Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Resident Evil 6.

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I'm watching it, but I already played the demo of Call of Resident Evil: Battlefield 4

Please disregard this post.
Mods please don't ban me.

I'll just leave this miracleofsound gem here. <3

And great review, the online stuff pissed me off too.. Sigh..

Yahtzee should learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of shooting a T-REX made out of steaks .

It passed surprisingly well... sure, it was not recommended in any form, but he didn't rip it as much to pieces as I expected. RE5 took more damage.

The Resident Evil series? Talk about Walking Dead.
And just where is the fun in NOT getting you coke'd-up Crowshaw?

It's always cathartic to see Yahtzee tear apart a series/game I don't like. Plus it has the added bonus of making me feel justified in my dislike!

To be fair RE:3 ended with a nuke.

That was honestly about what I expected. Actually, he didn't even hate it quuuite as much as I expected. Meantime, I've already determined the game is very flawed and I'm going to get annoyed with it at least a few times whilst playing, but will not ultimately be able to stay away. Probably getting it in about a week.

Was hoping for x com because I'm curious or you actually like it.
Also OBJECTION capcom can write well ace attorney proves that its just the writers of resident evil cant.

I'm more apt to calling the whole thing Resident Dead than Resident Evil.

Seriously, how many more games is Crapcom going to cock up before it realizes it's doing something completely ass-backwards?

Captcha - not yet. I know, Captcha!

Ugh, this game sucked.

I was sort of hoping for Dishonored, but meh, I guess maybe he'll do it some other week. :P
Also, it disturbes me that I can't unsee that the "6" in RE 6 looks like a giraffe-man getting... a certain kind of "work" from a woman... >.<''

No comment on the skill points then?

I rarely ever used my weapons, so ammo wasn't an issue at all. Just made heads explode when I kicked them in!

And again: everything I disliked about RE5, only worse. Thank you for the confirmation.

Oh, and it looks like they added something I disliked from XIII: never knowing when you should be hoarding ammo, and when the game was going to make it irrelevant. Good times.

I feel a tiny bit bad because it doesn't sound like Capcom is in the best financial straits, and I know they are at least capable of making good games. But it's beginning to sound like they've taken one swing too many at the RE/Biohazard horse.

At this rate, it will be months til Yahtzee does Torchlight 2.... if he ever does. If he only does 1 playthrough, he may not think it grindy. Also, the multiplayer is an addon to single player instead of the other way around, which is way too fucking common.

But ofc, he will do dishonored, and maybe XCOM. >.>

I've never really been one for the Resident Evil games, but I did enjoy RE4. I was hoping 6 might be more of the same, (or at least an improvement on 5, which I couldn't get through), but it seems that is not the case. Ah, well. I'm too busy playing Dishonored and XCOM, anyway. Plus, AC:3 comes out in a couple of weeks. Who has time for Resident Evil?

Surprisingly forgiving review. I guess he's just getting tired of Resi by this point.

Not completely on subject, but my copy of Jam came Monday, and so far it is really good and pretty funny.

First Jim reviewed it, now Yahtzee? Can Bob be next please? XD

I'll just leave this miracleofsound gem here. <3

Wigglesticks should accompany every review of RE6.

Hats off to ZP for digging up the final boss to the original Slaughterhouse.

Well, guess we know at least one game that's gonna wind up on Yahtzee's top 5/bottom 5 this year.

Assassin Xaero:
Not completely on subject, but my copy of Jam came Monday, and so far it is really good and pretty funny.

I'm still waiting for my copy...
Damn it, Royal Mail!

Was hoping for x com because I'm curious or you actually like it.

I am afraid he does not review strategy games for some reason which was explained in his review of the strategy game Halo Wars.

I guess this was one of those hard to review games because he didn't like it or disliked it as much to review it with passion.

Tuesday morning my dog had dirraeha all over the carpet. He then (while we were all asleep) ate bits of it, and threw it up again in the living room. When I tried to clean it up, i thought it was all barf and ended up smearing that shit into a line on the carpet. I am now going to blame Yahtzee for this (despite him having nothing to do with it) because of that last line.

I was hoping he'd mention how Jake is voiced by the same guy who did the voice of default man voice 1 in Saints Row 3, because I actually found that really distracting.

I see that planet Earth chuggin on a bottle of Clorox there... nicely played.

But when I heard the game was riddled with QTE's again I stepped far far back and refused to touch with a sanitized 10foot barge pole held my someone else.

Was hoping for x com because I'm curious or you actually like it.

He is always a week behind schedule of the releases, so I would guess XCOM will we next.
Then again, it came out the same day as Dishonored, so it could go either way...

I'll just leave this miracleofsound gem here. <3

And great review, the online stuff pissed me off too.. Sigh..

I've watched that about 5 times in a row and I'm still laughing. This incredibly accurate song leaves even Yahtzee's review out in the cold!

He sounded kinda tired in this one. Guess he didn't have enough new material or anger to work with. Oh well Redfield joke was still funny as hell.

While this might just be yet another bad review ontop of a mountain of bad reviews, every single video about how bad this game is still fills me with pure, utter joy.

See boys and girls? This is what happens when you stop trying to be yourself, and instead change your personality to emulate all "the cool kids". You just end up looking like a total ****. Hey, Capcom! Maybe if you actually attempt to one day make a RESIDENT EVIL game, and you try your hardest, you might make another spectacular game, like 4 or the remake of the original. Just start believing in yourself again and not others.

I hated the first 3 resident evils and would have probably hated 4 on gamecube. But on the Wii RE4 was brilliant because you could AIM with the wiimote.

Plus when I played through it I was working on a kidney stone so I had the immersive feeling of a foreign body tearing up my insides the whole time.

Ok, I'm gonna bite.

Why didn't Yathzee play local co op? That's loads of fun and you don't get idiots that are online.

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