Trailers: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - Teaser Trailer

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - Teaser Trailer

This trailer just makes me hungry for bacon. Scary bacon.

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Babe is back, and he is pissed.

"The swine will rise," was a bit chessy, but it was a good trailer. Looking forward to this one.

Babe is back, and he is pissed.

Oh, God, yes.

I think cows are more ominous sounding.

"A Machine for Pigs"

Only Amnesia could make something that sounds so silly sound so chilling.

Pants crapping terror, check.

Well then... Hope they have specials for bacon.

"Machine for pigs"

Im curious if the have an architect working on this cause the turn of the century aesthetics and the similarity to this and the "city as a machine"/social class views of londons poverty issues in late 19th century (listening to the last monologue) just screams hector gavin(or really an extremist response to social overpopulation/rebeliation)


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