Put the Cookie Down!

Put the Cookie Down!

Cool action heroes don't look at explosions.

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Congratulations Kyle!

A big congratulations to Kyle.

On topic: well written article. something I'd be interested in is coming back to this topic, but with two different stars. like "who is the other best action hero" just see the arguments made.

Spit takes with Dan are the best spit takes I've seen
Also, congrats to Kyle!

Congrats to Kyle. Hope you enjoy the trip, or whatever :P

After viewing this, especially after Dan's bit on Chris, I think there should be another fan contest in the future on who is the better debater. Chris vs Kyle vs Dan. OMNIBUS!!!

Great read, nice to see this get more attention.
Congrats Kyle!

Congratulations Kyle. Good luck with the smooching.

OT: I actually didn't finish watching the actual video this Explanation was made for. I don't have anything against Jason Statham, but he shouldn't have been in contention. Glad to see other, better candidates mentioned in the Explanation.

Also, while I don't think it's fair to put martial arts action stars into a separate bin, that doesn't discount why Chow Yun Fat was never mentioned. I can't call him the BEST EVER, but John Woo's films starring him arguably had more influence over a lot more franchises that geeks like more than any other action star. The Matrix, Hitman, Devil May Cry, and many others owe a large portion of their stylistic gun-toting to Chow Yun Fat.

Seeing people nominate the Almighty Bruce Campbell (trumpet fanfares accompany the title recitation as usual) warms my heart but alas its the wrong category. Aside from his AWESOME work in Burn Notice, which folks is a TV series and not cinema, his repetoire has been B-list horror flicks up to and including a film about finding Himself in a B-rate horror flick (My Name Is Bruce). Sure he can do action, but camp is more his style and thus he does not fall on the potential Expendables 3 wagon.
This post in no way defames the Almighty Bruce Campbell (trumpet fanfare) and in fact solidifies his position as the King... Baby.

Jackie Chan? Jet Li? Bruce Lee? Chow Yun Fat? I smell another episode. Make it a group arguement!

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