Unskippable: Atelier Meruru, Part One

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Keith Fraser:

yeah these JRPGs from this game series(others that look like it Paul and Graham did for unskippable)

look interesting I would buy if I knew if I was them in the right order or which ones are better?

Based on the video, I assume they go in the following order:

Atelier Rorona
Atelier Totori
Atelier Meruru

Which ones are better...I cannot say.

Incidentally, I think at least some of those names are actual Japanese words. I'm pretty sure 'tori' is the romanization of the name of those gates you see outside Japanese shrines/temples, for example.

It's actually Torii, but Totori is an actual name.


Can someone please explain what the fuck I just watched?

You watched Graham and Paul make funny comments during the opening of some strange strange game.

Although interestingly enough, not the strangest game they've ever done. No that title still belongs to Ar Tonlica.

I must say though, that Altelier Iris game did look interesting, however these 3 (Rorona, Totori, and Meruru) do not.

Wow, forget "a guy with no name said nothing"....
Here, a BUNCH of people with no FACES said nothing!

By the way... Frixie Dixie and the Mold is my Furtive Pygmy cover band. ^_^

Sadly, this still looks like a more appealing game than a lot of other announced titles this year.

I never thought I'd find myself looking forward to a two-part Atelier Unskippable.

How could they say this is the best game about property foreclosure? That title obviously goes to Recettear!

As crappy as the storylines are in these games I still like the Atelier series, it has some of the funnest gameplay of the turn based RPG genre, if they ever bothered to get a semi-capable writer these games would be perfect.

Previously on Atelier:
Rorona saves her workshop and Tortori becomes and adventurer. And now (hopefully) the conclusion.

Obviously Graham & Paul, Everything's better with princesses

I see several people beat me to the Recettear punch. Speaking of, you guys should do that opening cutscene. I'm sure you could make it hilarious. (:

Oh, silly JRPGs and their silly tropes. So inherently make-fun-of-able. I don't think I've ever been so excited to see that "Part One" at the end of a video!

I always love the Atelier intros. Not of the games (which I have never played) but the intros for reasons I cannot fathom are very entertaining to watch.
I guess its because the voice work is so cutsie/adorable and the dialogue itself is too "kind hearted".

"it's the best game about property foreclosure I have ever played"

Someone hasn't played "Recettear: an item shop's tale" (what is it with property foreclosure and stupid names). Seriously it's a great game ^^.

Ah, ninja'd.

Seriously, though, play some Recettear.

TOOT-TOOTIE-TOOTS!! (just about died laughing)

Oh god, you're right about the "bureaucrat theme". I've heard that song a hundred times before, and usually when there was a fat, bumbling emissary/councilor/courtier on screen.

Aaaaand shit I just bumped the thread. Yep, theres a week suspension right there. That'll teach me not to look at dates accidentally.

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