85: Requiem for a Dreamcast

"In 1999, Sega had launched with the best machine and the most high-quality games anyone had ever seen. They had a well-supported platform which was easy to program for and offered an abundance of after-market options and services. They had, in other words, a first-rate game console, launched perfectly and supported flawlessly. Nothing, so it seemed, could go wrong. And yet it did. Sony beat them just by showing up to the party, and by the time Sega pulled the plug, only 10 million Dreamcasts had been manufactured, an estimated half of which still sat in warehouses and on store shelves.

"At first glance, it doesn't make any sense, and considering only the machine, its capability and wide appeal, it doesn't. But the problems with Sega's machine were legion, and most had nothing to do with the Dreamcast at all."

Requiem for a Dreamcast

I owned a Dreamcast in college. I literally saved up money, stashing it in a giant, empty plastic pretzel container. When I bought it from EBGames I walked out with the console, House of the Dead and two light guns. I later played Sonic and PSO. The Dreamcast was an amazing console and died a premature death.

Russ mentioned that he did not buy the PS2 "until it came with a plastic guitar". This is actually the only reason that I've seriously considered buying a PS2. Hopefully Activision will follow through and release GH on the Wii...so I don't have to sell my soul to the devil to get my rockstar fix.

I still have my Dreamcast, and play Skies of Arcadia on it once in a while. The Dreamcast did die early but you can't really blame sony for its death. The dreamcast wasn't really future proofed at all.

It's almost like Sega was thinking inside the box when it came to future proofing the Dreamcast, I still think to this day that if the Dreamcast had a DVD drive we would still be playing Chu Chu Rocket online.

I'm still playing Dreamcast on a regular basis. There's nothing like it for traditional, grass roots arcade gaming (although Xbox 360 is showing potential).

My current playlist consists of Last Blade II, Street Fighter III Third Strike, Ikaruga, Jet Grind Radio and (in my opinion) the machine's crowning glory: Under Defeat. Playing these games reminds me of how pure gaming used to be, and, whilst I certainly don't begrudge or shun contemporary gaming, playing on the Dreamcast is still never anything less than a euphoric experience -- it really was *that* good.

A good friend of mine still has a Dreamcast, we and two others still play gauntlet legends to this day.

*sigh* Happy days. I too still have my Dreamcast.

I'd also like to see an article about how the Saturn got the shaft before it.

i argue that the PS2 is the greats console ever, a billion titles, compact frame, doest die often, able to be bought in an uber-mini version...

don't kill me, as i can run quite fast, and will tell the law.

I got my Dreamcast on Day 1, I have still yet to find any games that live up to the quality that graced this awesome console.

I was heartbroken when Sega announced that they were dropping out of the console race, and to this day I pray that they suddenly unleash something so earth shatteringly awesome that it totally dominates the ongoing war.

Because it seems that Sega was the only company that had the balls to tread new ground.

I was a lucky kid, I got to have all the consoles each generation threw out.
I played my PS2 no where near the amount I played my Dreamcast. I played it to the point the lazer actually wore or burned out, to the point where the little disk spinning motor spun its last spin. Even though it barely works, it still sits proud, as the greatest example of pure gaming bliss, on the top shelf of my tv stand, above everything else.

The Lawn:
I have still yet to find any games that live up to the quality that graced this awesome console.

These super awesome Dreamcast games being?...


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