GinxTV: Resident Evil 6 - Guide to Characters

Resident Evil 6 - Guide to Characters

A quick guide to the main characters you need to worry about in the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise.

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I've never played an RE game before, but kinda want to after seeing this.

To answer the last question, Barry retired.

After the events of Resident Evil 3, Barry and Jill formed an anti-Umbrella taskforce. When Umbrella was shut down by the government, Barry retired so that he could be with his family while Jill went on to create the BSAA alongside Chris.

I'd have to say my favourite characters are actually the team from Outbreak I & II. We don't really get very much information about them, but you have a tendency to shit yourself a lot more when you're actually playing the game as a train driver or a waitress, rather than a barrel-chested boulder-punching government agent who is regularly known to survive being attacked by entire villages of locals.

It's also a lot more poignant when one of your dead teammates gets up and comes after you all arms and fingers and teeth. And bunny ears (I liked to give the waitress the backstory of being a playboy bunny - and the bunny outfit fitted well).


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