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DmC: Devil May Cry Preview

Dante's hair may have changed, but DmC: Devil May Cry is looking to be a fantastic hack and slasher.

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I saw some of the newer trailers and gameplay videos for this on the Facebook page. I have to say, the new DMC looks pretty kick ass. And I was one of those people out in the trenches loudly decrying the new look after the first trailer came out. I've completely flip-flopped on this and I look forward to playing the game.

However, this guy is clearly trying to antagonise the unconvinced fans in order to get views. Not judging him, the troll dollar is the most viable currency in the entirety of the gaming sub-culture. His troll-baiting is just really obvious and cringeworthy.

inb4 30 FPS complaints

And I seriously hope music in this video is not from the game. And if is, then that there are many different ones. Nothing against dubstep but this one was a bit too high-pitched for my ears.
Otherwise I would like to play the game. Never really complained about his hair since my first DMC was DMC3 so no emotional ties formed yet :)

inb4 30 FPS complaints

And I seriously hope music in this video is not from the game. And if is, then that there are many different ones. Nothing against dubstep but this one was a bit too high-pitched for my ears.
Otherwise I would like to play the game. Never really complained about his hair since my first DMC was DMC3 so no emotional ties formed yet :)

I don't think the music is from the game, just a choice of the guys who made this particular video. Either way the pitch was a bit odd, but from what I've seen of these videos Ginx tends to do that all the time anyway.

This guy says pretty much what I thought to begin with, just with having a game to play as back-up x)

The game looks promising but there are too many doubts for me to buy it on faith. The 30FPS is something that does concern me because all those battles in those clips looks very slow and clunky from a game whos signature is stylistic combat. Sure the reviewer said the combat was solid but no clips from the videos suggested it.

As for the reviewer baiting the upset fans, it really is a sign of an novice reviewer to bait fans. Yatzee and Jim both did it in their earlier episodes but eventually toned it down. As for the minor topic, yes I think making dante lose his signature silver hair to look like another generic dark haired white protagonist #72 is a bit disappointing but the gameplay is what I care about.

Just like when Diablo 3 was released I was waiting for Torchlight 2, I will be waiting for Metal Gear Rising when this comes out. If I wanted God of War's style of combat, I'd play God of War. If I wanted the fast-paced combat that made Devil May Cry so popular, I'll play Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising.

I feel like a game that isn't at all DMC should call itself DMC.
Had this game not said it was DMC, I wouldn't have known, I'd just think it was similar to DMC, Bayonetta, and God of War.

I know it. This game is going to get great reviews. I just know it.

And it kills me.

Wow, That was some obvious troll baiting... And still on the fence about this. I have seen some gameplay vids and I think that it looks more clunky then the 3rd or 4th DMC. Yeah the platfroming looks a little fun but DMC was never about platforming.

But my doubts might be missplaced and this game might be fun. Though this video doesn't convince me to buy it for full price.

So much shadow I could barely see what he was doing half the time =/

*Sigh* People are still strawmanning the haters with the hair complaints despite all the other legitimate complaints.

Whatever. If a supporter for DMC can't muster up the courage to even find a counter to the real problems facing it then it's not even worth getting angry. Platinum games are releasing at least three great hack and slash games in the near future, so I find it somewhat difficult to even care anymore.

I been playing the DMC HD this week and it's loltastic as to how corny it is :D.

Anyway Enslaved is such a well written and acted story that I have no fears about DMC's story.

As to how it plays I can't really tell until I play the demo. Atm i'm not expecting it to be as technical as old DMC but if it's appoaching the same level of quality then it's one of the best examples to come out recently.

And after RE6 i'm happy for DMC to be in the hands of Ninja Theory, if they can somewhat prove themselves hopefully NT can get better at hack and slashers in the long run. ATM Platium Games are the kings of this genre, but they can't make every game, nor do I want them to get bogged down with old IPs.

I immensely disliked DMC 3 and 4. They were so friggin boring compared to the first they became a non-entity to me.

It was utterly disappointing that in two games subsequent to DMC2 Capcom never bothered to fill in the blanks and let us see Dante develop into the solemn and weary warrior he ended up, though I will admit it was cool to learn Vergil's origin and how he became Nelo Angelo.

I'm willing to give this new game a shot because Lord knows this series needed a new direction.

An emo kid is not an unusually developed character, and juggling does not give a game depth.

It's odd. I've sort of gone back and forth with the game. First sort of thinking it would be meh, to then thinking it would be awesome, to now me thinking it can really go either way. The gameplay looks like it can be good, but the story (or at least the theme) looks like absolute shit though, which is odd considering this is Ninja Theory. Perhaps there's some intentional mis-leading going on here, but only time will tell.

