Jimquisition: Scare Tactics

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Scare Tactics

Dr. Jonathan Crane accepts an invite to give the Jimquisition a lesson in fear.

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Hmm... personally I'm not really that attached to the horror genre anyway, but I can accept that jump scares have their place if done well and placed in the right context.

Decent voice-manipulation and Scarecrow delivery there too.

No Jimquisition? Talk about a Straw Man fallacy.

My problem with Dead Space is that the necromorphs didn't look scary: they looked ugly. And they got more annoying than scary.

Wow, that was pretty good!

What effects processing did you put your voice through exactly?

So...the show is called JimCrow now?

The Crowquisition?

Toasty Virus:
Wow, that was pretty good!

What effects processing did you put your voice through exactly?

Thanks! I love doing the Halloween ones and tried to make it special this year.

Effects were pretty layman-level. Just whacked the audio through Wavepad's Chorus and Flanger/Phaser effects until I was happy with what I had.

So...the show is called JimCrow now?

The Crowquisition?

I prefer The Scareshow.

The problem with jump scares isn't that they exist. Every scare tactic has a place and they can work. The problem is when they're so bloody obvious, you're sitting there going "4, 3, 2, 1-"*abloogy woogie woo!*

When used wrong in films, it's really obvious when they're going to come up. The music stops, everything gets quiet, often people stop talking, then "RARG!". It's pretty much the same for games. They have to be earned, some moments of silence without any scare attempts coming helps build the tension too.

I still say one of the scariest moments in Silent Hill 2 was descending the staircase in the museum. Tense, claustrophobic, all waiting for a monster to show.

Best Jimquisition yet. I nearly died when I saw kinectonauts. Well played good sir image

Metro 2033 was another that pulled off the jump scare thing pretty well.

I loved this episode

Gotta love that Iifa Tree track.

Love how a clip of DNF showed up at the end. Priceless.

As for scare tactics: I think one of the issues with jump scares is that they're usually scripted into a certain area and don't often happen randomly in games. Therefore, the chance of them being well-received goes down after the first playthrough. Dead Space got me a few times the first time I played, but by the second and third (and fourth) playthrough it was all old hat. Perhaps that's not the fault of the jump scare, though.

I think jump scares really only work best when the player is uncomfortable with their situation, and is therefore more nervous about what's around the next corner. It's why the first few scares in DOOM 3 really worked on me, but by the end of the first act I had a pistol, a shotgun, and a submachine gun, all with full ammo, and I was behind a full set of medieval plate armor. Jump scares are less likely to work if the player believes they can deal with them, and are thus not worried about what may lurk ahead.

So...the show is called JimCrow now?

The Crowquisition?

Not sure if intentionally racist... or accidentally.

The problem with jump scares isn't that they exist. Every scare tactic has a place and they can work. The problem is when they're so bloody obvious, you're sitting there going "4, 3, 2, 1-"*abloogy woogie woo!*

Yeah, wasn't that the issue with F.3.A.R. 3 or whatever it's called? Brightly lit cover-based shooter corridors, then you turn a corner and the lights dim and my brain goes--"Get ready for a surprise!" I don't know if it gets better later, I just got bored of that first level.

Alan Wake too. Could have been creepy and atmospheric, but every time the bad guys show up the score swells and the camera zooms in on them.

You are right in case of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, the jump scares do give you a feeling of dread with every door and corner but Doom not so much, jump scares requires a weaker character I never saw the creatures in Doom as much more then a target, having little more scare then a game of whack a mole.

Man, after that beginning all I can think is that Jim must be a bad kitty.

Awesome vid Jim but not gonna lie I was it playing in a small corner of the screen with sound low because I was expecting a legit jump scare to pop up any second as you were talking about them. Spoony did something recently and I'm still rather paranoid of any videos around this time of the year. Of course that just illustrated your point perfectly about them instilling fear and you didn't stoop low enough to actually doing it. So grats on that front.

Good grief, that ending was teffifying. Well done, Jim. This actually reminded me of Resident Evil 4. I didn't really see it as a horror game as much as an action game (particularly towards the end, except for that random corridor), but in retrospect it was quite good with jump-scares; the trip mines, the bear traps, the random rocket-wielding zealots, etc. Maybe they just became less scary since I replayed the game to death.

There's certainly a place for jump-scares.. but when it is stuff like Doom 3 or Dead Space where they happen constantly, it dulls the surprise when it happens for the 500000000th time after being telegraphed the same way over and over and they don't surprise you anymore.

