On The Case

On The Case

All that's missing is a pipe and a deerstalker cap.

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I think the question on everyone's mind right now is, "What is the sigil of House Chittagong?"


Also: One of these days, James' van is just going to be considered LRR property...

So maybe CH LRR also has a series called CommodoreHustle? That's about them playing themselves?
*Meta Horror!*

I feel that 'endless random dancing' would be a good setup for an especially silly CH episode.

Sorry, you lost me at cat.

More like....Catodore Hustle!

.....more like...Loading Ready Cat!

...more like.......Loading Cat!

......I'll just be leaving then.

We already know that in cH, the guys did internet viral videos of themselves to get the monies, so that's what is on the DVD...

I keep cracking up, watching Kathleen dancing in the background and the people talking to the camera in the foreground trying to keep a straight face.

Kathleen was quite the hyperactive child, wasn't she?

Kathleen's dancing is amazing.

I know this is only tangentially related but what is Cam's major?

Also by the laws of CH now that Beej has been in one his trait in this video will be his defining characteristic. Which is apparently that he has a fancy cat. So him and CH kathleen should get along.

Someone spiked Kathleen's coffee!! With like freaking Red Bull or something. Not that it was a bad thing, more dancing!

We had a cat that could hide in plain sight. It was this big mottled-ish grey furball of a cat. When it sat still on the lawn, I often mistook it for an ordinary rock.

I prefer to believe that there's an infinite recursion of commodoreHUSTLE universes, each one with a slightly dumber version of Graham (asymptotically approaching the IQ at which intelligible speech would be impossible.)

Is Kathleen familiar with the band Midnight Oil? She dances like the lead singer, Peter Garrett

After contemplating this video, the answer and question was clear to me... WHAT DID THEY HAVE FOR LUNCH!? What? What? What?! A sandwich? A sub? Rye? Pulled pork? Fast food? Taco truck? Carne Asada? Tamle? Enchilada with spicy pork? Pho? Beef Pho? Chicken Pho noodle? Thai boat noodles? Thai green curry? Red... Yelllow!? What could it possibly be!? It was obviously after this "lunch," spontaneous dancing occurred... The only answer can found from this lunch!

Unless this lunch was a sugary substance known as "Surgerion."


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