, crowd sourcing corporate strategy, and marketing.

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I really should have gone to this. In Emergency management we are using tools like Second Life and have always accessed miniatures to simulate moving assets around during disasters as we practice the plan out. In fact, my whole job is to come up with scenarios that test the plans...I am quite nearly the worlds ultimate DM XD

Just kidding.


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