Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 23

Media Sandwich Episode 23

Sports Sandwich: Today's sandwich breaks the mold as Kyle takes a week off to prepare for the wedding while Chris and Dan pick up the slack. And pick up the slack they do!

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1) you were not over the line with the Xbox friend request.
2) can I be Xbox friends with you. I don't want to talk ever, just know I could if wanted.

So what I'm a No Right Answer episode with the black widow costume. It is your destiny!

So what I'm a No Right Answer episode with the black widow costume. It is your destiny!

I will post pictures on the fan page ala Facebook, but we already filmed through Halloween. doing an episode in drag too far from Halloween might raise some questions.

I gotta say I do like Dan casts. That chipmunk movie gave me nightmares as a kid, thanks for reminding me about it.

You ever watch Milo and Otis? That was my favorite. Anyway Dan watch avatar and play Bastion, probably at the same time. Avatar the first series is on Netflix and the Nick website.

Speaking of making of's that one is kind of fun. The explain how the chose martial arts styles for different people. They didn't just make up moves they copied fighting styles.

On last thing for Chris. Am I that guy? Cause I feel like I feel like every time my name pops up at least one of you cringes.

We need more Dan on the podcasts.
We also need more pictures of Dan in a drag.

Dan, Black Widow, now!

What do you mean "Should Dan watch Avatar?"? The question is "Why hasn't Dan watched Avatar yet?"
Don't take my word for it, go listen to Dan (from Extra Credits) and others talk about how great Avatar is in these Gonzo Planet podcasts. [Add note: get these guys on to chat with?]

Well I can speak more on the fact of the faux pas if that is ok. I have information on it, but don't want to without the Sandwich approval. Don't want to upset Papa Club.

Short hand is, it came from a socially inept person who was trying to be a friend without it working out. When the conversation involving EgoRaptor's name leading to Chris talking about XBL and asking for more people to be his friend on XBL occur. Its the whole reason for it. Crap like that happen from a point of view, when things aren't understood on both end. Don't want to say more, and make things worse then they are. Bad enough that Chris felt bad, no need to make it worse. Though Chris is completely in the right, and justified in his actions.

Dan, you should at least be the Black Widow on the opening card for the Halloween episode of Media Sandwich instead of the normal sandwich card that is the opening for the video Media Sandwich. Plus it makes it Halloweeny Sandwich in case nothing of Halloween comes up in the podcast. So you don't have to do anything different for the podcast.

I'm not above ordering a happy meal if it's got some interesting premium inside (Chibi Star Wars figures and Kirby toys woo!). I mean, I WILL do it at a McDonalds at the other end of town and do my best to pretend I'm getting it for someone else but... DON'T JUDGE ME!

Nostalgic movie? I'm having a hard time defining that. I'd probably say some 40's-50's movie like The Court Jester or The Princess and the Pirate because my Mom always watched those movies.

Dan as the Black Widow. Must see.

It. Must. Happen. You know what I mean, Dan.

I don't remember exactly my first action figure, but it was most likely an Animated Series Batman. I had so many Batman toys when I was younger. Nowadays it's all LEGO Batman all the time.

McDonalds toys here in Australia, up until very recently, were pretty terrible. Usually single coloured, zero-moving-parts chunks of plastic. I remember when we went to America in '99 and being blown away by the relative quality of the McDonalds toys. They were all Toy Story 2 themed as well.

The weirdest thing I've bought online? I've pretty much just bought toys/statues I couldn't get anywhere near my house. That said I did buy a HYPNOTOAD. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

I get told all the time to play Magic cards. Probably because I work at a store that sells them. Haven't really got the inclination to start though, pretty much for time and money reasons. My hobby money goes into LEGO, video games and toys/statues for my display cabinets.

Nostalgic movie is definitely Batman, the 1989 Tim Burton one. No question. I wore out my VHS copy of that. Started my lifelong admiration of the Dark Knight.

Black Widow Dan must happen. Make it so.

Dude crossed a line. You don't go pester a person for a friend request, and then go on to make it awkward. I'm like you Chris, I'm not a hugely 'social' gamer, especially online, so this sort of thing has never happened to me.

(Listening to Media Sandwich while eating a sandwich)

I just learned something while listening to the sandwich. It's so true that when you grow older you learn how to destroy your mother - from now on I'll stop doing that all togheter, cause I might have been using the mom kryptonite a bit too loosely than I'd want to admit. Thanks Kris.


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