Whether the changes appeal to anyone or not, they've done a massive retooling of the franchise. I can't deny the amount of work they're showing, though I'm suspending my opinion... except on one detail - now, while the art-style and color palette are looking great, the cutscene seem filmed through a vaseline-smeared camera at the bottom of a glass jar filled with jell-o. What is with the blur and the lens flares?

Captcha: I like humans
o_o... okay... creepy.

I'm actually feeling pretty good about this. I knew it would play well, but I'm pleasantly surprised that their managing to hammer a workable narrative out of Devil May Cry.

This game is practically a downgrade in every single area to what was offered to us by Devil May Cry 3..hell even 4. The fact Ninja Theory have successfully managed to make reviewers think this hatred is all based on the hair color change is even more infuriating.

Yeah, the originals weren't perfect and sometimes it was a bit silly, but you know what? It was never trying to be super grim and serious: Dante was always meant to be kind of silly but still rather cool at the same time. This series knew damned well what it was and it was freaking proud of it.

Some argue that Dante hasn't changed in the new game in regards to personality..but i see one very very VERY important thing lacking from this new Dante that is crippling him in my eyes. Well, aside from nearly every damned word he says making me cringe ("Dante the Demonkiller" anyone?) it's one very simple thing: Confidence. I don't see new Dante having any shred of confidence, and he seems really freaking insecure.

Let's go further:

Gameplay showcasing aside, this is just a good fun scene. From the first second in Dante doesn't lose his cool, he just plays around and gets ready for the innevitable fight with this demoness. More importantly, after it's all said and done? The guy shows off and just has some fun trying out his newfound weapon (Fun? Remember when protagonistss had that?). This shows Dante's confidence in full force throughout: He knows damned well what he's getting into and he's all to aware he's an action game star...and he LOVES it. But this also showcases his fun-loving side too, hence why i chose it. He's one of the few protagonists in recent years who's cocky, funloving, adrenaline junkie aspects aren't all an act. He didn't need to try to act tough, he just let his ego do the work.
Yeah, the old school had the infamous "Light!" Scene scene out of a whole four games is not representative of quality from all said games.

Now...what's Ninja Theories Dante Like?

Aaaaand...right off the bat this is painful. Aside from a showcase of some of that "LOVELY" Writing ability Ninja Theory has, you'll notice that same ego is very much...gone. Sure, he's throwing insults around but from the sounds of it it just comes across as some guy TRYING to act tough and failing rather miserably. It's your everyday Teenage punk trying to act like an action movie star, and it's painful to see. The demon isn't exactly much better here, but still this Dante seems to be someone who ACTS like he's confident whilst regular Dante just seemed to let his ego and confidence control the scene.

And that there lies the difference: Old Dante was confident and he just let his ego do the talking, and wasn't afraid to play around. New Dante Acts like his confident and seems rather insecure, whilst attempts are made to be witty they come across as really freaking forced.

So yeah, Rant over now. Have fun. Wakka Wakka, peace out...not like anybodies gonna read this little thing anyway.


So yeah, Rant over now. Have fun. Wakka Wakka, peace out...not like anybodies gonna read this little thing anyway.

I agree the old Dante has a campy charm to him, as you'd expect from something so OTT. The new guy looks a bit of a try hard, and should probably just shut up.

That said, I don't have a problem with them trying something completely different. We've had 3 games based around the goofy fun Dante already, and those games aren't going anywhere. A reboot with a total change in tone is probably a better idea than a rehash, and I think there is more than enough left to still be a DMC game.

From what I have seen, fans are not pissed about the hair colour. That was a silly complaint that got out of hand about two years ago. Since then, the developers, team ninja/"NinjaTam" especially have insulted and lied to the fans, dodged questions in interviews and repeatedly back tracks what the game is (reboot, reimagining, prequal, etc).

That is why fans have had a problem, go watch some Eventstatus video's on youtube if you have the time. But no, every time I see an interview or review video they never mention any of that, they just claim all the backlash is because of the hair colour, nothing else.

Even Jim sterling made the same assumption, which was disappointing.
I expect when the game comes out, the reviewers, including Yahtzee's video will all make the same jab at the fans as well.

You know what would of made this preview better? Talking about the game instead of wasting half of it bad mouthing fans, also giving us a clip of the real music when you talk about it.

My irritation with Ninja Theory started with the hair thing. I fully admit I was annoyed with the redesign, but I let it go. I'm a comics fan, I'm used to constant changes in what my favorite characters look and act like. The point where I said, "There very little chance I'm going to play DmC" is when Ninja Theory, and a lot of news outlets in general, started insulting the fans and falling back on the old hair change argument. Soured my taste for the game.

While I don't really know yet whether I like DmC so far or not. I think it looks quite neat, but some things seem a bit off, especially some aspects of Dante's character.

