Escapist News Wrap: Zombie Planets and Darth Mickey Mouse

Zombie Planets and Darth Mickey Mouse

This week, Disney acquires all of Lucasarts, including Star Wars. Meanwhile, NASA discovers a possibly undead planet and monsters from Dungeons and Dragons get used in an important scientific study.

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Wow. That D&D kid was pretty smart.

My guess is that people looked for the eyes.
Am I right?

I didn't know those guys who killed that Magic collector knew him. Evil monsters.

Also. Good show.

Really enjoy these, gives me a chance to read any interesting stories I may have missed

wait wasn't darth Mickey already a thing. I don't remember where, but I am sure it was already a thing.

zombie planet huh...only a matter of time until we find a nebula creature from star trek. or it bites another planet... the universe is doomed...DOOMED i say!!

I'd rather Silicon Knights spend their time working on Eternal Darkness 2 than another X:Men game so I don't see the problem.

I read "Possible Zombie PLanet" and thought it was a planet populated with zombies.


Hmm, I wounder if the kid and his father took into account that D&D art is professionally designed, and therefor follows all the elements of design, including emphasis. Any art that they use will have a specific focal point that has been designated by the artist by contrast of colour, detail, and darkness; Not to mention directing shapes and lines. Any creature they show will draw the eye to a specific point on the drawing; very commonly the eyes/eye.
Granted they have removed the backgrounds, but the principle applies to the creature by themselves, and I still think there will be a flaw in their test. I don't suppose scientists would be likely to know the finer points of design but anytime someones eyes are draw somewhere it won't be because of unaltered human nature.

you can get killed for having expensive magic cards.........shit i got to stop playing magic

It really doesn't surprise me that Disney bought Lucas. For crying out loud, the last time I was at Disney World (about 12 years ago), They had a Star Wars ride. Which was a simulator. Not only that, but Lucas also made Pixar (Bugs Life, Toy Story, etc.). Which means at the time Disney had a huge hold on stocks at Lucas, or they were partnered, the latter is the most likely. If my suspicions are true, Disney may very well have had a hand in making episodes 1-3.

That's a smart kid! Kids these days are putting me to shame. When I was that age, all I cared about was playing video games. This kid is conducting scientific studies that get published lol

wait wasn't darth Mickey already a thing. I don't remember where, but I am sure it was already a thing.

Well, if not, its a thing now.



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