They're even less effective in games like Doom 3 or Dead Space because you know you can handle them. You've been mowing down legions of Imps and Necromorphs, they aren't a threat, thus aren't scary.

One of the scariest things is if you look during a full moon, you can see that MOTHERFUCKING ZELDA MOOD EVIL GUY FACE IN IT!

This Scarecrow episode was pretty damned awesome...I enjoy your smile and can't wait till next week to see what ya cooked up for it :D

I think this is what happens when you cross Vivi with Scarecrow...
Good costume, are you going to go trick-or-treating with that?
I've never played a horror game or seen a horror movie... I just don't like the idea of being scared.

Climbing the tower in the cradle.

Enough said.

I was absolutely convinced once I saw SCP that there was going to be a jump scare or something. I haven't played the game myself but I spent a good hour or two reading through the wiki and I'm terrified of it. I can't play Slender or SCP, if there's one thing that absolutely terrifies me it's knowing I'm being followed but being unable to see my pursuer. Queue frightened whimpering and rivers of piss.

That example of Pyramid Head appearing wasn't a jump scare, because nothing pop up at you. There was a quiet door sound, some footsteps and when you turned around you saw you were cornered by Pyramid Head. A jump scare isn't that gradual, it hits you so fast you don't has time to process what it is, so often what scares you can be something not at all threatening.

That being said Silent Hill 2 did employ jump scares, very rarely and after you had been playing the game long enough to be in the mood for them to be effective. The best example would probably be Laura hitting the keys on the piano.

The main criticism of jump scares is their over use, because people who experience a ton of horror will become immune from them over time. Still, nothing wrong with them, I'd just don't want to be made to expect a jump scare coming, since that is a good way for me not to react frighten to them. Now convincing me a jump scare will happen and then delivering nothing, well there's a quote about that:

"Being prepared for almost anything, he was not, by any means, prepared for nothing."

Can someone with an HD video tell me what the Kane and Lynch III: Drug Guns Gun Drugs article says?

I don`t find Dead Space scary at all. That is because the monsters pose little threat. Issac Clark has space armor and the weapons to easily deal with the monsters. When you don`t fear the monster jump scares completely fall flat.

I will agree that a well paced and crafted jump scare works beautifully, but when it's continuous jump scare after jump scare; the scares lose alot of their edge. Alot of horror movies have this problem where they get stuck on one kind of scare and there is very little build up. Taking Dead space as an example the first time you see Necromorphs is well built (though I think it could have been longer) so when the monsters popped out it was scary. Where as later, when you see the 3rd or 4th Necromorph lying on the ground, you're expecting to pop up and it takes some of the shock out of it. Really, I (personally) have no problem with jump scares but the over use of them. There are a great number of tools in horror's arsenal; just don't pick one and keep using it.

I'm kind of hesitant to watch this episode, because I keep expecting a jump scare in the video itself.

Wow... just wow.
It takes a special video to keep me smiling throughout the whole thing, and you sir, have created such a video. Many kudos to you.

Scarecrow's voice reminded me of this guy!

Anyway,I consider myself not very prone to jump scares.I feel if it gets me,it should scare most people.When there's actual tension,of course a jump scare will work,that's how you do it,you don't go lazy mode and just jump to the scare itself(pun not intended).

I think one of the reasons why people are so down on jump-scares is that some people react to fear, especially unexpected fear, with anger. There have been assaults both in haunted houses (where people are paid to GET SCARED) and even outside of them after a person was done, on staff by disgruntled customers.

So naturally when there's no high schooler trying to make a quick fifty bucks to cold-cock, only your $3000 flat-screen, that anger has to go somewhere so suddenly it's "PSH! Jump scares?? More like CHUMP SCARES!! I mean they're SOOOO easy to pull off that it just becomes LAAAZYYYY...not that I got scared!"

Definitely, Doom 3 is the only game that ever made me shit my pants. (For the record I was holding one in while I was playing Doom 3 but still)

I don't even think the Jump scares need that tense of a set up.

I still have fond repressed memories of Youtube or Newgrounds videos that say "Cool Optical Illusion" then 30 seconds in BAM! scary face... or alternately pancake face, which is equally as scary.

There's no build up, no tension and to me that makes it even scarier.

Can someone with an HD video tell me what the Kane and Lynch III: Drug Guns Gun Drugs article says?

"THERE IS NO CRANE ONLY SCARECROW" repeated over and over.

The ending montage missed an opportunity to use one of the most unsettling video game images ever: Giygas from Earthbound.



Why would you do that Scarecrow, I thought we were friends?!

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