Movie Trailers: Chinese Zodiac - Trailer

Chinese Zodiac - Trailer

Just like National Treasure except instead of the Constitution that they're stealing this time it's a placemat from a Chinese restaurant.

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...Wow. Is anyone else but me getting flashbacks to Jackie Chan Adventures?

I might check it out, if only to see how much of a badass Jackie Chan can still be even after all these years...

Will see this for sure.

Jackie Chan = guaranteed watch for me.

I wish he'd start working on Rush hour 4 though :-p

Jackie Chan fighting with an umbrella, in a store room full of boxes? I've seen taht a lot... And I love them all, Finally a movie that's a must for me :D

Hmm... well the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon series also had a clear thematic link with the chinese zodiac, and those artifacts were mystical, makes me wonder if this movie will be the straightforward kung-fu flick it seems to be or if there will be a twist there.


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