This explains it quite well

Setting aside the numerous gameplay issues for a moment, here is a rebuttal on the basis of the protagonist's characterization alone.

Was the terrible voice acting really the best thing to carry over from the previous games? None of Ninja Theory's previous games, problematic as they were, sounded as horribly stilted as the dialog in the scenes they showed. Seriously, what's with those ridiculous pauses and complete lack of emotion?

What really makes me nervous about this reboot is that both of the developers previous titles had platforming so easy and on rails it might as well not have been there and shallow, poorly balanced combat that got old fast.

Also, new Dante still looks and sounds like a spoiled rich kid whining about how his life is suffering because his parents gave him the wrong color sports car for his 16th birthday. I'm not saying it couldn't work; but that's the vibe I get from him in every trailer.

The amount of time the developer and the gaming press have spent badmouthing fans and setting up the "it's just about the hair color" strawman in place of all their actual complaints really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Have they yet shown any indication of any new weapons, from what I've seen it's still just the scythe,sword, and double guns. Between Dante's new persona, the crappy demons, and the killjoy weapons, I've stopped caring about this game. It looks really boring and I do want to be proven wrong.

The instant some garme jurnalist makes it sound like the biggest contention is just that they changed his hair, I stop listening. As usual, they're ignoring that they gutted every aspect of the character from his back-story to his appearance to his existing relationships. They made Generic Brown-haired Action Guy #574 and named him Dante so they could ride the coat-tails of a series that used to actually be good and unique. Then they took the series and dunked it in "GRRFUCKGRITTYFUCKBROWNFUCK" to appeal to westerners.. and if that's how you appeal to the west, the west has some serious issues. They could have made their own character and their own game, but no, that would require originality and competency which are qualities Ninja Theory does not have.

Someone tell me why pointless reboots are so reviled in movies yet here with the most pointless of the pointless reboots since Bomberman for the Xbox, even the jaws of life couldn't pry people like Ginx and game-media sites off the genitals of this game?

But hey Ginx, Capcom, Ninja Theory, etc, keep antagonizing the people who actually follow the series. I'm sure it'll help sales. It certainly convinced me to buy a game, not this game, mind you, but I'll be getting MGR:R, and I'm getting a Wii-U for Bayonetta 2 and Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge almost purely because of how DMC:Eurotrash has been handled.

Lectori Salutem:
I think it looks quite neat, but some things seem a bit off, especially some aspects of Dante's character.

This video explains it well

Understand I'm not criticizing you for posting it but I feel very differently from the opinions in this video.

First off I thought the scene where they go back and forth with the 'fuck yous' was golden. The things that are 'off-putting' about Dante I like as well.

I will concede that perhaps there was pandering to fans that changed his personality and I certainly would have liked to have seen the darker more feral version they originally planned.

I don't believe that the result is a 'poor' character. Although I am feeling a little weirded out as to how many main characters are white males with short dark hair... kinda thought that was gamer paranoia before this.

this whole thing has been an exercise in realizing how different everyone's tastes are. I'm usually on the side that is flinging poo at SEGA for how they treat Sonic or at SquareEnix for... well... the last five or so Final Fantasies. But in this case I'd encourage Ninja Theory to be as different as possible. If they get scared and make a character that's falling apart at the seems well that's a shame.

First off I thought the scene where they go back and forth with the 'fuck yous' was golden.

To each their own and all that, but that part made me visibly cringe. Differing humour types, I guess, but I prefer even semi-decent one-liners to childish mocking and imitation. And "semi-decent" isn't even what I'd rank "Fuck You"'s one-liners.

The new look was not needed, that is all....

He looks like my ex boyfriend now...I might just run him into demons over and over and laugh.

I think this is the point. He must be insecure of his powers. Comics ARE reboots. Give DMC development to Team Ninja was a bold movie, and I really enjoyed it. Will it be bad or good? Can't say, but I will buy that game.

I've never played DmC before, but this excites me. Really like Dante's character design, and while I'm not a fan of dubstep or industrial the setting is perfect for it.

Ninja Theory- A company that can make games with compelling stories and good characters.

Capcom- Can give me a game with excellent combat

Put the two together, and somehow we get a game that has so far failed on both fronts. I have no idea what happened here.

This game has a shitload of problems outside the redesign. If a journalist is still attack fans over the hair thing, that just shows they dont have the intelligence to carry an argument.

Ginormous fail on Ginx's part...

As someone who thought the token white hair and overly kooky attitude expected from a certain orange-wearing ninja turtle as stupid, I actually think this is a good direction to take the franchise.

Edit - after seeing other posts and vids, it seems the only thing that has changed is the look. Still snarky and kooked out as ever. Bleh.

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